Jozef Wesołowski: Former Catholic archbishop found dead ahead of child sexual abuse trial


A former Catholic archbishop charged with sexually abusing children has died ahead of his trial.

Jozef Wesołowski, 67, was found dead in his room – seemingly from natural causes – in the Holy See on Friday morning, a statement from the Vatican said.

“Vatican authorities intervened immediately for first verifications, which indicate his death was due to natural causes,” the statement, posted on the Vatican press website, said.

The former ambassador to the Dominican Republic would have been the first church official to go on trial for child sexual abuse. His case, which had attracted a significant amount of international attention, was the first under a Vatican system reinvigorated by Pope Francis following widespread accusations of abuse within the Church.

The statement added that the Pope has been informed of Wesołowski’s death.

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Wesolowski could face trial at Vatican
High-ranking Vatican official set to stand trial for child abuse

Wesołowski was due to stand trial on charges of paying boys to perform sexual acts, downloading and buying child abuse material and offending Christian morality.

His trial, originally scheduled for 11 July of this year, had been repeatedly postponed due to the former Polish archbishop’s poor health.

He had been laicised, the Catholic term for defrocking or removing him from office, last year ahead of a Vatican criminal hearing in September 2014. Despite being defrocked, Wesolowski was due to be judged by a Catholic court and could have faced as many as 35 years in prison should he have been convicted.




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  1. Peter says:

    Blimey he died of John Paul I disease.

  2. ferryt says:

    They have never gone after their own in the Catholic church. Indeed as the article states he ‘would have been the first church official to go on trial for child sexual abuse’.

    Once again a child abuser in a senior position. The pattern we consistently see.

    I wonder if there any decent men there at all.

    And once again (this is getting tiresome) the accused ‘dies’ before the case is heard. Another one gets away with crimes against children.

    Considering all the lies and cover ups are we really expected to believe a word the ‘Vatican authorities’ say?

    • Dogman says:

      The Vatican refused to provide a United Nations rights panel with information on the Church’s internal investigations into the sexual abuse of children by clergy, saying its policy was to keep such cases confidential.

      A document obtained by The Associated Press shows Pope Benedict XVI defrocked nearly 400 priests over just two years for molesting children.

      The Archdiocese of Chicago handed more than 6,000 pages of documents to victims’ attorneys, who said they will show the archdiocese concealed abuse for decades.

      Long-sealed records of 14 Catholic priests who worked in four high schools and 45 parishes across southern Minnesota were opened to public scrutiny, revealing hundreds of documents indicating that the Diocese of Winona did not report claims of child sex abuse to law enforcement, did not remove offenders from ministry, and continued to financially support the priests even as the patterns of abuse became clear.

      • ian says:

        somebody on here said the pope was jewish, regarding the yarmulke he wears, and given that the talmun allows child abuse, doesn’t that fit? D’

  3. kingel says:

    Is he physically dead or, just administratively dead…………. aka Leon Brittan, Cilla Black etc ?

    • Many thanks for the comment and trouble you have taken with excerpts Kingel, ill consider their implications and develop trains of thought to share

      Is it possible cilla blacks was faked? Ive not seen anything on this. Does this mean shes been knee deep in bad stuff? She did seem a somewhat unhappy troubled character at events before her ‘death’.

      • kingel says:

        I haven’t got a clue if Cilla was involved in “the filth”.
        I just keep my mind open to all possibilities, these days.

        Someone posted a comment and, remarked that her “death” appeared suspicious……..head injuries, whilst locked in her room when, only her sons were at home………”apparently” !

        The commenter then went on to… wonder….if, Cilla’s death was kosher or, had Cilla simply wafted off somewhere quiet.

        Good luck with your quest for enlightenment. I will be interested in what you find out.
        I am interested in all knowledge, big or, small. I too am looking for the truth.

      • Lanark says:

        Cilla must be dead. The Spanish coroner stated that she died from “a blow to the head”. And Cliff Richard sang at her funeral.

    • Thanks
      TPTB fear this. 2, or more than 2 people with open minds, intelligent, using the internet at the speed of light , exchanging information. What makes them even more scared is if we are 3 steps ahead, sensing disinfo and sharing our insights. Since the Freemasons etc have put up loads of roadblocks on this Awakening path, diversions, dead ends. ive gone down a few.
      I now don’t patch onto anything in any great detail, as confirmed truth

      Instead I stand back and look for patterns, relationships, cross referencing
      And my guiding light Northern star is what concrete circumstantial evidence do we have at this ‘crime scene’?

      Well, certain physics, free energy, supernatural truths, spiritual truths, nikola tesla, t townssend brown electrogravitic truths…..paul laviolette truths, cannot be escaped from. This is my Northern Star of something reliable. Id add Gary McKinnons project Camelot interview too.
      Id add Santos bonnacci to that list too

      We can then extrapolate it all back without lapping up all the alternative media riubbish that’s from the NWO. Our own minds, our fantastic abilitiesto postulate and use logic and think…..the cabal fear this. That’s why they don’t want us talking to one another. That’s why shills are here
      With us talking now, sharing info, drawing conclusions, and crucially Kingel (don’t forget this crucial part), emailing copy and pasting valuable conclusions from comments out far and wide as you can.
      The cabal cannot stop this. Because we are peaceful Gandhi like figures. Were not threatenting anyone, no violence. Not even naming names, we know who the bad guys are.

      The internets has potential to be a giant Consciousness, a noosphere. Despite the PTB attempts to hijack it with armies of shills and disinfo sites etc etc

    • Sorry I forgot too with my crime scene thing….Motivation, motive, obviously, who benefits
      Im sure after all this im still pretty much in the dark but I feel it helps me navigate better, towards Truth.

