Monsanto Tries to Overturn GMO Ban Despite 66% Majority Vote

Interfering with Democracy AGAIN




Jackson County, Oregon voted by an overwhelming majority of 66% to ban GMO crop cultivation beginning June 6, 2015 via Measure 15-119. This date is fast approaching, and Monsanto thinks they are above the law.The biotech giant is trying to use two Jackson County GMO farmers to overturn the ban.

As I reported back in November:


The newly approved measure mandates that people “cease harvest, and destroy or remove all genetically engineered plants” no later than 12 months after the ordinance goes into effect. With Jackson County’s measure 15-119 and nearby Josephine County’s measure 17-58, GMOs were voted out with a nearly 2-1 ratio.

“The voters here [Jackson County] have many generations of fruit and vegetable growing, so they’re among the most educated voters,” said Chuck Burr, president of the Southern Oregon Seed Growers Association.” The opposition spent a million dollars and couldn’t convince the people. This vote is going to make Jackson and Josephine county one of the most valuable seed-growing regions in the entire country, period,” he said.

“Regrettably ideology defeated sound science and common sense in Jackson County. We respect the voice of the voters, but remain convinced Measure 15-119 is bad public policy.  While this election is over, this debate is not. We will continue to fight to protect the rights of all farmers to choose for themselves how they farm.”

Two farmers that grow Roundup Ready alfalfa have filed a lawsuit asking a state court to end the county’s voter-approved ban on genetically modified crops or force the county to pay them $4.2 million – which they claim is the value of the crop they would have to destroy.

Marilyn Frink and Shultz Family Farms’ suits claim that the GMO-ban ordinance, approved by Jackson County, conflicts with state law and will require farmers to destroy crops they have already planted. It suggests that Roundup Ready alfalfa can withstand the application of herbicide, enabling farmers to control weeds that would compete with the alfalfa.

Once established, the farmers say that hay could be harvested from the alfalfa plants for up to 10 years.

However, the suit fails to mention that GMO hay is already ruining export markets, and China recently banned hay from the US due to GMO contamination. This amounts to billions of dollars in losses for other non-GM farmers, and GMO farmers, alike.

It is time to send these farmers and Monsanto a very clear message – the GMO BAN WILL STAND! You can demand that Jackson County Commissioners vehemently stand up for the GMO ban voted on by its constituents by contacting them at the following email addresses:

Doug Breidenthal

John Rachor

Don Skundrick

You can specifically request that the Commissioners not agree to any injunction that would stop the new ordinance that is currently in effect to protect family farms from contamination by GE crops beginning June 6, 2015.


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  1. RabbiT says:

    Slightly off topic but a very informative interview on chemtrails – one for the unbeliever:

    • Christos energy, abstinence from ejaculation, redirecting the etheric energy, sexual energy, up the spine. hence the symbolism of serpents winding round the pole.
      This kundalini rising thing seems to be real
      My point here is. Jesus Barrabas or Kind Jesus or whoever he was, might well have taught this empowering truth to all men? It might be the basis of it.
      Rome seemed unhappy at all this truth being spread by Jesus. And Rome seemed to go on a clampdown rampage round the mediteranean destroying alexandrianlibrary and others, and stamping out all the empowering Christos/Man simple relationshipwith source from the heart.
      What im drinving at here is, maybe, and it seems to me, even though im a layman not well read on history and religion, Christos energy rising up the spine through being good, having good habits, a clean body, could be what Jesus himself taught
      And f**ked up as these freemason elites and others are with their behaviours…there must be some reason the 33rd degree/vertebrae, some truth lies behind this.

