Hitler came very close to having a viable atomic weapon

German documentary claims Nazis were developing a ‘flying saucer’ to deliver bomb and had already started tests on Russian POWs

  • TV documentary claims Nazis were close to developing an atomic bomb
  • Had developed a ‘flying saucer’ device to drop the nuclear weapon
  • Tested it on Russian prisoners of war at Thuringia, eastern Germany
  • Quoted German scientists, eyewitness accounts and records left behind 


The Nazis may have been close to creating an atomic bomb and a ‘flying saucer’ to deliver it in the final days of the war.

Tests of the device were even said to have been carried out on Russian prisoners of war, according to a new German TV documentary.

‘The Search for Hitler’s Atom Bomb,’ which aired on the ZDF channel this week, quotes sealed records from Russia and America that are said to prove the Third Reich were close to creating a weapon of mass destruction.

The programme quotes interrogation reports of Nazi scientists, eyewitness account and the records left behind by researchers, many of which were shipped to America after the war.

Historian Matthia Uhl said the race to develop a Nazi A-bomb went into overdrive in the final year of the war.

The programme focused on Hans Kammler, an S.S. general, who was given 175,000 concentration camp inmates to work in the V-weapons factories, tank production lines and building secret bunkers for the Nazi elite.

Kammler was one of a very few who answered only to Hitler and was put in charge of the race for nuclear fission.

One of the projects he worked on was at Jonas Valley in Thuringia, eastern Germany, and said to be the site of the Nazis’ nuclear and space programmes.

The USA has placed a 100 year secrecy order on the files concerning the valley and what went on in the secret tunnels the Nazis carved into it.

Tests of the device were even said to have been carried out on Russian prisoners of war, according to the documentary by German channel ZDF
Tests of the device were even said to have been carried out on Russian prisoners of war, according to the documentary by German channel ZDF
Russian intelligence reports claimed Nazi Germany was 'in the throes of making and testing a new secret weapon, which has a large destructive force'
Russian intelligence reports claimed Nazi Germany was ‘in the throes of making and testing a new secret weapon, which has a large destructive force’

Now officially sealed off, authorities play a cat-and-mouse game with conspiracy theorists every weekend at the site who believe the Americans found two things in the tunnels – a nuclear bomb and flying saucers meant to deliver it.

ZDF quoted from reports by Russian military intelligence agents who said there were two nuclear tests in Thuringia.

One read: ‘The Germans are in the throes of making and testing a new secret weapon, which has a large destructive force.

Had the Nazis succeed in creating the weapon of mass destruction it could have changed the course of history. Pictured: The mushroom cloud after an atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan 
SS general Hans Kammler

Had the Nazi project overseen by SS general Hans Kammler (right) succeeded, it could have changed the course of history. Left: The mushroom cloud after an atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan

The Jonas Valley in Thuringia, eastern Germany, was said to be the site of the Nazis' nuclear and space programmes


ZDF quoted Russian agents as saying that two nuclear tests had taken place in Thuringia

‘The available bomb has a diameter of 1.5 meters. It consists of interlocking hollow balls.’

Another Russian report said: ‘Communicated by our reliable source from Germany: the Germans have conducted two explosions in Thuringia with great force.’

Declassified American intelligence reports showed that America’s supreme commander in Europe, Dwight Eisenhower, ordered reconnaissance flights over the valley but they proved inconclusive.

But the programme was unable to find where the weaponised uranium the Nazi scientists would have needed for the bomb came from.

TAP – The war plan was in place for the Germans to be decimated by the Russians in East Germany, and the West to be occupied by the Americans/British.  This was all agreed at Yalta.  The war was run by a cabal, controlling all sides, who made sure that no new result-changing weapon systems were ever deployed.  The classic example is the jet engine which was invented by Frank Whittle in 1921 and was still not operational in any air force except as trial versions by 1945.  Whittle could never understand why he wasn’t given any funding, as the technical lead would have stopped the war.  That would never do if you’re a banker funding all sides, and in control of the whole choreography that was to take place.
With limited supplies of fissile material, the German nuclear bombs were wasted on tests, which ensured they couldn’t be used to stop the Red Army, or hit London.

