James Michael Casbolt


James Casbolt, from Cornwall, claims to have seen aliens.

James Casbolt claims to have been mind controlled by the security services and this might explain why he apparently believes in aliens.

James Casbolt has mixed with the de Rothchilds.

In 2011 James Casbolt married Haley Meijer, the daughter of the billionaire Hank Meijer, the co-chairman of a giant American supermarket chain.

James Casbolt then moved the US and joined the US Army.
On 28 July 2015, James Casbolt was jailed for 12 years at Truro Crown Court in the UK.

Casbolt was found guilty of blackmailing Haley Meijer Casbolt, from whom he split in 2013.



On the left, James Casbolt and Haley Meijer-Casbolt


Casbolt claims that he has worked for MI6 and other security services.

He claims that he has taken part in government programmes to create genetically engineered ‘super soldiers’.

At the age of 15, Casbolt carried out an armed robbery in Cornwall.

James Casbolt’s father, the late Peter Casbolt, ran a business importing antiques, but “he was a drug-dealing gangster with a string of properties on the Costa del Crime.”


James Casbolt’s stepbrother, Simon Millward, says:

‘I’ve seen all the stuff James has been writing online about M16.

‘It’s to impress women. It’s amazing how many people have been taken in by it.

Haley Meijer, on an internet forum, wrote: ‘Being engaged to James Casbolt, I hear all sorts of stories of his experiences in underground bases and cloning facilities as his memories come flooding back and he works to heal and overcome his past trauma. It is fascinating.’

Just a few months after James married Haley Meijer, James joined the U.S. Army in Texas.

He was discharged a year later in December 2012.

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James Michael Casbolt, aka Michael Prince (above), has written about Mind Control.

Agent Buried Alive

He claims to have been mind controlled by the security services and this might explain why he believes in aliens.



His photos of ‘an alien base’ have been shown to be in fact photos of the Stockholm subway.

One may have to take what he says with a pinch of salt. Some say his story is all a hoax.



James Michael Casbolt writes that, as he began to free himself from the brainwashing, he was “directly helped by renegade factions in British Intelligence and the NSA.”

It is possible that some of the ‘help’ he has reportedly been given was not really ‘help’.

It is possible that he is being used to discredit ‘whistleblowers’.

It is possible that he is mind-controlled to believe in aliens.


James Michael Casbolt (above) wrote: “My mother isn’t the ONLY pedophile in our family history! And I find humor in how people still believe my story about not being biologically hers even though I look JUST LIKE HER!”  posted here.


James Michael Casbolt was born in London in 1976.

His family “descends from the French royal family.”

His father’s mother “was a French aristocrat named Vera Tilard.”

Members of his family have been high up freemasons.

His Grandfather, James Casbolt, “was involved in naval intelligence in the Second World War.”

Because of “rare genetic attributes”, he “was chosen for an intelligence agency mind control and genetic enhancement program before his birth.”

He “was born into the program known as Project Mannequin.”

Agent Buried Alive


Berkshire Freemasons entertaining kids


James Michael Casbolt’s Grandfather, James Casbolt, “was a high-ranking member of the Sindlesham Grand Masonic lodge” in Berkshire.

“Berkshire is a major centre of activity in the U.K for what has come to be known as The New World Order.”

Grandfather, James Casbolt “was a Zionist Jew.”

Grandfather, James Casbolt was “heavily involved with Rupert Murdoch and ran his own printing company after the war.”


Berkshire Freemasons and sea cadets.


James Michael Casbolt’s uncle, Brian Casbolt, “was an MI5 operative.”

His father Peter Casbolt “was a MI6 operative.”

His stepfather, Neil Pettet, was a high level executive of an aluminium metal company.

Neil “had a military defense contract” and “worked underground at R.A.F. Welford” and “Harwell genetics labs in the area and Boscombe Down military unit in Wiltshire.”

“Both these places are heavily connected to Project Mannequin.”


Howard Marks


James Michael Casbolt’s father “was involved in international drug trafficking operations bringing millions of pounds worth of illegal drugs into Britain from the 1960’s onward.”

“He worked with associates of MI6 operative Howard Marks and operated in Rome, Spain, the Middle East, and other places.”

Howard marks was a drug smuggler.

James Casbolt – Whale.


UK Prime Minister David Cameron at the funeral of his father in Peasemore in Berkshire. Cameron grew up in Peasemore.


Project Mannequin is a mind control and genetic manipulation program run by the USA’s National Security Agency (NSA).

Project Mannequin was started in 1972 and “is still being run from a  six level underground facility beneath the small town of Peasemore in Berkshire.”

“This NSA facility, known in intelligence circles as the AL/499 base, is located 200 feet below the village…

“The project involves the kidnapping of targeted civilians and also certain intelligence and military people.”


MI5 whistleblower David Shayler.


James Michael Casbolt  says he was sold into the Mannequin project.

The aim of the Mannequin project is “to create programmed ‘sleeper’ agents using sophisticated electronic hardware-based hypnosis.