      Why do I discuss this with you now? Because I think a big reason for all the chemtrailing is to make the planet toxic, and fill the human body and spinal CSF with toxic metals and other undesirable things. I think its a big big priority of our elite PTB to make us toxic and prevent Christos energy rising up the spine at all costs.
      Because rabbit, I think now, or hereabouts, Superwave energy is coming from the galactic sun. |Dr Paul laviolette discusses this on
      A clean healthy well nourished body and clean CSF rich with nutrients, free of toxins and toxic metals, and healthy livers, not toxic ones, are as santos bonacci says on a youtube lecture, whats needed to receive these incoming DNA upgrading energies, Christos Kundalini energy rising up the spine to the brain

      I therefore think chemtrails and many other things are there to prevent this, make us debilitated and toxic. I think Lawrence wilsons on the right track

  2. RabbiT says:

    I seldom visit my posts (I should) but what you give me here are a lot of issues.

    I am not well read on history but I have a long and very close encounter with God.

    Jesus is the Jesus of the Bible as taught by the Christian faith although there is now much deception on the matter.

    The words of the New Testament are reliable (I recommend GNV) and through faith in Jesus man can come into relationship with God.

    God communicates with His people in many different ways sometimes by a direct word in one’s native tongue, sometimes in visions, frequently by the scriptures sometimes through say an interpretation of tongues; perhaps by a quote in a paper…It is like a relationship with a Father figure.

    None of these issues you raise are involved.

    I visited my best friend as I did most days as a 17 year old to discover him in a state of nirvana if you wish, unable to talk his just sitting there for about 1/2 hr with a huge smile on his face. He came down and I asked what was happening. He replied that he had invited Jesus into his life. I was witnessing his being baptised in the Holy Spirit in a born again experience.

    I went home and asked Jesus if he was who he said he was to come into my life. My experience was like a damp squib, a small momentary feeling like being sucked up a tube. Some weeks later in a conversation with two Christians and a close friend who was into mysticism etc. I sensed a supernatural bond linking me to the two Christians my mystic friend not connected. This was the start of discovering what it is to be living by the Spirit. I can know what people are going to do and then find them doing the exact same thing. I can see patterns where God is taking me somewhere or telling me something yet churchgoers say I am wrong but I am always proven right. We are meant to be spiritual beings, we are meant to be part of the supernatural but there is only one path to God.

    I am happy to say sexual energy is what it is, sexual energy intended to bring about reproduction. The energy we have to make things with our hands was not given to use to harm others but to be creative and solve problems such as to make furniture, clothing, agriculture…

    Kundalini appears to be real just as demonic possession is real.

    Jesus is much more than a teacher. Some believe He is in fact the Creator but I believe He is the Son of the Creator who existed before the universe (all things) and the Father creator created all things for Jesus the Son.

    My experience suggests the Father created everything (in the physical) for the Son whom we know as the Jesus
    of the Bible.

    I don’t think Rome was to bothered by Jesus (Nero etc. apart) but they had a rebellious time with the Jews and generally they sought to keep the peace, control those under their governance.

    What God was doing was to bring the Old covenant to an end and usher in the New and Rome was used in part to do so through the destruction of the Second (Solomon’s) Temple. I believe God tended to manifest Himself to the chief priest in the Holy of Holies within the Temple but under the new covenant the human heart has become the Temple and through belief in Jesus anyone can come into a relationship with God – it is all in the heart or what it is that you desire. I have always desired to understand God and as such it was set up for me to see the way through my best friend. Such was the beginning of a new life. Back to Rome: There were 3 revolts against the Roman occupation from 66 to 135 AD (Jews prefer CE) which caused the Diaspora that being the dispersion of the Jews and in effect Judaism was destroyed. It was reinvented as Rabbinic Judaism centred on Synagogues and I believe this is where they began to plot the takeover the Talmud being the focus not the Torah.

    As indicated above there are many ways to engage the supernatural but there are two signs to the coin.

    On the issue of good habits: God is about restoring a Father son relationship with Him. I had a close relationship with Him for years before I stopped smoking cigarettes. I went onto Silk Cut Ultra Low for about 6 months thus reducing nicotine intake by about 90%. A Christian lady phoned me saying God told her to phone me asking how I was and told her not good. That night my pack of cigarettes fell from the arm of my sofa by themselves so I said to God I guess you are telling me it’s time. Never smokes a cigarette since.