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  1. Nike says:

    “German documentary claims Nazis were developing….“

    There is no German msm in Germany today. That’s a vile hit piece by Zionist media. Incendiary war propaganda.

    “Hitler came very close to develop an atomic bomb“ – but “the Americans“ (how does that sound?) dropped the first atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (no need for doing so; no need for bombing Dresden either, just lots of innocent victims; It’s the Satanists who want Holocausts)

    “weapon of mass destruction“
    Hitler, Hitler, Hitler – Nazi, Nazi, Nazis! a naziphobia…

    We’ve heard that quite often over the past years, haven’t we?
    Who is going to stop these maniacs? Their idiocy is nauseating.


    Stratfor (CIA-Zionist think tank): British and American foreign policy wants to PREVENT PEACE between Germany and Russia. A good relationship between Russia and Germany is NOT IN THE INTEREST of the war mongering Anglo-American Zionist establishment. A scandalon! Who do these Satanic scoundrels think they are!?

    Russia and Germany are no threat! They would guarantee world peace!

  2. NIke says:

    “….which ensured they couldn’t be used to stop the Red Army, or hit London.”

    That’s logic? WOW.
    Completely devastating the land by an atomic bomb? – to stop the Red Army?
    Bombing London with an atomic bomb! WOW

    REALLY! That makes Hitler the super monster…

    Personally I’m critical of Hitler (some aspects) but such propaganda/”naziphobia” completely blown out of proportions goes too far

    completely ignoring the fact that Hitler not even intented to bomb anything in England if his various peace offers would have been accepted – and Berlin wouldn’t have been bombed first…

  3. AkhaldanSolo says:

    I’m not sure where they are but there are materials supporting the fact that Eisenhower’s Army confiscated a good portion of the enriched material needed to finish Big Betty and the other weapon used to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki, without it the Americans could never have bombed those places.

    • Nike says:

      “not sure” where they are “but there are” materials supporting “the fact”?
      That’s War propaganda – stating lies as facts

      “confiscated a good portion of the enriched material”

      Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction“ too, right?
      The Americans confiscated tons of material, thousands of patents. That’s true.

      “without it the Americans could never have bombed those places”

      Whereever they got their enriched plutonium, they shouldn’t have bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki! That’s their responsibility. Nobody forced them to!
      and they OUGHT TO STOP being a threat to world peace IMMEDIATELY.

      Eisenhower’s Army – these heroes committed horrendous war crimes about which the news reels remain silent. Millions of surrendered German soldiers were starved to death in the Rhine Meadows. There were not even camps, just plain fields. Open air Genocide.
      The German cities were terror bombed (“a mind control experiment” on the German people by the Tavistock Institute London), millions of civilians, women, children died in the firestorms. A horrendous Holocaust – The Genocide on the German people – Who talks about that?

      • ian says:

        Completely with you here Nike. Hitler tore Germany from the Zionist banking and media fraternity and built it to a proud nation state as it had been. The Family and the people were it’s greatest asset he said. I’ve found a link to Dennis wise’s video Hitler the greatest story never told, and it makes far more sense than the allied propaganda.

      • But Hitler was one of the Cabal wasn’t he? he and Churchill and Stalin together.
        Hitler made silly insane battle decisions that made no sense, led innocent men to their certain death. Made no sense except if one realises he was acting for the illuminati cabal, to bring chaos to the world, and sure enough, order rose out of the ashes, the satanic UN, etc, post war order
        Therefore, if Hitler tore Germany away from the Zionist banking cabal fraternity, what does this indicate to us?
        – That this was all part of the illuminati Plan, to build a strong Germany to look like a formidable enemy? To Justify War and a ‘threat’ to carry on the theatre of WW2?
        – Could Hitler have broken away accidentally from his Tavistock programming?
        – Maybe Hitler did have several ‘Alters’, personalities programmed into him by Tavistock. Ive read somewhere Martin Bormann was Hitlers illuminati mind control handler.