“These individuals are programmed by the NSA…

“A large part of the project focuses on creating espionage agents and assassins who have undergone genetic enhancements…”


Whistleblower Bradley Manning


James Michael Casbolt  says he was trained since the age of five at the AL/499 and other military bases around the U.K.

He says he carried out his first covert assassination for the intelligence community when he was sixteen years old in Brighton.

He says “much of the secret service apparatus in the U.K and U.S is an occult, pedophile network run by corrupt factions of the ‘Illuminated’ degrees of Freemasonry (33rd degree and above).

“Everything in Project Mannequin is organized by the Jewish kabala occult system, using such esoteric methods as numerology and archeometry (advanced remote viewing).”

By the time he was nineteen, he “was involved in covert MI6 drug trafficking operations working for his father…

“This was in London between 1995 and 1999.”



James Michael Casbolt says that the security services’ mind control operations are usually a multi-generational thing.

He says his family may have been targeted for mind control before the 1950’s.

He says that the NSA “is very interested in creating genetically enhanced assassins and espionage agents who have certain inborn genetic traits such as PSI/psychic ability.

“These genetic enhancement methods are a continuation of the Nazi geneticists and mind control doctors in the Second World War.”

The Nazi wanted to produce “genetically enhanced soldier with heightened senses, intelligence, strength, and paranormal abilities such as telepathy.”



James Michael Casbolt says that the NSA is looking for people of certain bloodlines –  very often Celtic/ blueblood/ aristocratic people.

These people often have paranormal/PSI abilities and connections to rituals, both ancient and masonic.

Individuals of Celtic blueblood lines have an RH-negative blood factor which means oxygen is processed in the blood differently to people with RH-positive blood.


Sorcha Faal, otherwise known as David Booth of the CIA. David Booth works within the Central Intelligence Agency in COINTELPRO.


James Michael Casbolt writes that as he began to untangle myself from the Mannequin project, he was directly helped by renegade factions in British Intelligence and the NSA, who want to see Mannequin shut down.

This NSA faction allegedly de-briefed him on deeper aspects of the program.



James Michael Casbolt, aged thirty one, apparently found that the neural pathways in the brain that hold back memories of mind control procedures began to open up and he gegan to remember in detail what happened to them in the facilities where the procedures occurred.

He writes that “often, a sleeper is killed before their 30th birthday because of this. This is known in intelligence circles as “being thrown from the Freedom train.”

He says that at least 5 Mannequin programmes and a lot of sub-projects had been stored in his brain.

He writes that, since 2006, he has been slowly accessing more and more of this information.


Benjamin Fulford – ‘disinformation agent’.


James Michael Casbolt’s remembrance of the base where he was mind-controlled, as a child, is as follows:

“I was drugged at the time and the memory is still very hazy.

“When we arrived, I was taken into lab and strapped into a seat that looked like a dentist’s chair. There was a large screen in front of me, and I was injected with another drug…

“One man stood to the left of the chair, and another man stood to the right. They were both dressed in lab coats.

“The man on the right said to me: ‘if you forget everything we’ve told you, try and remember one thing: he’ll try and convince you that pain feels like pleasure.'”


Child being mind-controlled by the CIA


James Michael Casbolt “managed to track down a man called Barry King, who was a former security guard at the AL/499 underground base.”

James writes that the people running the Mannequin project include: Mr. Whitmore (former head of the project), Mr. Samms (head of security), Mr. Hodge, Dr. Pearson and Dr. Perchowski.



Robin Ramsay, editor of Lobster writes:1. Casbolt writes that the late Tibor Rosenbaum “funded and supported ‘Permindex’, the MI6 assassination unit which was at the heart of the John F Kennedy assassination.”But Permindex has been researched to death, and there is no evidence that Rosenbaum funded Permindex, or that it can be found “at the heart” of the JFK assassination.

Indeed, it has no connection at all with the case.

2. Casbolt also writes of “Sir Francis de Guingand, former head of British intelligence …and every head of MI5 and MI6, has been involved in the drug world…”

But Freddie de Guingand … died in 1979 and was definitely not head of British intelligence.

3. Casbolt refers to William Casey as “head of the council of the media network ABC.”

There may be another ‘William Casey’ with a link to ABC – I looked but I couldn’t find one – but, from the context, Casbolt must be referring to the late William Casey who was head of the CIA under Ronald Reagan, and died 19 years ago.
Let’s not blame aliens for the crimes of the CIA. Paul Bonacci in front of the ranch where, reportedly, Johnny Gosch, and other boys were held captive. Paul Bonacci has stated that, as a youth, he was forced to participate in satanic snuff films. He identified Bohemian Grove as the location of a satanic murder. Paul  Bonacci said that, as a child, he was kidnapped by the US military, tortured and subjected to sex abuse and mind control. In 1999, in a court in Omaha, he won $1,000,000 in damages. 
4. Google ‘Casbolt’ and you discover other articles in which the author extends his claims into ‘greys’, 9/11, alien abductions, underground bases and alien-human hybrids. Uh-huh.Casbolt’s articles have been carried, without comment or criticism,,






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