Jeremy Corbyn and the Jews



by Gilad Atzmon


The relationship between Jeremy Corbyn and British Jews can be summarized into a brief observation:

While Corbyn’s success represents a hugely popular shift within British political thinking, the orchestrated Jewish campaign against him is there to suggest that once again, Jews set themselves against the people they dwell upon.

The vastly growing popularity of Jeremy Corbyn amongst Brits can be easily explained. Following decades of cultural Marxist, divisive Identiterian politics and Zionist-Neocon domination within the British Left, Corbyn brings along a refreshing ideological alternative. Corbyn seems to re-unite the Brits. He cares for the weak. He opposes interventionist wars. He represents the return of the good old left as opposed to New Labour’s affinity with big money, choseness  and exceptionalism. He cares for the students and the youth. He thinks about the future and promises to undo the damage created by Blair and Cameron. But as Britain sees the rise of a hugely popular ideological movement, many Jewish institutions see Corbyn as an arch enemy. They would prefer to see him gone and have used nearly every trick in the book to discredit him.

In the last few days we have noticed a tidal wave of Jewish institutional opposition to Corbyn. First it was the Daily Mail that attempted to throw Zionist mud in the direction of the man who is destined to take over what is left out of the Labour party. Surprisingly, not a single British media outlet picked the Mail’s dirt for a few days. Eventually the notorious Zionist Jewish Chronicle had to take the gloves off just ahead of Sabbath and lead the battle against the emerging socialist leader.

In the weekend the Jewish Chronicle (JC) outlined its problems with Corbyn while claiming to “speak for the vast majority of British Jews… expressing deep foreboding at the prospect of Mr Corbyn’s election as Labour leader.”

Apparently, on behalf of ‘the vast majority of British Jews,’ The JC wanted to know whether it is true that Corbyn donated money to Dier Yassin Remembered (DYR), an organisation that was founded to commemorate the brutal massacre of an entire Palestinian village by right wing Jewish paramilitary fighters in 1948. I guess that the tens of thousands who joined the labour party in the last weeks just to support the first true British labour ideologist for generations were delighted to learn that their favourite candidate supported DYR and truly opposes Zionist barbarism.

On behalf of the “vast majority of British Jews” the JC demanded to be fully informed about the non-existent relationship between Corbyn and British DYR chairman Paul Eisen. The JC didn’t approve of the connection between Corbyn and pro-Palestinian Rev Stephen Sizer either. Corbyn was also asked to clarify his association with the Hamas, the Hezbollah and Palestinian cleric Raead Salah. I guess that the JC editorial would like to define the list of kosher ‘friends’ eligible for British elected politicians. Until this happens, the message that is delivered by the Brits is lucid: it is actually Corbyn’s firm stand on justice and his ability to befriend true freedom fighters and humanists which makes him into the most popular politician in Britain at the moment.

If someone in the JC fails to read the picture, I will outline it in the clearest form. British people are expressing a clear fatigue of corrupted party politics as much as they are tired of Zionist interventionist wars. They are begging for a change, they demand equality and the prospect of a better future and a leader with ethical integrity. Whether Corbyn can provide these qualities, time will tell. But the British yearning for a radical change has been formally established.

Disrespectfully and outrageously, in the open and on behalf of “the vast majority of British Jews”, the JC set an ultimatum to the most popular man in British politics.

“If Mr Corbyn is not to be regarded from the day of his election as an enemy of Britain’s Jewish community, he has a number of questions which he must answer in full and immediately.”

One would expect the JC editorial to learn something from Jewish history. Those British Jews who insist to speak ‘on behalf’ of their people should at least pretend to uphold some minimal respect to British good manners.

The JC, however, admitted that Corbyn ignored them for over a week – “No response has been forthcoming” from Corbyn or his office, the JC wrote.  Though I do not have any reason to believe that Corbyn has a cell of hatred in his body, I wouldn’t like to see him bowing to Jewish political pressure. What we need is a firm British leader dedicated to equality, justice, peace and British interests instead of just another Sabbos Goy and servant of the Lobby as well as big money.


Almost 50 Jews have now signed a Jews-only letter insisting that the JC  doesn’t speak for them when it campaigns against Jeremy Corbyn (  A quick arithmetic exercise reveals that 50 progressive Jews out of a community of  263,000 strong  is ‘not a lot.’ Only 0.00019011 of British Jews oppose the JC line. It may as well suggest that the  JC was actually telling the truth when it claimed to speak for the vast majority of British Jews.




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  1. The above will all be irrelevant crap once the mindblowing scandal of the suppressed 20th century secret space programmes, suppressed technologies, and microwave weapons, psychotronic weapons, radionics, psi weaponry FACTS that are used today against the people
    Not to mention the fact fucking free energy is possible.
    Not to mention an entire Star Trek SSP exists above our heads now.
    Not to mention were in a ficking total TRUMAN SHOW

    once this lot gets realised, I hope by white hats pushing this out as discloures for us all
    This corbyn party politics labour liberal tory politics crap will be shown for what it is.

  2. This article above may have valid points
    But lets not forget
    Corbyn wouldn’t be allowed to get to where he is without being severely totally compromised blackmailed
    Even if the jews don’t like him (which maybe a complex reverse psychology psyop who knows), other factions do like him and want him up there and anyone who for a moment think Corbyn represents anything good, needs his head examined
    Don’t buy into the Truman show game politics

    • ferryt says:

      Well said Adam.

      I understand Corbyn was told about the child sexual abuse decades ago and did nothing.

      It does seem our rulers don’t like him. Or is it just another (in a very long line) trick?

