What should people make of Corbyn and the Labour leadership battle?


‘Is Corbyn going to save the Labour Party and make Britain fairer?’  people are asking, says Icke.

Icke says within the political system choice is just an illusion.  Obama is no different from Bush, for example, Blair no different from Cameron.

Corbyn is anti-austerity, which is nothing more than the crushing of the people.

He’s from within the same system, says Icke, but is coming at things from another angle.

At least we’re having a debate about the consensus between New Labour and Conservatives at last, he says.

All the sycophants are tuning in to criticise Corbyn, Blair, Mandelson, the mainstream media,  and that means Corbyn’s got something to offer.

TAP –  Or are all the sycophants being trotted out to give the illusion of Corbyn being the opposition to what they’re about?  Isn’t Corbyn anther Tavistock created leftie who’ll increase yet further state power and control over peoples’ lives?  He’s got many great pluses like being against fracking, and anti-austerity, but while he’s undoing the obvious damage being inflicted on us all by the current manufactured consensus, will he merely implement another more thorough state-based matrix of control, which finally destroys independent human existence?  He’s a Marxist after all.  Blair is acting out the role of baddie.  Here’s the goodie come along to win popular support, just as Blair was trotted out to counter the illusion of evil manufactured around Thatcher.  She in turn had been the saviour from high taxes and trades union power, another long piece of theatre that people fell for.   Corbyn’s out of exactly the same stable as all the others, and has had a curiously easy run into pole position, selected by the media, as were all the others.   Corbyn is yet more theatre in my book, and a manufactured event.  I hope David Icke is right in what he says, but I fear he is not.  There’s even evidence from Corbyn’s record that he protected paedophiles in Islington.  He’s just the next part of the big media game, that’s been going on forever.  Don’t be fooled too easily.  It makes us look so dumb.


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Sadly its probably all a sham if not he will get the JFK treatment only time will tell. At least the recent media storm re Corbyn demomnstrates how the Blair faction Gordon Brown the Daily Mail the BBC etc etc are all in it together, them against us.

    Speaking of shams has anyone got a Spotify account … check out the terms & conditions they want access to your pics your contacts and your speed and location in real time to share amongst their corporate friends. What could possibly go wrong with that scenario . Spotify = Stasify. See pic


    • sovereigntea says:

      These servile wimps are really inadequate which is why they bully others.


    • ian says:

      Sure you’re correct.

      • ferryt says:

        Its a trick.

        Embedded in all of us since birth.

        Left and right. Red blue. Divide. Own.

        The system is not what you think. Totally corrupt.

        There are no nice guys.

        Do you think DM torahgraph bbc etc would be spinning this bs if they were truly offering an opposition or way out?


        ST – how about a warning about windows 10. As if windows wasn’t bad enough!

      • ferryt says:

        Dogman publish on your own blog.

        Flooding the comments.

        Like Adam.

      • ian says:

        Indeed Ferryt, I agreed with S. Corbyn wouldn’t be getting promoted unless he was one of them.

      • ferryt says:

        Sorry dogman. I retract my comment. My apologies. I got a little angry with Adam last night and vented. I actually really enjoy your comments. I was looking for an angle to vent as I say so apologies again.

        Morning Ian beautiful day this morning. Remnants of bloody chemtrails though. Grrr!

  2. Lynn says:

    Lacking in manners and the rest. Inadequate species of what not to be.well said Sov.

  3. charles drake says:

    corbers cor council house blimey this friend of israel aint no robin cook.

    deconstructing hasbara zion sayanim.
    deconstructing the zion mi controlled alt media.

    alex jones v david duke
    jump to 1 hour 17 fantastic


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