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  1. RabbiT says:

    Well produced video on the status quo.

    My problem is that it is introduced by the need to take drugs to obtain a “guiding voice” in order to observe the way in which the world is operating by expanding one’s conciousness and how to break free from such.

    This in itself is not a solution or is a false solution.

    The focus is then placed upon the Book of Genesis and Nephilim (a race of tall people) but guess what folks, things have moved on since then.

    One cannot reinvent Christianity upon such a single issue. It is the work of shills and a group of Satanists who would wish to separate mankind from the Creator who is God the Father.

    Jesus words did not grow into a monster. Much of the establishment church probably did, in the 20th century, which is why we need to embrace Jesus but see the arms of the establishment church for what it is, a corporation which sadly has all too often lost faith, in favour of corporatism.

    God exists and is not about creating wealth and power but seeks family and friends.

    One is but only a 1/4 of the way into the video and I agree completely on the matter of psychopaths having worked with one.

  2. Tapestry says:

    The use of drugs to achieve wider perception has been in use from well before the Christian era. Gnostics were slaughtered by the Christians and their knowledge suppressed, as it was obvious to them the whole Christian narrative was a manufactured fairytale.


      You have a deep-seated fear, your mind is constantly preoccupied with all the ways this fear can come true, and soon the very thing you feared does indeed manifest.

      Even worse, here you do think about the negative possibilities but in a way that actually selects them for reinforcement by a negative attitude that resonates and attracts them. This combination virtually guarantees that they happen.

      [This is the primary way that negative aliens and other non-3D hostiles can gain a foothold in your reality. If you focus on them and fear them obsessively, things will gradually get very weird and very dangerous because you’ve lowered the drawbridge and waved them in.

      However if you become aware of them while staying free of emotional preoccupation and obsession, then you are more protected from their meddling than someone who never became aware of them at all.]

      • You have an optimistic attitude but ignore thinking about negative possibilities, and eventually something bad happens that you are not prepared to handle.

      Simply resonating with positive ensures that perhaps up to 90% of your experiences end up being positive. However, the only way to prevent the negative 10% is to be aware of them. Without that awareness, they can and will eventually happen.

      Therefore, naive positivity that comes with total ignorance of anything negative or unpleasant is not smart at all. Better to be aware of the negative while keeping a positive attitude.

      In summary, while the Law of Attraction explains how you attract resonant experiences, its counterpart the Law of Awareness explains how you constrict the possible range of experiences.

    • ”You might be wondering why precisely awareness selects while emotional resonance attracts.

      My intuitive impression is that quantum mechanics plays a role. When a quantum system is not observed, it stays in a fluid wave state spread across a spectrum of probabilities. But when one observes or tries to measure it, the wave collapses into a single tangible state. Conscious observation turns a fluid probability wave into a definite tangible particle. ”

  3. ian says:

    Well, I just watched the two hours twelve minutes of this video, and I think it was probably one of my best ever watches. Unlike a lot of quite vocal Christians who comment on here, I’m atheist. This video does talk about God and religion, but not in a way I couldn’t connect with, as although I’m atheist, I’m quite a spiritual person who loves immersion in nature and solitude. Excellent I thought. It takes a pop at banking and psychopaths in business and politics. It does however have a real peaceful and uplifting feel to it that is lacking in much these days. Yes well worth the watch.

    • 9. Cord science, part I – Father Energy science. This interesting science has to do with the operation of what is sometimes called the silver cord that connects every body with a place in the universe called the Father Area. The Father energy is real, in other words, and is necessary for our well-being and health. I do not mean it as a religious concept, but rather a scientific one. However, in Christian terms, the silver cord is identical with the holy spirit.

      If anything severs the silver cord, our physical life ends. This can occur from a trauma, illness, rape or other serious impact or insult to the body. The silver cord is actually a wave guide, similar in structure to the coaxial cable that connects most television sets with their antennas, cable or satellite. For much more on the topic of wave guides, read Wave Guides on this site.

      10. Cord science, part II – Spirit science. This science has to do with the extension of the silver cord to another area of our universe called the Spirit Level. Here it joins with another part of ourselves that is commonly called the spirit. The spirit is a part of each of us that does not live on earth, but rather remains behind in a metaphysical location where it directs our activities and helps those who listen to make wise decisions. It provides a blueprint for our lives, and we can ask it for help in any situation at any time.

      Most of the Western religions, in particular, are based on a vague awareness of the truth of this concept. That is, they all offer a description of the Spirit, and they offer ways to contact it.

  4. Zen Gardner says:

    Excellent coverage Ian and spot on analysis! Bless and keep these brave men and all those exposing this psychopathic insanity, yourself included Ian. Be safe and keep on, I know you will! Much love.

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