Heath case adds to government corruption, SAYS NICK FERRARI

AN EVIL paedophile ring involved in rape, murder and bribery with tentacles reaching into the very heart of the Government and ensnaring everyone from a prime minister to a known Russian spy, as well as judges, senior Army officers and even pop stars and TV presenters, with the compliance of a corrupt police force that chose to look the other way or chase down the accusers.


Jimmy Savile smiling

Jimmy Savile’s horrific past was revealed following his death.  GETTY.

You’d be excused for thinking you were reading the blurb on the back of a book you might pick up at the airport on your way to your summer holiday.

Sadly, it’s actually a description of what may have taken place in this country for much of the past 40 or 50 years.

The allegations surrounding former PM Ted Heath have added a new dimension to a story that was already disturbing enough.

What has allowed it to gain a possibly unjustified smack of reality is the slowness and bungling that has accompanied just about everything “the establishment” has done to meet the growing concern that something sinister and just as disturbing has been going on for decades with the connivance of those who are able and paid to put an end to it.

It is now getting on for two years since the slew of claims about a high-powered Westminster paedophile ring operating in London’s Dolphin Square area first bubbled murkily to the surface.

Claims were made of abuse of vulnerable children in care and rent boys, filming them performing sex acts on establishment figures and even an allegation of murder.

As with everything these days from an illegal war to contaminated supermarket chicken, an inquiry was ordered but the incompetence was dizzying.

It took seven months and three attempts before a judge was chosen, and shamefully we had to go outside of the UK and to New Zealander Lowell Goddard to make it happen. Somehow the fact the two British recruits suggested had close and even family links to people who were in some way connected to some of the events was missed.

One of Judge Goddard’s first announcements was that this inquiry could last four years!

So much for swift justice, or perhaps she’s just been taking lessons from Sir John Chilcot, whose Iraq inquiry has now taken longer to compile than it took to fight the war it is investigating.

Running in parallel has been another inquiry into so-called cover-ups and sex rings, this time involving the BBC and shamed ex-presenters such as Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall.

Yet another establishment figure was put at the helm, this time Dame Janet Smith.

She took a relatively speedy two-and-a-half years to complete her findings but when she was ready to produce it in May this year, she was told not to by… the police!

Yes, unbelievably the Metropolitan Police asked for publication to be delayed as it claimed it could hinder ongoing investigations.
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Presumably the same “investigations” in which it plays catchup to stories revealed by newspapers, politicians or whistleblowers.

Although, it must be remembered it allowed teams of officers from South Yorkshire to make the news one night as they raided Sir Cliff Richard’s home having colluded with the BBC which in turn used a helicopter to spy into the singer’s mansion.

To date, no charges have been brought against Sir Cliff. While no one wants these inquiries and investigations to be conducted incorrectly, it seems pretty baffling that in the old West Germany they managed to investigate claims their former chancellor, Willy Brandt, was a spy in months.

In the US, a federal inquiry can see a mayor out of office within 12 weeks. In that time in the UK we’d still be sharpening pencils and putting out the bottles of water and mints on the conference table.

Now, no fewer than seven police forces are investigating claims against Heath and, as usual, appealing for witnesses to come forward.

Presumably the same witnesses who could have been bullied or simply ignored in the past. Intriguingly, it was another former Conservative prime minister, Winston Churchill, who coined the phrase: “Action this day.”

Surely his advice has never been more prescient.

Source: http://www.express.co.uk/comment/columnists/nick-ferrari/597110/Nick-Ferrari-Ted-Heath-government-corruption



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  1. Lynn says:

    All said in one article. Will he be deemed a conspiracist. We need more of this in the open now. People really have a right to know who is running the show. These low life scum make our laws and run our lives. What chance of justice when they rule to get away with it all. Shaking my head daily.

  2. Lynn says:

    Its just so transparent now Ian. The enemy is within. We have been invaded, but not conquered yet !!.

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