Nestle Being Sued For $100m Over Lead In Noodles



India’s government are suing Nestle for $100 million over “unfair trade practices” after it was discovered that popular food product Maggi noodles contain unsafe levels of lead. 

The lawsuit has been filed with India’s National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC), and seeks 6,400 million rupees ($98.6m) in damages from Nestle India.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs said in a statement, “Our complaint is over their unfair trade practices and the court will now issue them notices to hear their response“. reports:

In April, laboratory tests ordered by some state governments found the noodles contained far higher levels of lead than legally allowed. The tests also detected the flavour enhancer chemical monosodium glutamate, or MSG, which is not mentioned in the product’s list of ingredients.

In a statement on Wednesday, Nestle said the company has “a stringent programme” to test the ingredients in its noodles.

“In recent months, we had over 2,700 samples of MAGGI Noodles tested by several accredited laboratories both in India and abroad. Each one of these tests have shown lead to be far below the permissible limits,” the statement said.

Nestle India is challenging the ban on Maggi noodles in the Mumbai high court, which is expected to deliver its verdict on Thursday.

We do not add MSG to MAGGI Noodles & there was never any intention to mislead consumers. Full statement

Maggi noodles are a hugely popular snack and Nestle’s “two-minute” advertising campaign stressing the ease of preparing the food have made it a household name in India.

The noodles were Nestle’s fastest-selling food item in India, accounting for about 15 billion rupees ($240m) in sales annually.

Nestle India said earlier it would destroy instant noodles worth 3.2 billion rupees ($50m) following the sales ban.


Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Editor-in-chief at Your News Wire

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  1. Aldous says:

    Never forget that it was Nestlé’s CEO who infamously stated that:

    Nestle CEO: Water Is Not A Human Right, Should Be Privatized

    I suspect that AIR is next, followed by the Sun, Wind, Rain (ALL forms of precipitation), Seasons, Tides, Solar and Lunar Eclipses, Meteor Showers, CLOUDS, FOG, ET CETERA……

    • kingel says:

      GOSH, thank DOG, I am an Indigenous British Sovereign possessing, an UNALIENABLE RIGHT to WATER !
      Under Ancient British Molmutine/Common Law of the PRESENT DAY ………………….
      At 22:28 on the video………
      There ARE 3 guarantees of Society; SECURITY for Life and Limb……SECURITY for Property………..SECURITY of the Rights of Nature.
      At 23:33 on the video……………………
      There ARE 3 things FREE to every man, Briton or foreigner, the refusal of which no law will justify…………………
      Firing from a decayed tree.
      A block of stone, not in use.

      I imagine the last one was to construct a dwelling ?

  2. Dublinmick says:

    It has changed since Robin Hood. They could not use the king’s forest or eat his deer.

    British sovereigns however do not have the right to self defense. Without a second amendment you can be told at any time you are no longer entitled to water, firewood or property. In fact now miss a taxe payment and you will find out who owns your property.

    • kingel says:

      I am not convinced that is the true state of affairs ?
      The imposition/attempted imposition of Laws on Indigenous British Sovereigns, since 1666 and, possible earlier, HAS BEEN THE WORK of KHAZAR ZIONISTS.
      The “Lawful” Status of khazar zionists occupying the UK at the present time and, since 1290 has been/is ILLEGAL ALIEN.
      As, ILLEGAL ALIENS hold no LAWFUL AUTHORITY within the British isles, any “rooles they rite” are WORTHLESS !

      The article listed below is difficult to access !,7340,L-3302296,00.html

  3. Dublinmick says:

    Mafia boss Elizabeth Battenburg has stated the future of the empire will rest with mid easterns and those of the caribbean. At least they will have the rights of spring water, decayed trees and rocks when the indigenous are done away with.

    • kingel says:

      Battenburg ? I thought her name was Churchill ? ?
      Acording to Greg Hallet, her “berth” is the result of a sperm donation from Winston Churchill mixed with a female from Waterford/ Wexford. The “female” was “apparently” a “proxy” for the Bowes-Lyon lady at the Wedding celebration of George VI.
      The authentic Bowes-Lyon lady “apparently” took herself off to France, prior to her nuptials and, left a substitute in her place !

      Second point, as a foreigner, “cween liz” has no lawful right of abode in the British Isles, without the CON-SENT of Indigenous British Sovereigns !

      Finally, as a khazar zionist which I suspect she is, based on the writings of Greg Hallett and, others ………Liz, Battenburg, Mountbatten, Churchill,Windsor, Rothschild, Saxe-Gotha or, WHATEVER has NO RIGHT of ABODE in the British Isles as The “jEWS” were EVICTED FOREVER, in 1290 under ‘The Edict of Expulsion’.

      This Edict has not been revoked and, imho, cannot be revoked:
      (1) The FAKE justice system in the UK was “instituted” by ILLEGAL ALIENS aka khazars, which means it is WORTHLESS, possessing NO LAWFUL AUTHORITY i.e. UNENFORCEABLE !
      It therefore cannot be used to revoke anything.
      (2) The TRUE AUTHORITY of the British Isles rests in the hands of its Sovereigns…….No Indigenous British Sovereign, fully conversant with the facts and in their right mind, would consent to the presence of illegal alien liz, in the British Isles !

      Finally, should the Indigenous British ever wake up, liz will need her “drug-running…people trafficking…mob income ” to support herself in her twilight years. “Her” possessions in the British isles belong to the Indigenous British, from whom they were STOLEN !,7340,L-3302296,00.html

      The Caribbean & Mid Easterns will have
      RIGHTS to SPRING WATER and decayed trees ? I don’t think so !
      In my humble experience, few have a RIGHT to anything when the OUTLAWS; THIEVING, LYING, PSYCHOPATHIC khazars……….are in town ?

      • kingel says:

        APOLOGIES…..for the two “finally’s”……in the wrong place !
        EXCUSE…it ‘aint easy typing in a tiny box !

  4. Rob says:

    I can’t believe they’re throwing a fit because of “unsafe levels of lead”, why aren’t they throwing a fit because of LEAD in the noodles full stop? Lead is NOT an ingredient of food, it’s not safe to eat it in any amount.

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