Hillary, the NSA, and China, Update


[More insider dot-connecting from Jim Stone. He concludes that UK may have been involved.]

August 18 2015


Hillary’s Espionage far more grave than anyone realizes
Early on (day one) I received insider information about Hillary’s mail box. On day one they knew there were well over 10,000 classified documents that were deleted off of Hillary’s hard drive, documents she was never supposed to have access to. And those E-mails constituted a revelation well worth nuking/rodding China over. Many people believe that China got the shaft because of financial decisions only, but I am going to explain just how grave the damage Hillary did to America is, and perhaps people will begin to understand why I think it had a lot to do with what happened in Tianjin.

First of all, they know the exact number of deletes Hillary did, because her “professional” was not so pro. How do they know? EASY: On the inside edge of any hard drive platter, there is a table which contains the location information for every file on the disk. When a delete is done, the table entries are flagged as deleted, (but the files are still on the disk, they are simply marked as writable space). Fine, her “pro” wrote and re-wrote that writable space, to do a hard erase, but the entries in the file table were still there, marked as writable space.

Normally you can’t re-access these to see what the filenames were, unless . . . . . well, American intelligence has (and even I have) software that will simply command a hard drive to do a direct linear read of what is on it, and by doing this, they were able to dump the entire table to a readable file. They then sat down and read it line by line, deleted entries and all. And they found over 17,000 entries that had not been over written in this table. These entries did not contain the actual file they referred to, they only proved it existed, and when the files were wiped. This is how they knew, DAY ONE, AS I REPORTED HERE WITHOUT MINCING WORDS DAY ONE (almost a week ago now) that Hillary had THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of classified documents in her mail box.

Phase 2 in the Hillary bust – the death part.
Ok, so her “pro” wiped the files by writing over them with an application such as Norton clean sweep. Great. BUT, that only works against hacker joe. The NSA and any other respectable intelligence agency can still get a good idea of what was there before the wipe. This cannot be done if the platters are left in the original hard drive. This is how this next step (the death part) was done:

They took the platters out of the hard drive and loaded them into a special drive with special heads that are far more sensitive than any commercially produced hard drive has. They then looked for the sub modulations beneath the bits the wiping software put there, and were able to assemble enough from the remaining stray magnetic information to prove that the deleted files were in fact classified documents with all the details. As of this writing, 330 are confirmed, 17,000 more to go!~

Phase 3 in the Hillary bust: Staff screwups
Initially, when I “stumbled across” the insider information, all the intelligence agencies did was run the not deleted mails from a copy of her hard drive through a text string checker (they made a copy first and then read the copy, to help preserve the written over sub-bits in the original) and just from what Hillary presented straight up, they were able to use the copy (which contains no sub bits) to match text strings with classified documents that did not show up in what she presented as the “whole thing” and from that alone they totally busted her. Her staff was able to wipe all the stuff marked classified, but it was not able to find everything that was copied from classified documents and talked about. What you are hearing about coming out now is the proven classified documents they managed to extract from the written over portion of the original hard drive loaded into the forensic chassis, not what they knew straight up on day one

From the initial bust they knew on day one, just from text string checking – the step that did not even require a deep dredging of wiped data, they were able to conclude that Hillary had many many moles inside the NSA, who gave her the encryption keys for the NSA’s own satellites, and they beamed her whatever she wanted on request. Now proven to be over 17,000 documents in all. That most likely equals somewhere between 100,000 to a million pages of classified documents, all at the highest possible level. How many classified documents per day does that equal? Enough to solidly prove that Hillary was far into the business of peddling classified data, and peg her as the #1 (known about) espionage agent in American history.

Now consider who Hillary represents: The Bolshevik communist tip of the spear luciferian Jewish “destroy and enslave the world” cult. She simply cannot get busted for what she did, or the entire house of satan might bite the dust over it. After all, if she did it, he did it, they did it, now the genie is out of the bottle and the NSA knows it has been raped wholesale. If damage control cannot bury this, it is the end of a lot more than just Hillary. Would that be worth rodding China for, just for a simple topic diversion in the press? YES. Would that be worth waking up a volcano in Japan? YES. And it would even be worth a world war for the depraved death cult, BET ON IT.
QUESTION THEN: Was the attack financial only, not considering Hillary at all?
My guess: There was more than one motive, but Hillary was most likely part of it. Consider this: The bankers want to own the world. China was pushing for a gold backed currency. People cite China’s currency devaluation as the reason for this blast, but at only 1.8 percent devaluation (which drives foreign sales by making Chinese products cheaper) I don’t think that would be enough to trigger anything. However, the gold backed currency might, there were also other financial factors that might, and what better way to send China a message to behave than to blow up an absolutely huge port, when China needs functioning ports for exportation of anything at all?