      Im leading a pretty clean life now and aiming higher and higher. Better and better. And healthy living and detoxification and ensuring eating well, is important clearly. My last weakness I cant help is a few lagers on an evening, its enjoyable, and I may not give it up.

      Just for the record, I do note, that 2 people, I certainly don’t want to be like. But theyre elites and must know ‘something’. I note prince Andrew and jimmy savile don’t/didn’t touch any alcohol, teetotal.

      But im not that interested in learning all the supernatirual secrets. I want a quiet life, a beautiful wife to cherish would be nice. Peace. yet how can one not get excited, and turn away, from the possibility of Free Energy and different SSP programmes since the 1950s? Spirituality must go hand in hand with that truth, as its the same Tesla physics.

  4. Dogman says:

    Ian, the senior God of the Sadducees was Ashtoreth the goddess of fertility, sexuality and war. She was known by the Romans as Cybele. Her ceremonial headdress was the Kippa, the cap worn thousands of years before Christianity adopted it followed by the Jews and then the Sadducee influenced Muslims.

    Another god was Dagan, the god of agriculture and good fortune. The Mitre hat of Dagan was always worn over the Kippa of Ashtoreth/Cybele as it is still done today in the Roman Catholic Church.
    The Sadducees practised ritual sacrifice. They were from Judea and possibly evolved into the Karaite. Sex and sacrifice somehow seems to have survived until present day, but I am of the opinion that it based on ancient pagan religions and not any of the current mainstream religions. In 164 BCE Judea became semi-independent of Syria. It was protected by a treaty with Rome. In 61 Pompei conquered Jerusalem, and from then on Israel or Palestine was subordinate to Rome. I believe that the ancient bloodlines are from the peoples in that region during that period.
    Who has the clout now and had the clout then? To call them all jews is over simplification of the power structure of that time. That’s why I call it a tangled web, because while they know, we can only surmise.

    • I think you are astute and an incredible researcher and dot connector

      • Dogman says:

        Thank you Adam Spiritualwarrior, but when I say tangled it really is. I have posted some info from Michael Tsarions work, The Irish Origins of Civilization, which also needs to read in conjunction with this site –
        It gives me headaches trying to sort out the wheat from the chaff. I’m sure that Dublinmick has researched some if not all of this.

        “…In my Celtic Druids I have shewn that the worship of Buddha is everywhere to be found – in Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. Hu, the great God of the Welsh, is called Buddwas; and they call their God Budd, the God of victory, the king who rises in light and ascends the sky” – Godfrey Higgins (Anacalypsis)

    • ”. It was protected by a treaty with Rome. In 61 Pompei conquered Jerusalem, and from then on Israel or Palestine was subordinate to Rome. I believe that the ancient bloodlines are from the peoples in that region during that period.
      Who has the clout now and had the clout then? To call them all jews is over simplification of the power structure of that time” youre on the ball, on the case. You touch on things that have bothered my subconscious, but ive not formulated the question to ask in my conscious mind. So manynthings are bubbling up from within, im sensing somany lies, problems. I think its clear a medaeviel and earlier, much much earlier, Talmudic type of satanic odd group of sects, mayube cme together. Freakishly, thyere still alive and well today, here, using their sly intelligence, and theyre here all around hiding in plain sight. Dame Rantsen. Talmudic sacrifice the truths so incredible so profound so far reaching , so amazing, and appaling….most people will shut down and refuse to believe or entertain any of it.

  5. kingel says:

    You mention that So-ville and “Prince” Andrew avoid alcohol.

    I don’t see the point of “low life” avoiding acidic drinks, in order to cause their seed to rise up to the brain ?

    They are so corrupt and compromised, neurological enlightenment should be beyond them ?

    The other point is, those of a psychopathic “bent” tend to be left sided brain ?
    I believe Santos said those whose ‘right brain’ is not working, stand little chance of “ascending”.

    Do you think the “SCUM” at the top are working on ASCENSION/ENLIGHTENMENT in the forlorn hope they will make it, in spite of the fact they do not appear to possess the necessary neurology.

    Could it be they are poisoning mankind; a race that neurologically and psychologically has the greatest chance of enlightenment/ascension for the following reasons:

    (1) The obvious, to stop us acquiring the requisite knowledge and, prevent us ascending ?

    (2) To present themselves as ascension substitutes, because corrupt “humans” might be better then…no humans ?

    Just thinking !

    • kingel says:

      The comment above was intended for Adam S.

    • Yes its a good point. Theyr so depraved, EWS Kubrick etc, one would think, rising spiritual kundalini sexual energy, would be beyond them

      and yet Kingel lets not forget. What seems to be the common physics Truth going on. is that ‘Energy’, etheric energy. Is like a sword. used for Good. or Evil. A neutral thing

      Interesting. Ill have to rewatch and study what Sanros has said more closely to answer yr question.

      It could be, ascension enlightmentmet, kundalini rising from the base chakra, could be hijacked by either good or bad people.

      Necessary neurology. I think this is clearly a spiritual war good vs evil. Despite what redefeinggond blog says who I respect and like his sober views on things

      youre right it could be a fororn hope. These people might be severely mislead. maybe, the Spirit, Good energy, intelligent physics consciousness in this universe, Ruah, far exceedsh for the lesser vibrations, of what they have


      About the Aryan race. And how the elite khazarian jews, feel inferior to the Aryans. not bcoz the Aryans are being arrogant, but are or higher brain cetres, higher nature, behaviour. it seems the twisted Zionist jews hate this, the Aryan man whos stretched from Ireland down into Europe and as far as iran and indian I think, in past generations
      -A race that ha the greartest chance of Enlightemnetment? yes I think they envy and or resent it.

