Fancy a tour of Hitler’s post-1945 Argentina hangouts?

ARGENTINA – We are making the final plans for our expedition to this beautiful country and here is a brief description. We will be there the first two weeks in February. 
During the first week we will go to Bariloche to see the estate where Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun lived from 1945 until 1955; we will visit the island where we tour the remains of the nuclear research laboratory set up by German scientists – two years AFTER the end of the war; and other things pertaining to the Third Reich presence there.  The last couple of days will be in Buenos Aires, called the Paris of the South. 
The second week will have us in Cordoba Province visiting the Eden Hotel, the secret compound that was used by the Reich for years after the war and much more. 
People may join us for either week or both weeks and the cost will be APPROXIMATELY $3,000 per week and as always, that does not include round trip airfare to/from Buenos Aires.  It does include the airfare from Buenos Aires to Bariloche and return and it also includes airfare from Buenos Aires to Cordoba and return.
WE NEED TO KNOW – If you are interested.  This is not a commitment, but we need to get a rough idea of how many think they might be with us.  Go to then select PREVIOUS TOURS and see our previous tours to Argentina.  This is a beautiful country, and the Yankee Dollar is worth a lot down there.  Let us know if you are possibly interested.

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  1. Great title to this article, to grab the attention, clever and funny, the article then goes on seriously shaking up the readers version of the 20th century world they’ve grown up with

    • Nike says:

      …. and the question remains:
      WHO BENEFITS from that narrative?

      Ahhh yes – that tells it all.

      • I assumed that by more and more people seeing glimpses, of how the 20th century has been lies, this would be a powerful catalyst for general awakening
        it did not occur to me that the bad people, bad organisations in this world….would benefit now in 2015 about the lie of hitlers death in 1945 being exposed. I cannot understand why they would benefit?

        Unless it is because they want now in 2015 to start turning the world upside down on purpose, crashing the whole system, by exposing all the lies

  2. Nike says:

    “Hitler alive in Argentina”

    That’s some crude narrative (in my opinion) Not revealing the truth (about former lies) but telling more lies

  3. Neutrino says:

    Bring on the Jewish Dolphins, you couldn’t make it up.

    • me here says:

      people just like you always pop up!
      I mean does the fact that some one is jewish mean that they are not capable of any kind of criminality whatsoever ,period?
      was bugsy seigel not a gangster?
      ellya ehrenburg telling the russians that to rape and murder german women old and young,
      have jews anywhere, ever done anything criminal?
      whyt that’s as crazy as a fiddler on the roof……….not
      you certainly could and do make it up!
      most of it.. most of the time

      • Neutrino says:

        ” people just like me always pop up” cheers. I’m quite sure there are some right nasty jews, but there are some very clever ones too more so than your average knuckle dragging idiot on here who links everyone of the world’s problems to a particular race.

        The Jewish Dolphins remark is regarding a piece I read that refers to Hamas reporting the there is a robot dolphin of the coast of Gaza that is shooting at bathers in the water which is about as credible as most of the nonsense threads and comments on this site.

  4. Nike says:

    It is pretty well standard practise for some political leaders to have look-a-like doubles stand in for them. It is also a matter of historical record that many leaders have had doubles impersonate them.
    Otherwise known as political decoys, they help confuse enemy intelligence and take risks on behalf of those they imitate. We now know that Winston Churchill had a look-a-like stand in for him at times during World War II as did a string of other leaders (Hitler).
    In more recent times Saddam Hussein is known to have had a number of look-a-likes in his service.
    There is indeed good reason to doubt whether the man who stood trial in Baghdad was actually Saddam Hussein. For a close look at photos of the man in the dock reveals distinct differences between him and Saddam Hussein before the Coalition deposed him.
    The same ruse may be at work in Russia too. For Vladimir Putin appears looking notably more youthful than he has done in years. Indeed the 58-year-old looks younger now than he did 10 years ago, prompting speculation over whether has had a facelift. 

    There has been a Putin double around (not seen lately – the real Putin seems in charge)


  5. NPP says:

    If anyone has questions regarding Hitler In Argentina, read
    … email Harry Cooper at
    He works full days most days on behalf of Sharkhunter members, has hours of free listening material with Jeff Rense and has always responded to my enquiries. He’ll send you the Sharkhunters magazine online for free and has offered to tell his story to thousands of media outlets. Most ignore him, some ask to be removed from the mailing list, but gradually one or two are inviting him for interviews.
    He visits countries and conducts on the ground investigation.

    It’s easy to knock him. However, I recommend examining his information. ‘They’ will not touch him, because truth in his story would make much official post WWII history null and void.

  6. salty says:

    You might find this link helpful:

    FBI: Hitler Didn’t Die, Fled To Argentina – Stunning Admission

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