They are saying the port was #10 in the world to downplay it’s significance, but at #4 in China, it was very important. China will no doubt survive the strike on that port, (will be in business again within a month, the actual docks were not targeted) but wow, what a way to send a message about who is really in charge of things . . . . . . .

I guess in the end the reasons were irrelevant. The method? If it was a follow up on a nuclear blackmail promise or a “rod from God” the details will not matter, China has been attacked, China is a nuclear armed super power, and China has people to spare. And that leads me to consider a suspect list.

The short list of nations that could and would do this: My first guess would be Israel, second guess would be Britain (because that is the new base for the Bolsheviks), third (close third) guess would be America. But in reality, when all cards are on the table, this was a tribal affair, it all boils down to that one stinking trouble making tribe . . . . . . any way you cut it, if Hillary needed a diversion for salvation or the bankers were upset about Chinese finance, it all boils down to the same rotten tribe. AND CHINA IS NOT TOO STUPID TO SEE THIS.

Hmmmm . . . . . things could get interesting . . . . .


8 Responses to “Hillary, the NSA, and China, Update”

  1. Lynn says:

    So the usual espionage tribe. Spying on the whole world industry. Disabling any fight back. Well well no surprise there, that is business as usual to them. They have both the tools and the fools to pull this off. Who believes any different is living in a cave.

  2. ferryt says:

    Not sure I buy this story.

    You can get military grade deletion software relatively easily. You can’t as I understand recover data once multiple overwrites have occurred. The table mentioned in the article; not sure but I would guess this can be tweaked. I doubt very much Killery just went to PC world and asked them to do it. Cankles has way more
    powerful connections than that.

    Also the NSA and GCHQ like nothing more than sniffing and copying all traffic across the internet (you know to stop those pesky terrorists – you and me that is). No need to bother with forensics. Just make a request to one of the lovely people that GCHQ recently hired to retrieve the original copied email(s).

    So yeah I don’t buy the story. She had months before the hardware was er handed over. Plenty of time. And not necessary anyway since the ss copy everything anyway.

    • RabbiT says:

      My thoughts too.

      Regarding the photo I thought I’d add:

      “He that winketh with the eye causeth sorrow: but a prating fool shall fall.”

      Proverbs 10.10 King James Version

      I also like Proverbs 10.10 of the Good News which is quite a different translation:

      “Someone who holds back the truth causes trouble, but one who openly criticizes works for peace.”

    • Hi Ferryt, yes the bbc radio news is excruciating but sometimes one has to listen to it if others have it on
      I think a bbc-lies website is a good idea.
      Or, like I sometimes do, guerrilla emails stopping short of being irritating spam,
      pointing out to others bbc lies.
      As well as being an outlet, tapblog lets me get some useful points down in comments I can then copy and paste into email, and last weeks bbc news lies is an example.
      By pointing out in a blow by blow method, bbc lies, is how the matrix will fall.
      If you get time please copy and paste my comment and email it onto others, ppl you know, every little helps in breakding down peoples programming.

      My mind is quite blown now, I feel im chasing my tail more and more, things look increasingly pointless, so I am resting more and switching off external stimuli, and going within. Im sure whatever tricks are planned in 2015 will show themselves soon anyway. The end of the shemitah year will be an opportunity for them to orchestrate more tricks in September, and the 4th blood moon will be an occasion for them.
      Whether all these gnostic things are true or not, and strange physics, one thing is true. Madmen believe theyre true and are orchestrating bad events to coinincide with ‘prophecised’ things whether in the holy bible or gnostic bible or Talmud or whatever else

    • Nollidge says:

      Among Snowden’s revelations;
      From 2001 on,the NSA employees infiltrated all the hard disc manufacturers & managed to insert code in the disc’s firmware.This code enabled NSA to build a hidden folder on a hard disc where copies of documents,emails,etc,could be stored to be retrieved by NSA hackers without the user having any idea that this was happening.No check run by anyone not in the know about this would reveal anything untoward.

      • ferryt says:

        Yes I recall this was actually a firmware overwrite on the hard drive. Which is write only if I’m correct meaning there is no way to detect this as there is no means to read and validate the current firmware on the drive, and thus no way of knowing if this ‘feature’ is on the hard drive.

        Everything electronic is compromised and would be treated as such by those in the know. Tony f-ing Blair for example.

  3. Bluefeather6 says:

    A crown agent sister, and there are others – Cherie Bliar … 12 of them apparently
    abel danger.net

  4. kingel says:

    I suspect many so-called “prophecies” were written by the khazar zionists, many years ago as part of their plan to “take down” Planet Earth.
    They are more in the line of, forward planning, than esoteric “magical” predictions !

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