Going Off-Grid


Re Tap’s article on going off grid. This is a Hollywood film product (‘Remnants’), so therefore presumably got some agenda (‘celestial body’ gets mentioned), but maybe something to consider about having to live life outside the system. (The sound is a little weird in places).
My original comment only included the observation that here in Warwickshire there won’t be much agricultural land left to grow food by anyone when so much green agricultural land has been covered in all the new housing estates, New Towns, and solar farms that are being planned according to the infamous Agenda. (And no Spam).


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  1. pauline says:

    Soon there will be no land left to grow food on,at the moment this and previous governments are just busy building houses every where mini villages/towns are springing up everywhere,pretty soon the whole of the UK will be one big concrete building site, ,but daily we are told the UK has an ageing population,and couples are only having at the most two children,so I presume the current concreting over of arable farming land is due to the masses gathering over in Calais, if we keep admitting all these illegals at the current rate,all farm land will dissapear and the UK ,well England at least will be solely dependant on the crooked EU for all our food supplies,govt tell us our population is currently 60 odd million,but I know for fact our current population stands at 90 million

  2. pauline says:

    OMG ,taking of living off grid and food produce………….the illegal immigrants from Calais recently arrived in UK ,are been put up in hotels at our expense, but if thats not bad enough they are being given 35pounds per day spending money,I left school at 15 worked all my life ,other than having four children,and because I married a American GI ,and divorced him I recieve £140 per week to live on,pay over 1000pds gas/electric per year ,plus water bills,WHAT CRIME OTHER THAN TO BE BORN IN SOFT TOUCH BRITAIN and marry a US citizen and be born in WW2 years have I commited, the mind boggles,have packed my case am off to Calais to sneak back in to ELDARADO soft touch Britain to claim my free hotel room all expences paid ,THREE MEALS ADAY plus 35pds per day spending money ,CALAIS here I come

    • Jennifer says:

      I think the North African immigrants at Calais are being used in the same way the poorest Mexicans are being used in the States, ie allowed to just walk over the border into the unguarded US. It’s to inflame the indigenous people, create ethnic tension and open up the fears of ‘terrorism’. It’s a wind-up. Because if they didn’t really want them there, they wouldn’t be there, or here. They’ve got to mix the ethnicities, or to create racial strife in the process. It’s in their Luciferian Agenda.

      • Nike says:


        Zionists promote “multiculturalism“in Europe, genocidal for the white European race by mass immigration of young black Muslim men, but they support the racist state of Israel “for jews only“. Zionist Barbara Lerner-Spectre (married to a Jewish rabbi) openly calls for the destruction of Christian European ethnic societies.

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