HAARP back in action — Ownership transfer August 11, 2015 to University of Alaska

Full website post covering this new announcement here:


After 2+ years of false reports, and disinformation regarding the fate of the HAARP antenna array in Gakona Alaska — 2+ years of fake “shutdown” stories from the ARRL (amateur radio league), and even more disinformation from sources online who said the HAARP IRI (ionospheric research instrument) was being quote “torn down” and quote “abandoned”.

Even more creative people came up with stories about “DARPA private contractors” taking over….. all these aforementioned stories are fiction — creations from people who have an agenda to deny HAARP’s operation at all costs.

As we saw with the ARRL, they completely made up false reports, saying “diesel generators” were “too dirty” and that the site was “abandoned”… saying HAARP was being dismantled.

Here is one of the false reports from the ARRL saying HAARP was closed down for good in 2013 due to “dirty diesel generators”:


Here is another false report from the ARRL , a year after the first false report, this time saying HAARP was being “dismantled piece by piecea’ :


In reality, HAARP never left the management of the Air Force Resarch Laboratory (AFRL), and is now going into PUBLIC hands via the University of Alaska .

Budgets allotted for 2014 and 2015, experiment results from 2015 also available.



25 million dollar budge for Fiscal Year 2015:


University of Alaska always had full “control” regardless, since the websites always pointed to the University, as well as several of the programs, students, and funding were also from the University of Alaska.


Five new HAARP type arrays being built in Norway as part of the EISCAT 3D program:



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