        – I suppose what im driving at, was it all part of the Grand Illuminati Theatre, to let Germany get strong in 1930s, was one of hitlers ‘Alters’, to rebel against the cabal?

        – In which case what can we draw today with Putin? Lets not forget Putins Presidential coat of arms is the double headed eagle, an illuminati bloodline sign.

        This might all be very naïve of me though. Cloning technology, Putin clones. if all this is true, then the situation could be mind-blowingly confusing

  4. Nike says:

    Hi, ian

    yes I’ve seen that – but presumably Hitler was no saint either.
    There IS a dark side to naziism – only the inner circle knew about, the masses of the people remained ignorant (till today) The Tavistock connection (pre WW I) while Hitler stayed in London is a very suspicious chapter (a British mind control slave?) We simply can’t know for sure.

  5. Nike says:

    Adam Spiritualwarrior

    “…the situation could be mind-blowingly confusing”

    Yes – it most certainly is.
    Most dangerous times.

    ‘Erdogan (crypto-jew) and Netanyahu declare WAR ON IRAN

    Regionally, Erdoğan’s INVASION OF SYRIA is part of his strategy to expand Turkey’s borders southward and westward. Netanyahu’s multifaceted POLITICAL OFFENSIVE is designed to DRAG the US INTO WAR WITH IRAN. “…full-scale military mobilization within Israel (July 27 -29) and organizing the biggest POLITICAL CAMPAIGN OF ULTRA ZIONIST JEWS IN WASHINGTON. All the major Israeli political parties, and most Israeli voters support this dangerous policy against Iran. The Presidents of the 52 MAJOR AMERICAN JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS in the US have been mobilized to bully, bribe and bludgeon the majority of Congress into following Netanyahu’s dictates. The purpose of this two-pronged PROPAGANDA BLITZ is to defeat the recently signed US-Iranian agreement and start another major Middle East war. ‘

    ‘Zelikow is a  long-term, major asset for Israel, working quietly and effectively while the AIPAC bullies break down the doors of Congress. He never held a prominent position in the Cabinet or White House post like the brazen Zion-Cons Wolfowitz, Feith, Libby, Perle, Abrams and Levey who aggressively pushed the country into war with Iraq. Wolfowitz and company have scuttle back into obscurity under the cover of lucrative private positions while Zelikow continues to work inside pushing the Iran war agenda out of the limelight.’


    The US-ZIONIST LOBBY – The hydra within – The House of Roth’s international banking empire. Rothschild World Bank, European Central Bank, Federal Reserve Bank.
    Satanic war mongers, horror and chaos advocates. STOP heeding their idiocy.
    STOP feeding their GREED for POWER.

    The US-ZIONIST LOBBY wants US troops fighting for Israel once again! They are lobbying hard to set in motion the wheels of war. That’s what they are doing all the time:

    ‘Within days of attacks of September 11, 2001, Israel’s leading mouthpiece in the US Senate,  Joseph Lieberman presented the roadmap for US wars for the next decade and a half – declaring that “the US must declare war on Iraq, Syria, Libya, Lebanon and Iran”, despite the complete absence of these countries’ involvement in the event.’

    ZIONISTS want war in the Middle East against Iran, in Europe against Russia. War against Russia means war against Germany. They’ve already started with economic sanctions (against Russia) hitting the German economy hard. The US-Zionist lobby wants to destroy and reconfigure the Middle East (“Greater Israel“) The US-Zionist lobby wants to destroy and reconfigure Europe …conquer Russia, Eurasia… The US-Zionist lobby wants…. Israeli-Jewish supremacy in the Middle East and Europe/Eurasia. They want to dominate the world (NWO New World Order /“world governance“)

    To reach their goal of world domination they need a build-up of war propaganda to push the US into ground war for Israel against Iran and its allies – against Russia. They need the military power of dumbed down “Christian goyim“ nations like the US and the nations of the EU to do the dirty work for them, KILLING EACH OTHER OFF in the process (once again! idiots they must be!) in Europe fighting against Russia or fighting against Muslims in the Middle East killing, killing … killing and utterly destroying everything and themselves!!! More profits and power for the Zionist Jewish banksters, the international financial terrorists behind all the wars.

