French Train Shooting • Crisis Actor screws up and drops his buddy’s name

Is this guy Chris Norman credible as a witness ?

Watch the video clip

Gauge the reaction of the other two chaps as Norman says “Alex” which of course may be confused with ” Alek “

From left: Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos and British national Chris Norman

From left: Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos and British national Chris Norman hold their medals as they sit in a restaurant after a brief ceremony in the town of Arras, northern France

Ayoub El-Kahzzani – played the baddie

Telegraph – From left: Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos and British national Chris Norman hold their medals as they sit in a restaurant after a brief ceremony in the town of Arras, northern France  Photo: Getty ImagesWith the help of Anthony Sadler, a university student and friend was travelling with Skarlatos and Stone, and Chris Norman, a British businessman, they were able to pin the gunman down and tie his hands and feet.

The men have been hailed as heroes all over the world, including by French president Francois Hollande and US president Barack Obama.

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24 Responses to “French Train Shooting • Crisis Actor screws up and drops his buddy’s name”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Well, they got their medals sorted pretty darn quick – the media are rushing this one through so fast that no-one has a chance to scrutinise it carefully – big red flag. Done and dusted, move along quickly now please, until the next staged event. And they look about as comfortable as the Apollo 11 astronauts at their press conference – which is not very, at all.
    And who is Chris Norman to pontificate who is a ‘terrorist’ or not?

  2. ian says:

    A shoddy terrorist called Alex who couldn’t even fight people off with a machine gun, then pulled out the ultimate terror weapon, the stanley knife. Who writes this crap.

    • ferryt says:

      I’m surprised Rita Katz wasn’t involved in taking down the ‘terrorist’. Maybe she called Alex & co and said listen out for gun noises from the toilet on a train.

      Ba dum ba dum, ba dum ba dum, ba dum ba dum, ‘say Alex my old chum is that a gun I can hear in the toilet?’ Ba dum ba dum, ba dum ba dum, ba dum ba dum.

      Indeedy who writes this crap. Actually maybe Rita wrote it.

      • charle drake says:

        when ever i go on a train
        i like to walk up and down
        to survey you could say.
        i am a toilet spotter on trains
        i have a book full to the brim
        i write notes based on the number of active toilets intercity

        nothing finer than walking behind swarthy arab types
        sweaty variety.
        listening to toilets close from a long distance
        getting turned on a little
        as the maroc cocks and cocks and re cocks his brown pistol.
        then watching the here ho response

        cannot wait for the paul greengrass spielberg produced weintein vr movie.

        bourne bond toilet traders and inspectors

      • ferryt says:

        Well we all like to do that don’t we Charles? I know I do. That’s why the story in the media really clicked with me. It made so much sense. I mean who doesn’t like to listen in to toilets on the train?

      • Jennifer says:

        Not on most Virgin trains – they are literally and figuratively ‘Out of Order’. Mind you, the smell is toxic enough to take out a whole carriage.

    • charles drake says:

      i love the picture above of the rita katz operatives.
      they put the perp in they gave him a medal.
      the frogs gave the terrorist actor a medal
      no doubt for art.
      i love his little beard
      inferance is that a word is
      we are all terrorists see

  3. charle drake says:

    i remember long ago bc
    (before cern) time manipulation ripple fx the hero.
    he would do his job get to work action jackson style.
    get printed in the mi5 mossad murdoch news.linked with an itv bbc interview.
    later 38 min documentary with reshot
    re animated act ments.
    medals all around sometimes by state.
    start of the operation to end programme maybe 3 months.
    now here ho saves the day and the got the medals following day what the hell?
    medals within 24 hours wow cern time ripple fx
    from rita katz murdoch kosher productions

  4. ferryt says:

    ‘Je suis Alex!’

    ‘Err non. Vous etes Alek’.

  5. charle drake says:

    3 blokes jump on another kick the crap out of him video a bag with a gun say the bag was his
    done and dusted zion saves the day.
    any chance of a court case statements taken the full picture recreated.
    proofs that the bag was maroc bad and not one of the good actor hero.
    a man has the crapped kicked out of him we get a shot of a plastic gun in whip pan as proof of something.
    they need to bring back those zion mi5 film director guys behind billy elliot,28 days later and jason bourne in waterloo.
    those old men understand story arc and character development.

  6. Jennifer says:

    And isn’t there some unwritten law which states that these things must be made to happen just before a weekend when people are too distracted to really go beyond the headlines and smiling heroic faces – no questions asked. (Only good taste prevents me from mentioning Shoreham – surely they wouldn’t create such a hideous distraction?)

  7. Dublinmick says:

    What are the odds, 3 great American heroes can be on the same train, Johnny on the spot to save the day in France.

    And the message is only military guys can save you from those evil terrorists.

    This is so phony it wreaks to high heaven.

  8. Dublinmick says:

    The older guy on the right reminds of Anthony Hopkins in his role as Hannibal Lector.

    Not sure if there is a trace of guilt in the smiles in all three of them or just a demonic essence breaking through.

  9. Dublinmick says:

    “Let’s Roll” Part Deux

    I am surprised they didn’t catch any Israelis crossing the border with spare AK-47 parts in their bug out bag.

    There were probably dancing Israelis on top of the train but French law enforcement is pretty backward these days.

