Nick Ross says exposing Heath is wrong. What’s he got to hide?

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For those not familiar with the allegations that have been circulating concerning the former Prime Minister, Edward Heath, allow me to enlighten you. Heath is alleged to have been a supporter / member of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE). He is also alleged to have been involved in snuff movies and child killing. Yes it all sounds unbelievable but set this in the context of the Commissioner of The Metropolitan Police having already gone on record as saying they are investigating the alleged involvement of former government ministers, et al, in child killing at Dolphin Square. Those who now dive in to protect their former ‘colleague’ and ‘friend’ would be well advised to take a step back.

Then there are those who are now saying in the national media (Nick Ross of the BBC is among them), who dare to suggest,  that just because these evil acts were perpetrated upon children 30 / 40 / 50 years ago the perpetrators should not be exposed and/or brought to book. Personally I expect such petitioning from the BBC and some of its employees. The organisation was responsible of harbouring legions of paedophiles and furthering their social /liberal agenda. When they had the documentation and information that would have enabled them to destroy PIE they chose not to use it. They deliberately suppressed it. I would like to see these paedophile apologists (Nick Ross among them) come face to face with the victims of the perpetrators of this evil and tell them why they should be denied justice.

Roy Jenkins, the former Labour Home Secretary and ‘architect of the permissive society, was also a PIE supporter. There are serving Peers from the Labour benches who also supported PIE. The deputy leader of the Labour Party, Harriet Harmen, Jack Dromey, MP, and the former Labour cabinet minister, Patricia Hewitt all provided PIE with credibility and a safe haven when they allowed it to affiliate with the NCCL.

PIE was the epicentre of paedophilia in the United Kingdom from 1974 – 1984. Heath, et al, supported it. Harman, Dromey & Hewitt, in effect, promoted it. You ain’t seen, read or heard, nothing yet. Brian Binley, Nick Ross and their like minded supporters should take note and reassess their priorities.

“Why on the scantiest of evidence are the police encouraging such a fuss over Mr Heath who, after all, died ten years ago? The huge publicity is bound to excite fantasists, as well as false memory syndrome from which none of us is immune.”


Nick Ross – BBC TV Presenter – Crimewatch

Michael Murrin

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Mysterious Nick Ross

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If you thought for one minute that telly crime-expert Nick Ross is really as he appears to be, you’re very much mistaken.

Beneath the carefully crafted Crimewatch persona lurks an altogether darker and more disturbing character.

We’ve come to believe that Nick Ross is the nation’s face of crime-solving.

A well-spoken and intelligent BBC presenter with an in-depth knowledge of criminal activity in the UK.

A close friend to his (tragically murdered) co-star Jill Dando.

A founding member of anonymous crime-fighting scheme Crimestoppers.

The husband of Childline founder Sarah Caplin.

A trusted and comforting TV face

Or is he?

Possibly not.

The real Nick Ross has started to show his true colours.

The real Nick Ross has been pontificating on whether rape is really rape.

The real Nick Ross has claimed he would watch child pornography given half the chance.

The real Nick Ross did absolutely nothing to find Jill Dando’s killer.

The real Nick Ross didn’t bother looking into claims that Jill was investigating high-level child abuse before her death.

The real Nick Ross is linked to shady Tory donor Michael Ashcroft.

The real Nick Ross formed Crimestoppers with Ashcroft.

Some say Crimestoppers is a ‘front’ organisation, used to filter out reports of crimes perpetrated by the British establishment.

The Crimestoppers phone lines mysteriously stopped working after a TV appeal for witnesses to Jill Dando’s murder.

The real Nick Ross is married to the cousin of Esther Rantzen.

They formed Childline together.

Some say Childline is a ‘front’ organisation, used to filter out reports of VIP child-abuse.

The real Nick Ross claimed that elderly women shouldn’t be on TV.

The real Nick Ross referred to them as ‘mingers’.

The real Nick Ross may well have lots to tell us about Operation Yewtree, Jimmy Savile and the BBC paedophile ring.

The real Nick Ross has, for some unknown reason, decided to keep his mouth shut.

The real Nick Ross is most likely employed by UK intelligence services.

