Ella & Abraham’s legal team withdraw

Published on 6 Aug 2015

Today 06-07-15 in court at the RCJ, Ella & Abraham’s Legal team withdrew from the proceedings in the now notorious Hampstead Cover Up case.
Judge Pauffley, representing the judiciary, persisted in her ****
The hearing today was not Article 6 compliant, denying Ella’s Article 6 rights to a fair trial, hence the strategic withdrawal. The Judicial attempt to again ride roughshod over E.U. and U.K. laws and guidelines exposes their evil intent .
“Alleged” actor, ***** ********  was visibly disturbed by the adroit manoeuvre of Ella’s legal team.
Made up to disguise his identity, due to increasing public anger and awareness of the veracity of the childrens’ testimony, ******** was unable to maintain his composure, as his anger and frustration at the direction of today’s hearing revealed his true nature, when he aggressively approached and confronted one of the the childrens’ young supporters in an attempt to threaten and intimidate the young man ,who fearlessly stood his ground.  ******** had to be restrained by members of his legal team.
Listen to this exclusive recording at today’s care proceedings hearing, and make up your own mind.
Is this why Barnet Local Authority have heavily redacted Tavistock Psychiatrist Dr. Claire Sturge’s Psychiatric assessment ?
Why is the Judiciary willing to continue this travesty of justice by covering for someone many now consider to be Savile Mark 2 ?
What next for the children, and all innocent victims of this cult ?
YOU decide.




Message from E and A 6 Aug. 2015:

“Court Hearing . Our legal team withdrew from the legal process  due the fraudulent hearing not being Article 6 compliant. Documents ordered to be served by Munby in their entirety have been redacted and withheld thereby denying Ella Gareeva to a fair trial.”

[the legal team still represent E+A].

The views expressed are those of the writer alone.   The other side say that the Child Satanic Ritual killings are an elaborate hoax extracted from the children through the use of torture.


11 Responses to “Ella & Abraham’s legal team withdraw”

  1. John says:

    We can list them day by day-
    Chris Spivey
    Tom Crawford
    Roger Heyes
    Melanie Shaw
    Robert Green/ Hollie Greig.
    Bunblain (Hamilton and top politicians)
    This government is pressurising the judiciary into illrgal activity with illegal court proceedings. They have a lot to hide, somehow we need to get it out and back these who are trying.

  2. Nike says:

    “…denying (…) a fair trial.”
    denying basic rights
    No justice is served (to the Goyim /”cattle”, their children considered “bastards” “beasts”)
    under the Rule of Talmudic law

    That’s what common people have experienced in (the) Germany (of today) for over 70 years (under US-Zionist tyrannical Rule)

  3. bangonit says:

    Most governments of the world and legal systems are all now run by satanists,sodomites and heroin traffickers
    as Greg Hallett has documented here,
    Together working as one we can overcome this evil vibration that seeks to wipe out all of the good people.
    Everyday more and more of us are waking up, we already outnumber the evil doers millions to one, and the evil ones know this.
    Keep on keeping on,one day it will be worth it.
    Love is the key,that will lock the door of evil.
    Love peace harmonies.

  4. Men Scryfa says:

    Continued non-engagement will likely only continue to result in the same outcomes experienced to date unfortunately.

    Non-engagement actually plays into the hands of those who seek to deny the rights of parents as it helps to foster a polarized and ‘revolutionary’ situation which itself leads to more chaos, disorder and distrust.

    Difficult though this is to accept this is the truth and the agenda which the enemies of freedom seek to impose.

    • I have for the last year, two years, had a maniacal almost , since toned down but still there under the surface, to raise awareness, raise the consciousness vibrations of everyone,
      ,make the needed breakthroughs, so all these Satanists, sodomites, murderers, sicko murderers, evildoers, will be exposed and stopped.
      lately a small voice inside myself feels nothing really will change, it appears TPTB are several steps ahead orchestrating things. Today it said Janner on bbc, if it goes to Crown ct, the judge will assess if he is fit or not
      If not, then it will only be the ‘Facts’ that will be on trial, not Janner
      And the reporter said no sentencing will take place if this judicial route is taken. SInce it will be the ‘Facts’ on trial
      I hope my pessimism is wrong

      On a lighter note, a work colleague today who I have hardly spoken to much. We got talking about the groundhog day treadmill of life. He said how he resented paying all the taxes
      I said did he know the Bank of England is privately owned and that all the money the govt borrows only to pay back with interest is ridiculous?
      He said its an old boys network ruling us.
      He then astounded me , saying how the real sickos are freemasons, the child killing, the rings. I wouldn’t even have bothered to venture onto this , since no one seems to know or care

      So awareness is spreading. last week the woman that cuts my hair also knew about nikola tesla and the privately owned central banks and more to jimmy savile than meets the eye

      So awareness and crucially, independent thinking and critical analysing seems to be there in everday people around me. Maybe Tapblog and the internet are breaking through having an effect

      • krill says:

        West Virginia (USA), people have launched an offensive to regain SOVEREIGNTY. Information is on the following web site. ALSO, on a different subject and, imho, there is a mind blowing video by Harald Kautz-Vella on the evil currently oppressing Planet Earth. Chemtrails to Chenobyl to Black Goo !

      • kingel says:

        West Virginia (USA), people have launched an offensive to regain SOVEREIGNTY. Information is on the following web site. ALSO, on a different subject and, imho, there is a mind blowing video by Harald Kautz-Vella on the evil currently oppressing Planet Earth. Chemtrails to Chenobyl to Black Goo !

  5. Tim Veater says:

    For those of us trying to follow and support the children, it would be a great help if someone attending the hearings took notes so that at some stage we could get an accurate account of what went on. I am assuming from this report that the Gareeva legal team decided to withdraw on the basis that, in accordance with High Court Master’s advice, relevant information had not been revealed to them. Is this correct? I am also assuming that D tried to assault a member of the Gareeva team and had to be restrained. Is that correct also? Apologies for asking for clarification and further particulars.

  6. Reginald J Keating says:

    Oh my dear God, what have we become as human beings, who are suppose to know right from wrong, good from evil, sick and demented from loving people. There is something notoriously wrong with the way we as adults stand by and watch what is going in this satanic sick perverted trial case and yet unable to do anything to assist these poor victims and keep them safe. Haven’t they endured enough at the hands of adults so far in their young lives, isn’t it time we adults did what adults do ……help those who cannot help themselves. Lord help all of us for what humans have evolved into. I feel ashamed to call myself a human being after witnessing what is taking place on our lovely blue planet. Lord have mercy!

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