  10. Aldous says:

    Did they have to send a gopher to Toys ‘R’ Us to get the medals so quickly? Or are they those chocolate money candy/sweets that you get in gold-coloured foil wrapping? So obviously staged, it’s frightening – that anyone would fall for it – as well as laughable.

    I bet TPTB who cobbled together this crap and nonsense are really pissed at the display pilot who crashed his jet onto slow moving traffic near the Shoreham Air Show, squeezing the train hoax off the front pages and top news slot.

    I’m more than a tad suspicious of the number of ‘suspected’ fatalities now being quoted as 11 (revised up from 7) as 11 is the number of magick…

    … large murderous events that occur on the world stage almost always bear some kind of Cabbalistic numerological fingerprint.

    I was reminded of this today during the ‘Remembrance’ service held solemnly every year at 11 am on the 11th day of the 11th month.

    Arch-Satanist Alistair Crowley said that 11 was “the number of magick itself.”

    i.e. The number of Satanic magic.

    He defined magick as, “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.”

    The ‘perfect’ number is 3.

    The number of ‘perfect magick’ 3 x 11 = 33.

    Last night I randomly thought of a couple of the slightly more obscure earth-changing events (before looking up the numbers).

    The date of the first atomic bomb test July 16th 1945 (7+1+6+1+9+4+5)= 33

    The date that Hiroshima was ‘nuked’ August 6th 1945 (8+6+1+9+4+5)= 33

    ……and finally, on the morning of 11th November 1918, when both sides knew that the war was effectively ‘over’, it was reported that 11,000 men died having been ordered to carry out pointless attacks by the generals.

    Were these men offerings to Lucifer?

    Did the architects of WW1 partly see that war as an occult blood sacrifice to Lucifer?

    It’s hard not to wonder.

    At today’s Remembrance ceremony I couldn’t help thinking that we might all be participating in a Satanic ritual.

    TPTB are now more than capable of interfering with a plane in flight or incapacitating the pilot. I can’t see any reason why this ex mil seasoned display pilot, British Airways captain and Harrier jump jet veteran would misjudge such a basic aerobatic manoeuvre as an outside loop, and his altitude seemed to be more than sufficient when he commenced it. Looking at the footage, it’s hard not to think that foul play isn’t possibly at work here – and the spook departments got their weekends messed up for psy ops and black ops.

    • Jennifer says:

      Aldous, here’s a BBC video of an eye-winess. She said the police where there in ‘seconds’ – if I were watching an awful tragedy I think time would stand still, I wouldn’t know how to measure it – it would probably feel like an eternity. Then she uses the phrase ‘it was great’ like they were all on a picnic. Always, always, praise for the police. Never a word of empathy for the poor people injured and dying. Is she for real?

  11. Neutrino says:

    This is a ridiculous post. An old man makes a mistake on a name and the thread goes ballistic on 4 heroes. Very sad, but it’s the usual no hopers commenting.

    • charles drake says:

      alan b
      i agree
      it is re dick less
      what what
      the bbc and sky now have the story straight.
      at first it seem 10 here ho
      no 3 or is 4 or 5
      damn this confusion.
      the gun may look plastic but that is
      maroc high grade nano tech cern
      balistic composite.
      the proud brit with weird afric accents makes one proud to be a mason.
      alas they would not let me in because of my lack of pre version.
      and my unwillingness to kiss the rabbi ring piece.
      yes sir alan b this story is normalcy holland today just gave them france highest honour more medals and trinkets and cash handouts.
      these here ho must be jewish to get such bounty for free.
      i agree alan b know matter how hair brained we must believe bbc,rupurt murdoch and rita katz talmud pixelated whip pan visions.
      who need plato and his cave when we have gladio mi puppet shows

  12. AlanB says:

    I must be a no-hoper. Thanks for the compliment. I shall wear the label with pride.

  13. Neutrino says:

    Well done AlanB, and you hadn’t even commented before my post. Just makes my point really.

    • AlanB says:

      On a youtube video of the three heroes I commented that I thought the British guy sounded more South African than British i.e. accent, pronunciation etc. So he didn’t just make a mistake on a name.
      And he isn’t all that old. I mean, he tackled an armed terrorist.

  14. Tom says:

    You can tell it’s fake because everything is laid on with a trowel for the slow learners. It’s so unconvincing they’ve even had to rope in Hollande – I wonder what he gets in return?

    • charles drake says:

      lthe medals are reel gold with star of david
      certifications gurantee no lead or tungston

      isten they gave them medals same day cos most brits are busy see.
      and we forget easily.
      in the future the story will run in real cern time and have conviction and medals by late afternoon evening end tops.
      so we can go to medicated bed feeling safe that mi6 and mossad are keepin us safes.

      next morning after some syco medications we be ready for next spielberg story
      we like spielberg story he ties up all the knots leaves us refreshed and hating nazi

  15. ferryt says:

    Well well well. Problem. Reaction. Solution. This time at CERN light speed as Charles might say.

    We’ve had the problem and reaction in
    super fast time.

    Why not have the solution in double time too?

    Front page Daily Torahgraph Mon 24th August:

    ‘Train shooting prompts for call for return of EU border checks’ PASSPORT-FREE travel in Europe must be reviewed in light of the foiled train terrorist attack, Belgium’s prime minister has said..

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