      • We need to pull the veil off this Truman Show in all its forms as soon as we can Ferryt, in all lour small efforts and ways, I feel we are warriors on the front line helping this, I don’t think this is exaggeration, guerrilla emailing without being a pest, and without spamming, and being intriguing, is what I try to practice as my contribution mostly

      • ferryt says:

        Truman show? Totally agree.

        I read Corbyn’s suggestions on the economy (dont laugh!) and Britain’s financial system. No radical ideas or anthing of any substance that will go anyway to putting a stop to our evil slave driving debt based society. Certainly nothing to affect the status quo I.e. the flow of the fruits of your labour to the alteady super rich. And the continuing gaps between the fabulously wealthy and the rest of us will just keep on growing.

        Nothing of any substance there I’m afraid. Just a tarting up and rewording re-dressing the same old scams.

        Maybe they should just cut the bullshit – meet new boss. Same as old boss.

      • This is why I go on about tesla free energy, classified programmes, secret space programmes. it provides a kind of Norhtern Star of truth to navigate to. Since we don’t know, cannot trust, and im pretty sure, these awful people, awful complex weird people, heap lie upon disinfo and lie and extra lie and then a distraction. I therefore realise I cant trust much. I certainly wont trust whatever the channel 4 news is pushing in my face about ‘corbyn’ . Or any other story
        Instead, I try and take as the basic seed ofn truth to build on, possible physics lies. I look for evidence of physics cover ups. Possible hints at glimpses of SSPs
        Not out of some escapism, or distraction.
        But I realise by putting this jigsaw puzzle together, we cannot hope to get too fine a picture. That picture will come in time. But we cannot hope to get all the pieces. The pieces will come.
        If we look to close and follow evrythinbg, the cabal have got us by the throats, since the MSM , and alternatie media infiltration, and sheer confusion, makes this a losing mans game

        I DO SAY FERRYT, PAUL LAVIOLETTE ISNT CABAL. I DO ENCOURAGE YOU TO WATCH HIS 1HR 20MIN YOUTUBE LECTURE, ‘SECRETS OF ANTIGRAVITY PROPULSIION’ Paul laviolete can be trusted. Hes non cabal. Look at thw big picture, the outlines , the outline implications of what laviolette says. Then, one is incredibly armed , because one doesn’t get drawn into minutiae of cabal lies and disinfo and distraction, debating about MH Malaysian airline etc etc. They can FUCK OFF. ive had enough
        Goodnight ferryt and I would like to discuss with you at some point yr very interesting comments on safe use of wifi using cables and routers, I am very very clueless on these matters and need simple bullet points on this but will chat soon on this, I realise cables are needed

      • physics lies, when you extrapolate them out with human nature, extrapolatw the motivations, physics lies can tell a lot about whats going on, because lying about reality, understanding that means psychotronic wepaons are real , …I hope it means life can be simple and more easilyunderstood. I don’t like all this consiparacy complex bullshit but doing my best to navigate. And still lead a normal life with fun where I can

      • ferryt says:

        Yeah I can help out with that Adam no problem.

        You sound stressed so I hope you can relax a little.

        I know the feeling when it all gets a bit much. Happens frequently enough to me.

        Rest easy man!

      • Actually, after a few weeks of building pressure, tonight im decompressing and alchols helping and tapgblog comments are helping too. I haven’t the focus or disciplne at present t study all the tapblog articles but the comments are interesting
        Lifes interesting, complex, ups a dna downs, I suppose we live for a stong High purpose tolive, drive us forward. But also, on a lower but no less important level, a ned to decompress and drink and talk and express feelings, and tapblogs my pub tonight

      • Gary McKinnons a smoking gun. his project Camelot interview. I get no pleaure out of this and in fact im quite tired, and realise the world in 1970s and 1980s, an even now I think of it 1990s, was very nice
        I therfeofr resent and detest this bulshit false flga narrative. FUCK OFF CABAL I DONT BUY YOUR LIES. I hope this goes to show I see their game andhow I cannot standthem

  3. Freeborn says:

    Corbyn and party politics are an utter irrelevance.

    They rig the elections anyway.

    Has Corbyn said 911 and 7/7 were false-flags? Did he say Woolwich was fake?

    Course he didn’t.

    Anyone who tells it like it is will never be in the running….

    Get real guys.

  4. john says:

    “JEWS AGAINST CORBYN” Isnt that RACISM in its truest form. This news paper should be closed down and all its writers arrested for incitment to riot under the anti terrorist laws of the UK..!!!

  5. charles drake says:

    corbers loves his family loves his blood
    the rabbi loves corbers blood
    all in the family
    tavistock psy operations
    if he was real it woud be silence or a murdoch jpeg,audio and video elm guest house story or some such

  6. Dogman says:

    For the record, I won’t be boycotting all Jewish stores as I’ve decided to *come out* on this blog and tell everyone that I’m heavily into M&S: yay, I like to be rolled in breadcrumbs!

  7. Lynn says:

    We should all start eating their kosher food. Watch them panic then.

  8. charles drake says:

    corr bored
    certainly is no know robin cook
    in mind morals or spirit.
    john smith had some purity pumping though his veins.
    corr blimey council house beard is a bad act.
    kosher with full Chabad-Lubavitch certification.
    everything else just mi tavistock show.
    reverse psy collage artful tel aviv operations for control.
    smith and cookie james bond dead says it all

  9. Dublinmick says:

    What we in the states would like is for Mr. Rothschild to allow us to print our own money without killing the presidents who try to.

  10. Lynn says:

    Where is nationalise the banks on his list. Privatisation has been the lethal vaccine for the west. NHS well under way now. Break it down and sell it off cheap to the Zionist crew. Problem Reaction Solution. Copy book stuff..

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