    I never got round to reading the article on astrology but my understanding is that there are all these things coded in the universe but they were put there by God and we have the choice, seek the right way or seek the wrong.

    Masons like most traditions make a big deal of this life. Status, wealth, power, it is all about the self as well as serving their masters who are serving their masters (the demonic). I have made sensible decisions by putting everyone before myself generally. So rather than live for me I live for others: That philosophy caused me to invest money in others not spend it on me which allowed me to leave the rat race in my early 30’s. I don’t believe it need be complex and I know I know the truth.

    I am aware of what might feel like energy in the spine just as under extreme stress I experience pain in the gut but it is not the point.

    God is at work in all things whether that be the Romans brought in to destroy the temple as an example but the work of the Holy Spirit is an interaction between the divine and His creation. I mentioned before I had a friend with motor neuron disease. Told her to follow the procedures of James 5.14…and we were asked to hold a hand toward her as we prayed etc. Suddenly my arm fell and as it did she fell and was unconscious for over an hour.

    Her condition was healed it being done supernaturally. My involvement and my arm falling was just to let me know it was being done for me. There is no need for any spirit rising in the spine, this is a counterfeit.

    I am reading several books about my home city and only this morning read “lung cancer and bronchitis, products of the damp climate have high incidences in the area.”

    I suspect chemtrails are increasing such as well as Alzheimer’s.

    Killing me softly with chemtrails.

    Adam, we are born to die. My friend above was a fitness fanatic yet had a heart attack and died very young though all for a reason.

    I had a call from an 80 year old lady a few years back and shared with her some basics. This life determines where you spend eternity. We will all be judged one day and as they say if your name’s not down you’re not getting in.

    God created us for friendship and His hand stretches out to everyone. Do you want to have the creator of all things as your friend or do you not?

    If you don’t – that is yours to choose freely.

    I’m sure I’ve shared it many times that at his funeral, my buddy thanked me for coming and shared “You’re gonna love it here.”

    As a teenager I had a really nice poster with some dude on a chopper in the sunset which read “Each must find his own way.”

    I however had crossed out the word “own” and a now Harley owning close friend had commented that I had ruined it.

    I don’t think so, for it could be read “Each must find his way” or as I intended “Each must find His way”.

    The problem is that covenant relationship with the Creator is seen as church going. It is not fashionable.

    Jesus said “a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.”

    Firstly I can’t relate to my relations. Secondly churchgoers generally are intolerable and thirdly those who are supposed to provide support (gov. courts etc.) do the very opposite.

    The important thing to realise is that this like is but temporal, the next is without end and that is what counts hence power wealth and even health is not the issue.

    The following may be of interest if you have the patience.

    • Thanks for all the comments and trains of thought on things, I will ponder over, will have a look at those, constance cumbey looks interesting , and its been a breath of fresh air for me this year seeing the light that so much of the New Age stuff is elite luciferian manipulation

      I like this guys blog, esp this recent in particular post resonated, I left comments
      Tuesday, 25 August 2015The necessity for inner strength, direction, motivation: the commensurate growth in power
      In our era, because of the near-ubiquity of corruption, there is need for inner strength, inner direction, inner motivation.

      Our society has been, is increasingly, and to an unprecedented extent – led astray by its leadership class, by the elites – we are almost-continuously and en masse – at work and during leisure – being propagandized, instructed, compelled to have wrong attitudes, false beliefs, and do the wrong things.

      Whereas in the past individuals may be sustained in their convictions by churches; nowadays the largest and most powerful churches are preaching and teaching the same corruption as the mass media, politics, state bureaucracy, the laws and the educational system.

      Luckily, thanks to our divine inheritance as Sons and Daughters of God, we have an inbuilt motivation and guidance system – it can potentially, over time and with some trial and error; discern the truth, can point us in the right direction and provide the necessary energy and courage.

      The good news is that God-within-us can be recognized and accessed and strengthened; the bad news is that most people don’t believe it exists and so will ignore it.

