How Dick Cheney Kicked off an Era of Cancer Clusters and Eco-Disasters from Fracking

The Energy Policy Act of 2005, which holds the Halliburton Loophole, exempts oil and gas firms from environmental protection laws.


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As federal policy makers decide on rules for fracking on public lands, a new report calculates the toll of this dirty drilling on our environment, including 280 billion gallons of toxic wastewater generated by fracking in 2012—enough to flood all of Washington, DC, in a 22-foot deep toxic lagoon. The Environment America Research & Policy Center report, Fracking by the Numbers, is the first to measure the damaging footprint of fracking to date.

“The numbers don’t lie—fracking has taken a dirty and destructive toll on our environment,” said John Rumpler, senior attorney for Environment America. “If this dirty drilling continues unchecked, these numbers will only get worse.”


4 Responses to “How Dick Cheney Kicked off an Era of Cancer Clusters and Eco-Disasters from Fracking”

  1. john says:

    Somebody should read “The Resolution 61/295 on the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples”. Fracking can be banned on your ancesteral lands !!!

  2. Bluefeather6 says:
    The metropolitan police under the management of Kellog Brown and Root aka Halliburton…. So for justice – who do we turn to?

    • ferryt says:

      That looks like a useful resource. Had a quick ganders. Thanks BlueF.

      On topic isn’t the TPP TPIA all about foreign corporations writing legislation such as the above exemption for Haliburton to poison your water for profit? Camoron spouting his usual drivel in support of course. What a traitor. Puppet traitor.

      Someone needs to tazer Cheney. Near his heart if I remember correctly. Should do the job. Honestly being this evil. Do people like Cheney not fear meeting their maker? If not what do they know?

  3. Lynn says:

    They fear us. We hold the power!! Once the masses get off their couches, game on.

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