      4 weeks ago the BBChay book festival had a twenties young guy in a suit sitting discussing books, he was a jew Zionist agent implanting loads of lies post hypmnotic reembedding trances into the audience and viewers. The BBC is evil. I could go on on this

      2) To present themselves as ascenscion substitutes…….I think these enlightened freemasons, luciferians, who happen to run much of our planet….think the unenlightened 9who mostly are good decent hardworking people doing their best in life, plodding on), I think the Elites, detest us. Not worthy at all. My understanding is, they feel its only for them to have this esoteric knoelwedge, , this is why serpetns up the pole logo is on universities shields and other organistaions
      As I talk to you kingel I realise myself just how huge and deep and old this conspiracy is. And its a Supernatural conspiracy. The veAry nature of physics and world around us conspiracy. lost train of thought goodnight

      • kingel says:

        Interesting what you say about a zionist agent, attending the Hay Book Festival….another commentor, I can’t remember who, said the khazars choose all Library books in the UK !

        The Bible says …the meek shall inherit the Earth.

        I am wondering, if the basis of the hate “THEY” have for us and the Aryans is due to their left brained inheritance.
        It stands them little chance of ascension ?

        So, maybe that is why they have put thousands of years of effort into preventing us acquiring REAL/INTEGRITY knowledge ?

        I imagine, it would be, quite galling for them to see the “oppressed” rising above them ?

        You mention enlightened Freemasons. Is there such a thing ?
        There is a difference between possessing knowledge…and…being psychologically/neurologically capable of activating it ?

        I believe we possess the ability, to become spiritually enlightened/ascend.
        I suspect that to do so, there are rules, as Santos has said, that we need to follow.
        Foods to eat/avoid. Pollutants to avoid. Alcohol to avoid at certain times in the month and specifically to keep ourselves healthy.

        I think they are attempting to poison us because we are “in reach” of something the EL-iteS (SATANIC-i’ll thieve everything SCUM) will never attain and, none of their stolen millions will secure it for them.

        They will never acquire it so, they have done everything possible to prevent us
        from accessing our natural inheritance?

        You refer to good and evil.
        I suspect this battle has been raging on Planet Earth, for eons.

        “…. The SCUM at the top may have been severely mislead… ”

        I would agree with that but, their greed and quest for oppressive power, took them into that rabbit hole; of their free will !

        My personal opinion is, Lucifer is running the show.

        I think he has used every scum bag offering themselves up to him… to succeed in his aim of enslaving mankind.

        The khazars are SCUM of the Universe and, I suspect Lucifer has tricked them, just as they trick everyone else ?

        “Lucy-fur” ‘aint going to be happy with them if they FAIL !

        Chosenites……you bet….Lucifer choose the most “appropriate” race to execute his heinous deeds !

        Just thinking !

  6. charles drake says:

    Jozef Wesołowski, 67, was found dead in his room – seemingly from natural causes

    weird i could have sworn he was 66 and not dead.

    i here he is on vacation in the italian dolomites near balzano lovely alpine region.
    chillin with lord mcalpine and leon britainski not sure about unkle jimmy.
    pouring a ton of concrete on top of jimmy at 33 degrees should have opened up a few eyes that had been wide shut.
    did maxwell really snuff it in the water.
    come on now

    • kingel says:

      charles drake

      Is Cilla with them ?

      • charles drake says:

        cilla dead for real
        she was not spending much time in london
        belly of the beast.
        paranoid mi5 types desperate to tie up loose ends
        michael hutchense,gateth pimlico bag man style.
        trade mark calling card is bedrooms and toilets.

        call it the cliff blair dando clean up crew

        battered and bruised in bedroom just like inx
        kidron crew

      • Hi Kingel I will consider all your points and replymwhen I can. but something jumped out. Since I have not had chance to watch a lot of Santos videos, if you could fill me in

        ”I suspect that to do so, there are rules, as Santos has said, that we need to follow.
        Foods to eat/avoid. Pollutants to avoid. Alcohol to avoid at certain times in the month and specifically to keep ourselves healthy.”

        – what foods does santos recommend to eat/avoid? (I will compare this with things dr Wilson says, and mercola, and Byron Richards)
        – Alcohol to avoid at certain times in the month. is this dependant on our birth date/zodiac sign? or to do with full moons? I wish I could get totally out the habit enjoying lagers in evening
        – what foods to avoid?

        In his youtube still above he actually looks very well, healthy. The mineral salts stuff I saw in his lecture, I think hes on the right track, on the case

    • what you’ve just typed
      went through my kind 2 hrs ago
      notspending enough time in London
      but she was obviously privy at the heart of things, something.
      And they got rid of a loose cannon potentially
      In that case I am sad, sad that they do things like this, cilla s face looked troubled and conflicted int he last yr at public appearnaces
      I am sad and pray for her, therefore
      However I shouldn’t be sad, I should be tougher
      because I have been much more sad, much more troubled that’s sent me off into this interstellar journey
      Discovering the existence of the S**ff industry and how it relates to everytung around us.

      This is why I go on about the SSPs, the free energy, townsend brown. Not because I want no electicity bills, though that would be very welcome
      Its because my soul and heart has been very very saddened where I have cried, in my own company, what is happening to children. Multiply that, when in realised the elite powerful figures videoing and getting ‘thrills’, watching whatever. I have been very sad.
      And then very upset and angry too, realising these fuc*ers are right here in plain sight, lording it over us, in powerwful positions.