    PEACE is the only SOLUTION.

    • Interesting reply thanks Nike
      let me ask you these things, im grateful for any thoughts
      – Do you think the Talmud, evil book is the Source of all the evil , does it all emanate from that book and Satanism is part of it?
      – Do you think behind closed doors in the Vatican, theyre crypto jews and speak Hebrew and worship and read the Talmud?
      – Even though Sir Charles drake told me to forget this, not focus on it. Do you think some kind of Good Force, renegade factions might exist within security services and govts and other arms of power? perhaps good people disgusted by the evil they see?
      – My point is, could there be some invisible counterbalancing force against the very obvious clear Zionist evil in this world, that seems hell bent on causing harm and obliterating us, and cusing misery and who knows possibly installing Satan himself as ruler of earth I speculate?
      – I ask the above question because with all the insanity in this world, all the dangerous times were in. Surely these bad people could have achieved far more death, misery, destruction, and achieved their chaotic aims, FAR SOONER THAN NOW, had there not been some invisible, counterbalancing, and dare in say it (though I know its a dirty word) White Hat force? or Factions?

      Thanks Adam

      • Nike says:

        Adam Spiritual Warrior

        Five times “YES” (Surely, “The Babylonian Talmud” is not the only source of Evil, though a prevalent one; the secrecy must be lifted)
        …and every single one of us is part of that spiritual force –
        … and WE ARE GOING TO WIN that battle

  6. Nollidge says:

    Adam Spiritualwarrior ;
    In brief,this is what happened:
    The so-called Bolshevik revolution was actually the Jewish takeover of Russia,financed & organised by the Rothschild Jewish bankers of New York.But something went wrong with the plan.The bankers were backing Trotsky but Stalin won instead.So they secretly backed Hitler to attack & bring down Stalin.But Stalin had Trotsky killed.
    So the bankers had to swallow it & put up with Stalin.Hence the backing of Hitler as a counter-measure.

    • I see, thankyou for this summary Nollidge
      Had Trotsky taken over Russia, ….then I assume thered have been no reason for the huge powerful build up of Nazi Germany? The Hitler like enemy figure?

      So Hitlers Tavistock training in 1910 or whenever, will have gone to waste?
      – Or perhaps his Tavistock ‘skills’ could have been used somewhere else, as an illuminati agent used….wherever

      – So had Trotsky taken over. Does this mean thered have been no reason, need for an Ordo Ab Chaos WW2?

      – Or maybe there would, but it would have been between the UK and an aggressive Russia?

      – I must have misread in the past, or read disinfo. I was under the impression stalin was an illuminati agent or even bloodline. He was an evil man nevertheless and the Freemasons Judaics in their lodges must still have been pleased with all the negative energy being released byStalin with all the millions of killings and misery and depair he brought to Russia. Id have thought the Freemasons would still have been cheering Stalin on, even if he wasn’t an illuminati Freemason

      – Formation of the UN, and all the post war rearranging of the world, seems to be part of the Kissinger etc NWO plan. So maybe had Trotsky been in charge and Stalin killed….maybe thered still have been a devasdtating WW2?

      – With your insights in your reply to me above Nollidge, how the Trotsky plan went wrong. What do youmake of the current Putin situation? Could he have several Alters and hes playing his illuminati bad guy role to perfection?

      – or did something go wrong not according to plan when they installed Putin? Do you think its right, Putin turned against the NWO people, evidence seems to be of this on his London trip around 2003 I think, and other summits later.

      – Or is this elaborate theatre?

      – If cloning technologies true, as I said above, the kremlin situation could be very confusing. Maybe 2 or more Putins working for different factions perhaps?

      – To end, I don’t have too much confidence now in Russia. I lloked up psychotronic weapons, I was shocked to see Medvedev at some arms fair proudly brandishing some microwave hand held gun. Its on google. Concerning

      Thanks Adam

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