Within the next few weeks, the total area licensed for FRACKING will be DOUBLED to 33% of the UK Landmass
On 29th June the Development Control Committee (DCC) of Lancashire County Council resisted enormous pressure from both the Unconventioanl Gas (Fracking) industry and Central Government to REJECT Cuadrilla’s application to drill and frack two wells on the Fylde Peninsula between Preston & Blackpool. During the debate, members of the DCC had been advised by the Council’s Legal Advisors that they would be acting ‘Unlawfully’ if they rejected Cuadrilla’s application. However, when they demanded to see the ‘advice’ in print, it was somewhat less emphatic. Ultimately, the DCC rejected the application … only for the full force of the Murdoch controlled media to launch into an outrageous attack, not just on the integrity of DCC members but also upon the ‘Democratic Process’.

Sun Comment – 30th June 2015

With David Cameron’s ‘Green Energy’ Fracking strategy in disarray, the British Government announced its intent to implement the demands of the Global Corporatists by removing Local Authorities from the process …

Thurs 13th August 2015

With rather less fanfare, just a few weeks before the May election, the UK Government voted, (277 in favour : 33 against), to remove ALL Local Authority participation from the process of deciding where to bury Toxic Nuclear Waste in the UK:

Welcome to the Corporatist State … known previously as the UK!
Just days before the UK Government announces the next tranche of fracking ‘Sacrifice Zones’, a previously secret report reveals the magnitude of the devastation and contamination caused by an Underground Coal Gasification ‘experiment’ in Souther Queensland and a Shropshire Organic Farmer speaks out about his ‘lucky escape’ from his personal FRACKING NIGHTMARE:

By the end of 2015, approximately 20million people will be living in areas of the UK being targeted by the Unconventional Gas Industry. An industry which arrived in Southern Queensland in 2006. If you want to get an insight of what is being foisted upon the population of the UK, you need to watch and share this documentary:

The anti-fracking Community is the fastest growing Social movement in the UK; uniting Communities like never before … if we are unsuccessful in preventing this industry from becoming established in the UK, we will be condemning future generations to lives of unimaginable abject misery.

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