      This is why Charles, SSP and free energy truths im so interested in. I hope its the catalyst, hole in the dyke, where all this satanic black magic evil will end
      Therefore, could Corey Good be a good guy telling us truth?
      An SSP faction opposed to the cabal, this is the powerful counterbalancing force we need, as well as counterbalancing spiritual force

  7. yes no interlude says:

    Vatican ex-envoy Wesolowski dies ahead of abuse trial

    28 August 2015

    From the section Europe

    The former archbishop had already been convicted by a church tribunal

    Jozef Wesolowski, a former archbishop and Vatican envoy to the Dominican Republic, has died before he could be tried for child sex offences.Wesolowski, 66, was found dead in his rooms in Vatican City in front of the television, officials said.He had been taken ill just before the start of his Vatican trial in July.He was accused of paying for sex with children in the Dominican Republic and would have been the first senior church official tried on paedophile charges.Wesolowski was recalled to Rome and defrocked by Church authorities in 2013 after he was filmed by local television apparently seeking child prostitutes in Santo Domingo.

    The case was seen as a test of the Vatican’s pledge to stamp out abuse. Last year, the Pope compared the actions of those who commit such crimes to a “satanic mass”.

    Wesolowski was due to have been tried at a court set up by Pope Francis

    Vatican spokesman Father Ciro Benedettini said first checks indicated that the former archbishop had died of natural causes, but an autopsy was being carried out. Wesolowski was charged with abusing children in the Dominican Republican between 2008-2013 and also charged with possession of child pornography, dating from his return to Rome in 2013.He was due to have been tried under a new court system, set up by Pope Francis, to try clerics and employees of the Church who have been accused of exploiting minors. If convicted, he could have faced between six and 10 years in jail. Wesolowski had already been found guilty of abuse by a church tribunal and defrocked. He was placed under house arrest last September following the decision to pursue criminal charges against him. The BBC’s David Willey in Rome says Pope Francis has promised to show zero tolerance towards clergy who molest children, but he has been criticised by victims’ groups for doing too little too late .Barbara Dorris, of the abuse survivors’ network Snap, said the Vatican should have handed over Wesolowski to “secular authorities”. Had they done so, she said, “he might have already been tried, convicted and imprisoned. And more truth about wrongdoers in his case might have surfaced.”

  8. kingel says:

    Adam S

    I cannot name the specific foods but, generally it goes something like this……

    Acid foods, need to be avoided.

    We need to keep our bodies alkaline.

    The obvious is fruit & vegetables.
    Some people say raw is best, others say certain foods are most nutritious warm.
    I believe Dogman said tomatoes are best warm.

    Bicarbonate of Soda is said to help keep the body alkaline but, that is from a baseline of healthy eating.

    Bicarbonate of Soda is also said to help prevent the “appearance” of cancer.

    I take 1tsp bicarb in 1 tbsp lemon juice or, organic cider vinegar …..the rest of the glass filled up with water…….at the end of the day, last thing at night.

    Eggs are said to be amazing, in terms of nutrition.
    Meat, I eat very little these days.

    Bread, most of the stuff in the shops is said to be the kiss of death in reference to healthy eating.
    I am going to have to look up the specifics but there are “apparently” two main issues…

    (1) Modern day grains, have been modified and, are a lot harsher to the digestive system than those around in the 1940s and earlier.

    (2) It is said that early man did not eat grains or carbohydrate, some say, we shouldn’t either.
    There is another issue with bread, I am going to have to look it up but, the name might be ..gliadin…it is something to be avoided at all costs.

    FATS are essential but, have to be good fats… virgin coconut oil is amazing for many things , including cooking.

    Salt. We are “apparently” supposed to consume around one teaspoon of salt per day.
    The salt of the moment is Himalayan pink salt, sold in the health food shops.

    The big diet a lot of people are raving about at the moment is PALEO.
    It is said to be super healthy and,
    there are loads of PALEO recipes across the internet.
    I imagine PALEO signifies paleolithic i.e. the foods that early man had access to ?

    Alcohol should be avoided a few days in the month, I had never heard of this before.
    I believe Santos said it is related to birth/zodiac sign.
    He didn’t elaborate but, said some information is available on his other videos.

    I know very little about mineral salts.
    I did read somewhere that they are essential and, if you are unable to bathe in them, it is possible to spray them on after a shower.
    There is a formula reference mineral salts to water, to mix and put in a spray bottle but, I can’t remember it !

    I bought a load of Black Sea Mineral Salts from T K Max, they were on offer but, haven’t got around to using them !

    Fluoride is a neuro toxin. I believe the Lancet published an article recently on the subject.
    There is a recipe somewhere on the internet for, make your own toothpaste.
    I will try and find it.
    The ingredients are, olive oil, clove oil and…South American raw chocolate powder ! !

    I am in the process of waking up.
    I have always known something was horrendously wrong with the world and life but, it is only in the last few years that I have been able to identify which groups appear to be at the heart of the maelstrom.
    It is also “comforting” to know so many others are going through a similar experience not, that I would wish this on anyone.

    I read somewhere that man reincarnates and, those of us on Planet Earth at the moment, chose to be here !

    I am tempted to say let the fight begin but, I suspect we are already, smack bang, in the middle of a war and, have been for some considerable time !

    If, it is correct that man reincarnates, I do not wish to reincarnate back into this sh*** so, I may as well fight with all I have , at this moment in time.

    Stay alert, learn and, share, that is my current, motto !

    • Dogman says:

      Schuessler cell salts are the twelve minerals essential to your body’s functions. They include forms of calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and silica that work at the cellular level; hence, the name of cell salts.