The real Nick Ross may now be engaged in a desperate counter-child abuse revelations ‘op’ for the Government.

They may be using Nick Ross as their mouthpiece.

They may want Nick Ross to try to skew the British mentality.

If Nick Ross says rape isn’t always rape he may have a point.

If Nick Ross says child pornography isn’t too bad we might all agree.

If Nick Ross has nothing to say about Operation Yewtree it probably wasn’t that important.

And, if and when, the true scale of VIP child abuse in this country is finally revealed, we’re quite sure Nick Ross will have words of comfort for the nation:

Don’t have nightmares, do sleep well “.

Does the real Nick Ross have nightmares?

Does the real Nick Ross sleep well?

We haven’t got a bloody clue.

Have you?



15 Responses to “Nick Ross says exposing Heath is wrong. What’s he got to hide?”

  1. Yes Nick Ross
    Yes Nick Ross
    This ones going out far and wide Nick Ross

  2. ian says:

    I don’t care what Nick Ross says, who is Nick Ross? He’s a paid TV worker who is giving his opinion as an arse licking creep.

  3. simmo says:

    Is this the same charming gent who said “I would probably view Child Pornography”
    Yes it appears it is!!!!!!!

    • ian says:

      Hi simmo, the subject of your comment was the reason I called him arse licking. I assumed rightly or wrongly, that, that was his attempt to let the establishment know that he was a safe pair of hands. In retrospect, which is always a good way to look back, it was possibly to save him the same fate as Jill Dando. I doubt it though, I have him marked down as an establishment lackie.

    • sovereigntea says:

      Note Ross’s use of the past tense in the Crimewatch quote. Would it have been a crime to have watched ?

      Speaking at The Telegraph Hay Festival, Ross, who provoked censure last week with his views on rape, claimed that all humans were essentially curious.

      “We’re all inquisitive,” he said. “I had never seen, until I started working on Crimewatch, child pornography.

      “I think if someone came to me and said: ‘Would you like to see what all the fuss is about?’, I’m sorry, I probably would say yes.”

  4. Simmo says:

    Possibly more pointers to why Nick Ross says “move along, nothing to see here!!”

  5. Chris Jones says:

    Brilliant video of Rich Hall of’s 2015 tour, covering the McCann’s, Geo Politics and the BBC and media propoganda including a list of the top alleged celebrities used as anti heros and pied pipers of culture and politics:

  6. The M says:

    Highly paid millionaire employee of the paedo-monarchist bbc says it’s wrong to investigate former highly paid millionaire employee of the paedo-monarchist State…..there’s a shock!

  7. Arbroath says:

    How very strange that Ross, friend of the murdered Jill Dando is trying to close down attempts to investigate Heath the satanist serial killer and pederast. What a connection. Surely not coincidental.

  8. Lynn says:

    He is a plant. They all are. Part of the agenda, familiar faces to gently lull the great unwashed into a false sense of security. All of the same synagogue of evil.

  9. cynthia wright says:

    Decades ago, Crimewatch set up a re-enactment of a boy named Mark Tildesley who went missing after visiting a fun fair in Berkshire, and they tried to stop other media from covering it.
    I was a young journalist who told Crimewatch to shove it, and told the police to cooperate with my team as they were paid by taxpayers, not the BBC.
    Nick Ross and the rest of the jewish mafia running the British Bugger Corporation think they are a law unto themselves.

    My team did our report, and the police had to cooperate, against the intimidation from the BBC.
    Mark Tildesley was one of those poor boys raped and killed by the paedophile ring linked to the British government and Rothschild led Mi6, as we later found out many years later.
    His poor mother Lavinia always thought Mark would return, and its heartbreaking to know how the innocent are most abused by the powerbrokers and their BBC.

  10. kgr says:

    Ross should be pulled in immediately by police and made to confess everything he knows. For Gods sake this has gone too far now.

  11. Nollidge says:

    Esther Rantzen.Jew.Cousin Caplin.Jew.Marries Nick Ross.Nick Ross – Jew?.Shalom!.Yes they’re all in it together.(Copyright Cameron – Jew).

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