      But if they do start noticing and feeling, then the guidance and motivation may swiftly grow to become so strong and clear that it will provide exactly what is most necessary.

      The badness and wrongness of the times makes life very straightforward for our inner guidance system – mainstream modernity has become so obviously dishonest, ugly, wicked and incoherent that it is almost trivially easy to discern the Good. The prevailing mood has become so alienated, nihilistic and despairing that the deep joy which comes from following God-within stands out in the sharpest possible contrast.

      Thus our powers grow, commensurate with our need.
      Posted by Bruce Charlton at Tuesday, August 25, 2015 2 comments

    • ”Kundalini appears to be real just as demonic possession is real. ”

      Good point. The physics phenomenon, because that’s what it is, plain physics despite the fact its hidden knowledge its still physics, just like free energy.

      The physics phenomenon of demonic possession, is real. And yes just the fact of kundalini rising being real too, doesn’t make that desirable or good

      As men scryfa told me, don’t try to do the psi stuff, just by praying etc, the gifts will come as a byproduct.

      And I feel things in life, good things, are and should be, very simple and easy. And im reading in lots of places, such as Lawrence wilsons website, taking deep breathing, meditating/praying, letting the Holy SPirit come down within, into a space in the heart. Being filled by God, by Source. This is the basis of wilsons adjustments to the roy masters meditiation I try and do an hour at least a day.
      This, and good rules to live by, the 10 commandments and others. Observing high morals and good habits. Possibly doing health detoxification strategies people such as Wilson discuss.

      I really am getting the feeling the Gifts/Awakening that sound so eciting can be gained via these quite simple and passive means, relatively passive

      Yes just because kundalini happens to be a real physics phenomenon doesn’t make it automatically good or right. It might be a branch of black magic, esoteric black magic dressed up with New Age clothes.
      Punching someone in the face is a natural mechanical physics phenomenon, but doesn’t make it good or right

  3. Dogman says:

    So what leverage could Monsanto have with the US govt that it thinks it can overturn a ban?
    Could it be because it has supplied the US government with white phosphorous used in incendiary weapons for at least 20 years, and some of that made its way to Israel for use in Operation Cast Lead.

    The blog Current Events Inquiry dug into some heavily redacted documents posted in 2012 on the US Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website, to discover:
    The “Justification & Approval” document describes the solicitation of 180,000 pounds of white phosphorous (WP), and gives insight into the history of US procurement of the chemical.

    “The Government is aware of only one source, Monsanto, who currently manufactures WP in the US,” the document states, explaining that a company that produces such a chemical should be granted special protections under emergency conditions.

    “WP requires specialized technology, skills and processes in its production. These technologies and skills must be protected within the NTIB [National Technology and Industrial Base] in the event of a national emergency.”

    If you follow the link below you can see how Monsanto links to a company called ICL, which in turn links to

  4. Dogman says:

    ICL is a subsidiary of Israel Chemicals Ltd.
    (sorry was meant to go at the end of the comment above)

  5. Dogman says:

    Monsanto also produced NutraSweet, a GMO sugar substitute. Monsanto recently sold it’s GMO bovine growth hormones monopoly to Eli Lilly, and sold it’s aspartame business to Pfizer.

    Monsanto continued to invest heavily in research and development, with 7% of sales allotted for R&D. The investment began to pay off when the research and development department developed an all-natural fat substitute called Simplesse. The FDA declared in early 1990 that the Simplesse product was “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) for use in frozen desserts. That year, the NutraSweet Company introduced Simple Pleasures frozen dairy dessert. Monsanto hoped to see Simplesse used eventually in salad dressings, yogurt, and mayonnaise.

    Despite these successes, Monsanto remained frustrated by delays in obtaining FDA approval for bovine somatotropin (BST), a hormore chemical marketed to increase milk production in cows that causes mastitis (pus milk).

    Monsanto’s founder was John F Queeny, who became a Knight of Malta.

    (Info supplied to me by Karianne)

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