      Without them you couldn’t think, bend at your joints, stand up straight, digest food, or eliminate toxins. Many health problems experienced today are because of the lack of particular minerals.
      Cell salts do not react with medications because they are supplying minerals on a cellular level. They are easily given to children, as most children like the sweet taste. Purchase them individually or in a 12-bottle set to make formulas for your particular conditions. See our website for cell salt articles on specific ailments for these powerful combinations, called Cell Salt Solutions as seen in 12 Minerals for Cellular Health.

      Some of the common uses of cell salts include:
      •Calcium (3 forms) for bone health, prolapse conditions, hard knots, and digestion (assimilation)
      •Iron inflammation, iron deficiency, hemochromatosis (iron buildup in the blood), and strength for veins and arteriesinflammation
      •Potassium (3 forms) for depression, anxiety, nervousness, lung health, mucus problems, nerve health, and skin problems
      •Magnesium for all types of pain (especially neuralgia), muscle spasms, and heart health
      •Sodium (3 forms) for digestive power, body water balance (edema or swelling), dry skin, and high body acidity
      •Silicea for bones, hair loss, skin and fingernail problems

      Brief History: Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler, a medical doctor who was born in Germany in the 1800s, learned from the early pioneers of biochemistry about these twelve essential minerals required for cellular health. He developed cell salts homeopathically, while grinding them into milk sugar, so they could be easily taken and assimilated, and used on a cellular level. Healthy cells amount to a healthy person.

    • charles drake says:

      nearly all sea salts should be avoided now because of heavy metals pollution.

      try to find rock salt mortons sell one from austrian or german salt mines i would avoid morton sea salt.

      pink salt is a con from pakistan some batches have been found to have colorings avoid.
      rock salt is the safest as it is from ancient seams.

      some small indian stores sell a black salt which smells of eggs full of minerals.

      this is one of the best salts in the world natural and pure source extraction full of trace minerals.
      only from germany

      if in doubt just look for rock salt check ingredients should be nothing else.

  9. freebornman says:

    Kingel, superb post re nutrition. Couple of points about bread. You’re right about modern wheat. It has been selectively cross bred to benifit the producer with more quantity. But in doing this, the protein profile of it has altered far faster than the human digestion. Another feature is that yeast-leavened bread is a relatively new innovation, again, benificial to the producer, not the consumer. Most bread was leavened by the sourdough process til quite recently. This process uses the wild yeasts present in the local environment, and takes roughly twice as long to raise a dough for baking. It breaks down more proteins to better suit our digestion.
    Eggs are something we’ve eaten since we first started to get clever with fire, and are fantastic nutrition. So good of chickens to eat all that dirt and grit for us.
    Fat is fuel. Raw, olive oil or butter or dripping. To cook with, lard, ghee (clarified butter) or goose fat.
    Salt is good. MSM saying for years too much will kill you. Apply reverse bullshit algorythm. Sprinkle liberally. Pink himalayan has many minerals, not just NaCl.
    I reccomend this article, your last line/ motto invited it.

    • kingel says:

      Your our reference to sourdough …is spot on.
      There appears to be a resurgent interest in this bread.
      I imagine it stems from the gastro-intestinal discomfort that many experience as a result of eating modern day bread.

      There are many recipes to be found across the internet, both for the bread and the “living” starter that is needed to make it.
      I haven’t yet created my own. I have simply avoided bread altogether for the past year and, feel a whole amount healthier as a result.

      Two sourdough starter recipes….

      Patrick Ryan’s starter recipe…..

      And finally the recipe for the bread itself…

      • charles drake says:

        paul hollywood and bbc home of jimmy saville yuck
        paul hollysteinberg probably wants you nhs ill for his mates in serco g4s health care central services.

      • kingel says:

        To charles drake

        I apologise for polluting this forum with my reference to the unmentionable “channel” from the…glass toilet….. to use ian’s name for IT.

        The recipes… “appear”… to be good ones ?

    • kingel says:

      I had no idea there was a fourth monkey !

      “THEY” have stolen the PATRIOT monkey…… surprise there !

      Loved the article, thank you.


        Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Programme

        August 22, 2015 at 11:16 pm

        Dear Dr Laviolette
        I hope you can reply
        This is a serious offer, if I can raise the money. In my heart, I have not a drop or shred of emotion wanting to profit from any of this. I don’t care. I care about Townsend Brown energy out there for the world.
        Therefore DrLaviolette. You seem to know a lot about how electrogravitics works.
        If I can raise the money to buy the supercapacitors, and other things, is it supermagnets? I remember you said supercapacitors. I feel sure you said supercapacitors, that Townsend Brown used. 100MW from a cubic foot of space
        Dr laviolette I have a few thousand savings, and I could raise more. With youtube watching us, I could help you build a T Townsedn Brown free energy device. Im not an engineer, but I would be a very good assistant and helper with logistics and problem solving.
        There is no one in this world dr laviolette I would risk, or want, to spend hard saved up money one. Your Secrets of Antigravity propulsion youtube lecture blew me away
        Physics, reality, the world around me changed once I saw your lecture
        All I was left with was joing up the dots realising what a corrupt criminal bunch of rulers we have, moulding our whole society, withholding basic physics truths
        Therefore Dr Laviolette.
        How much do you need to buy the supercapacitors, other materials, and your time, for us to create a Townsend Brown free energy device? Im in England, I will travel to your workshop


        Paul LaViolette

        September 1, 2015 at 3:53 pm

        Thank you for your offer. To be honest, I have no workshop other than my garage. The Brown vertical thruster would be an interesting project to work on if someone wanted to volunteer. Currently, I don’t have the time myself to work on this on my own, even though I would like to. I have no paid assistants to instruct to carry out such a construction. But it would be a very worthwhile project. Am currently devoting spare time to raise industry interest in the Nassikas thruster.


        Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Programme

        September 1, 2015 at 10:43 pm

        I have fwded our 2 comments on to the university where I work, physics dept, and vice chancellor, I am hoping they will be inspired and want to get involved. A Brown vertical thruster, or a Nassikas thruster
        Since its only relative pennies thousands, I don’t imagine youll have trouble raising money for the Nassikas thruster.

        its quite incredible though. I don’t understand why you don’t have benevolent millionaires, or billionaires, who aren’t satanic, and are caring individuals. Beat down your door Dr Laviolette and give you whatever you need to build Townsend Brown machines.
        The fact Richard Branson hasn’t approiached you makes me very suspicious of Richard Branson, ill leave my train of thought there, goodnight
        No investory however should want to do this to get rich. This is the whole point of Tesla Free Energy.
        There is no getting rich
        There is simply abundance, comfort, supply for everyone for free.
        Its a Spiritual rewiring of how the crime syndicate cabal have run our world with their fiat money debt based system, for a long long time
        Ive also forwarded on to the university physics dept the link and few lines about the Nassikas thruster too

  10. Dublinmick says:

    I like Zen Gardner also.

    The regular cheap Morton salt etc, uses aluminum for separation which causes alzheimers. (not that kosher salt though, oh no)

    I use Utah salt here from deep mines. It is was formed from ancient sea beds.

    Funny story, before I retired we had a pilot. He said his mom grew up on the farm in Illinois and used hog lard all her life. She died at 105 years old. He said she would have probably made it to 110 if she used other oils!

    I generally use olive oil myself and some seasame. I never use GMO corn oil.

  11. charles drake says:

    organic spelt flour is easy to get white or wholemeal.
    the first wheat was einkorn doves farm sells it.
    it is 8 or 12 chromosomes the original grain from before the first civilisations of babylon in the near east.

    emmer is the 2nd oldest
    some modern wheats have over 20 chromosomes the killer is the roundup ready herbicides from monsatan

    new KAMUT brand is simply Khorasan flour from the time when egypt was mighty

    rye is fantastic
    this is the best grain seller in the uk

    if you do not want to capture your own yeasts
    you can buy a starter this is a living thing and must be fed and watered if treated well they can last forever.
    if treatyed badly you dumb out 80% and simply add some fresh flour and water and let it activate again.
    the thing you are buying is the bubbly thing in picture 2

    the secret is filtered water and organic ingredients
    no knead bread

    • Thanks for this info,
      Does this mean we would all be healthier searching out kosher foods, versions, of everything we can?

      ive never eatn kosher foods don’t knowif they taste any different. but im aware of the obsessive ridiculousness on holiday with a st johns woo jew and how ridicuoous he went on, must be kosher
      Now im wondering if this is for a vry very good reason. Free of GMos, Free of Glyphosate residues, and if bread, cooked in the right way

      From your comment above is sourdough bread different? I haven’t the time to research I appreciate any clarification

      • charles drake says:

        you need to try some farmers markets try to buy markets near closing time you can get great bargains if you hussle.
        tesco is kosher death testing
        bread should have 4 ingredients
        you have to buy organic proper bread or make it yourself
        you do not need to buy kosher just stp supporting tesco

    • Farmers mkts ill try, on my one day off per week it will take effort, but ill take the opportuinity if I find it, see a leaflet, and start going
      I did notice the city centre Tesco id shop at, very poor selection of fresh vegetables. very poor. No organic section. I was unimpressed, and it was only due to Wilson advising me to eat cooked vegetables everyday and sea salt (but im reviewing in view of your post ill try and order that german salt), that I think I managed to eat half well. Unawake Tesco shoppers eating salads then a pizza are severely severely demineralising themselves and im very upset Charles bcoz I knw theres a concerted joined up satanic in much part jew conspiracy going on. And they don’t care if people are sicikened by Roundup Glyphosate mineral defiencient soils. And I mean MINERAL DEFICIENT. they don’t care. All extra NHS customers.

      rye is fantastic , rye ryvita? Ive eaten it occasionaly never liked it, ill start eating it more if its a safe alternative

      I realise though, and wilsons awakened me t this. its not enough to find ‘safe’ foods. Palatable foods. Foods we enjoy. im sorry, the satanic cabal are killing us slowly with this bullshit, the whole food systems being demineralised and weakened soils too

      • not just safe foods, phytonutient, vitsmnin mineral rich foods

      • charles drake says:

        german folks use rye in bread if you cannot make your own aldi and lidl have some german thinks but always read the label.

        farmers market have spelt and rye mixes in breads
        ryvita mass produced stale joke food for the goy walking dead.
        processed food is dosed up with heavy metals and transgender bpa.

  12. kingel says:

    Thank you charles drake.

    I did not know sourdough starter…….reference Keswick Lake District Yeast Sourdough …… was available for sale…. and on EBAY ! !

    I think I might buy some.

    Staying on the subject of avoiding premature death i.e Jozef Wezolowski should anyone wish to rid their body of aluminium all you need do is drink a litre of volvic water a day for 13 weeks and, it will all disappear……..into the ceramic toilet !

  13. freebornman says:

    A friend of mine has type 2 diabetes, if she eats any pastry or bread, etc, made with wheat flour, it sends her blood sugar crazy. She recently found she can eat spelt bread with no problems.
    Sourdough bread keeps better, too. A bread stall appeared on our local market a while ago, £3 for a malted sourdough, but it lasts me all week. The last few slices the night before market day need toasting.
    Agree with cd, ukrainian rye with carroway seed is superb.
    Dm, great link to ‘the saturn death cult’, read most of the site today, puts a lot of perspective on the subject of this article. I have the two Hendrix albums released posthumously, curiously titled ‘first rays of the new rising sun’ and ‘south saturn delta’ purple haze, or what?

    • kingel says:

      It does not surprise me that your type 2 diabetes friend, is adversely affected by wheat.

      Imho, the UK diet has an inordinately high level of wheat based foods; bread and pastry consumed on a daily basis.
      I am beginning to suspect this is premeditated “genocide lite” !

      I read somewhere that there is a symbiotic relationship between the brain and stomach/intestinal tract.
      The implication being ones digestive “apparatus” serves also, as a brain, of sorts !
      If, you compromise your stomach with inadequate nutrition…….you are doing the same to your neurological brain !

      I will have to goggle, in an effort to find an article on this subject !

      • charles drake says:

        nothing wrong with the wheat links i listed above.
        it is simple ancient grains allowed to slow ferment is the way to go.
        has to be organic you have to use filtered water.
        modern wheats have many more chromosomes round up is sprayed on modern wheats just before harvest it generates more seed.
        herbicides and pesticides monsanto and bayer are the kliler taking a bad product to another level.

        subway and big mac corps sell bread rolls that has yoga matt rubber material in.
        no big company can be trusted alas many are satanic masonic or into eugenics
        food should be food
        chemical chemicull

      • Dogman says:

        Turmeric works up to 100,000 times better than Metformin at increasing glucose uptake. Turmeric also helps suppress glucose production in the liver.

        Patients with advanced heart failure and type 2 diabetes showed improvement after three months of consuming epicatechin enriched cocoa, U.S. researchers said.

        The ma-pi 2 diet (a vegan version of macrobiotics) can COMPLETELY reverse type 2 diabetes

        Substituting Vitamins and Supplements for Pharmaceuticals in Type 2 Diabetes

  14. charles drake says:

    simply look it the concepts of lacto fermentation.
    the most famous is sauerkraut
    lacto ferments are pre digested foods.

    one of the reasons proper sourdough is healthier is the enzymes and the yeasts are breaking down the food stuffs over a longer period.

    regular yeasts are designed to work quick.
    lacto ferment everything with whey from kefir grains can be got on ebay used to make super easy yogurt pour milk into a jar add some kefir grains within a couple of days you got yummy yogurt
    you have to use organic milk

    the yellow liquid left behind is whey this can be put into juice to make fizzy drinks.
    the whey culure produces co2 as it breaks down the sugars.
    so again you end up with a part digested drink full of probiotics.
    no disrespect but most folks with diabetes are part of the machine system matrix.
    of doctors big pharma and fast or mass processed foods.

    • Jennifer says:

      Have you tried making kimchi? A Korean obsession, with Napa cabbage and mooli, but any cabbage, roots and alliums can be used – much tastier than saukraut.

      • charles drake says:

        i make kimchi in korean ongi pottery in korea they bury pots for years lacto fermentation stops decay.
        lacto fermetation is the equalizer.
        used for thousands of years.
        you can buy probiotic tablets for 20 quid which say billions on the label but are mostly dead.
        one spoon of kimchi or sauerkraut fermented for a min of a week gives you many differnt strains of baccilus in the trillions costing pennies

        organic raw milk is amazing you can leave it on a table and drink 6 weeks later why?
        louis pasteaur lunatic psycho killer eugenics man.
        loved by big pharma
        raw milk has massive range of bacteria fighting none can win.
        as long as you have healthy cows fed organic grass.
        in the old days it was called clabber when the milk went thick.
        nature has all the answers.
        heat treating milk kills it makes it bad.
        your rotten smelling milk has been treated boiled alive.
        when left only the badness can grow all the good stuff dead no equilibrium

  15. kingel says:

    Fascinating amount of info..charles drake.

    There are many you tube videos of lacto fermentation foods. I came across kefir grains a few weeks ago, I had never heard of them before.

    I wonder how much else I don’t know ! ?

    Shifting the topic onto general “healthy” foods…..I have just come across a chart of alkaline foods i.e. the foods that are said to be the healthiest for us .

    Adam S asked about specific foods, a day or, so ago.
    This may be the list ?…………

    • charles drake says:

      we know nothing all secret.
      oil,big pharma,medical,banking,chemical industries own many of the mega food companies.
      processed food is fake dead made by inter connected companies

      eustace mullins years ago wrote a book called death by injection page after page of all the connections between the different groups companies and families.

      the most important thing in the home is clean water.
      doulton do a water filter candle that lasts years and can clean up even the thames.
      it is made of pottery and used in the third world
      many gravity water filters on ebay.

      these are some of the cheapest
      you have to clean the ceramic candle once every 1 or 2 months depending on how rotten and poisoned your water area is
      doulton make the best ceranic filter candles.

      queen victoria drank thames water filtered with doulton candles .
      while all around her people where suffering from polluted water she was laughing and drinking purified water,
      imagine how dirty the thames was in that vampyres day

      • Thankyou for all the valuable information you’ve posted today. I am pasting it into my email inbox for easy reference. I never gave sourdough bread a thought or realised its difference or significance
        I have been aware of kefir grains for a long time, never ordered any. I will this month though
        DCeath by injection. Eustace mullins. Families, corporations. Links

        its all clicking making sense more and more. These families that chat, groupmeetings. And collude to come up with such integrated joined up ways to attack us. They can only be Satanists

        And early today Henry gave a great short pargraph nutshell overarching summary of whats going on, bottom line, this is a satanic conspiracy, ruled by Satanists.

        ive never even heard of a doulton water filter candle, and thankyou for the link.
        Lawrence Wilson says bottled spring waters good. if not that a carbon filter, though it has limitations. This filter candles very interesting, Wilson doesn’t mention that ill fwd it onot him

        Ive seen on tv a few yrs ago some kind of nano vilter, new cheal filter, put on a jug, don’t know if it stops viruses I think it does. But I like the ceramic info you give.
        What does it tell us whats going on in the UK today?
        I wonder what happens in certain homes, est rancid home for example, or others, when they want a glass of water? I have a feeling we would be shocked to see inside their fridges and cupboards, and I bet a ceramic filters in rancids kitchen.
        And what does it tell us about queen Victoria.
        Im quite disgusted.
        A total, two tier, separate, system. Them and us. And They detest us. And they hide in plain sight. And their decptions only got more sophisticated.

        it is beyond reprehensible Victoria didn’t ensure doulton candle filters weren’t mass made and carpet bombed round the thames, London, and the country.. She didn’t, therefor eshe didn’t give a shit about the people
        Same situation today

      • charles drake says:

        not much promotion in the uk
        funny that

  16. Dublinmick says:

    I try and throw a bit of tumeric on everything whether it needs it or not.

    I just put in a reverse osmosis water filter under the sink, I could never be sure when the motor on the distiller would go out on the durasil. One of them burned already on the other one.

    • I am openminded and I don’t emotionally psycholgially cling to any belief system. Im a Truthseeker. I know theres deceivers liars all around, very slick ones, trying to get into my mind
      On the internet
      Yet I know too, obviously theres good people well meaning people. SOme people who know what theyre talking about.
      I will never say 100%. But I think l wilsons nb science website, I like it and trust it. So much of his advice seems very good common sense, logical, and cutting edge, hes unafraid to tell truths, the medical establishment is not your friend. Wilson suggests many solutions.

      • charles drake says:

        keep it simple
        look up hippocrates soup it an old recipe on you tube
        it simple and good if you use organic

        ryvita is not rye
        ryvita is probably full of rat droppings.

        simply try to buy stuff that was around over 50 years ago.

        nothing wrong with bad food once in a while every day and you will be cancer dosed and processed into the liverpool care pathway

    • Hi DM, see my comment here on a few issues but also rev osmosis water

      I read on mercolas site, an important thing is the absorption, bioavailability of the turmeric curcuminoids. Fancy nano supplements are expensive.
      Its said, in a saucepan of water or whatever, to boil turmeric in water for 10 mins approx., this liberates and lets more curcumioids into solution,. As it cools, they will apparently eventually become less available again, after several hours.
      Olive oil or butter, or ghee, I think enhance the absorption too. But who knows, there might be some other valuable effect of turmeric, simply in water without oil. And even turmeric tea might still be positive. So I try to have it a variety of ways, and yes its easy to throw into cooking etc. Apparently in Okinawa turmeric root tea is drunk
      Apparently too cumin and coriander and other indian spices can act in synergy with it. Which is why I like indian food as its a very healthy food without feeling like one is eating boring health food. Turmeric can even be hidden, a little of it, when making tomato Napoli sauce for example.

      Other thoughts to mention to you off my head
      – Aside from spring water.
      I think the ceramic gravity doulton filter Charles drake spoke about looks very good. Whether it removes drug residues, all toxic metals, and chlorides fluorides im not yet sure. Hopefully it does. I thought that if it works quite well…..maybe 2 used in line, one above the other, might multiply the filtering power? Or a carbon filter used above, then the water goes into the doulton cnadle filter below. These are water purification ideas and strategies to play with I think

      – Planet X. Im not sure where, but I kind of realised decided over the last year, the nibiru X thing, and Sitchin, was NWO disinformation red herring scaremongering. Plus, Cobra on one of his monthly updates, said planet X isn’t true.
      Then we have todays Tap story of google showing planet X, and how real it seems to be. Astounding story. Yet we know googles not to be trusted .
      Whats your take? Is there some approaching planet now in our solar system? Some clear guidance would be great. I have little time now to research so in a nutshell if you could, just to point me in right direction
      – I notice corey goodes going on about Spheres in our solar system. Could this be related? Could the blue avians be disnfo. I don’t know and im getting too tired to make any sens out of it anymore

      – One could argue, with your 98% in philosophy, you’ve incarnated at this time, in the Divine Plan, to be here, right now, helping at this crucial time. Your blog is just one article after an other of interesting stuff. You have a skill at identifying valuable things and putting them on a blog, and keeping it simple. And now I discover the dotcom website too.
      The only problem is I have less and less time to read now.
      This is great. I didn’t know there was a health reason Royals drank from silver.
      I encourage you to look up at my comment above to dkblue, dr wilsons search page, copper imbalances, copper bioavailability, and unavailability. I think Wilsons on the ball with this, and balancing copper, he seems an expert in it, and mineral balancing

      I really do think the way forward on earth is back to village like sharing of skills and knowledge and people working in what they have a flair for and sharing the knowledge and skills and helping. Hopefully the internet, and hopefully some Free Energy technologies round the corner, and hopefully the Satanists losing their power ruling this world. hopefully there are some nice times to come. That will of course need a lot of work and repairing and restructuring and overhauling, but I am getting the sense, something profoundly good is happening despite all the propaganda and lies and doom

      • kingel says:

        Adam S, thanks for all the health info; Dr Wilson etc.
        It is going to take me a while to get through it.

        Reference Nibiru……….Imho, at the moment, I think it is fear porn ?
        There is a video on you tube by Professor Nassim Haramein, who says Nibiru has come and, gone !

        Professor Haramein has a number of interesting videos on you tube, reference sky gods etc.

      • kingel says:

        NIBIRU has come and, gone
        link is…………………

        Professor Nassim Haramein

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