Cilla Black AKA Priscilla White

By Anon

 On 1 August 2015, Cilla Black died, in Spain, aged 72.

Cilla Black was a friend of Sir Cliff Richard.

Cilla Black (above) is ‘Positive’ Cliff Richard Is Innocent

cilla cliff

Cilla was a friend of Sir Jimmy Savile.

Cilla savile

Cilla was a friend of Margaret Thatcher.

LONDON - OCTOBER 10:  (EMBARGOED FOR PUBLICATION IN UK TABLOID NEWSPAPERS UNTIL 48 HOURS AFTER CREATE DATE AND TIME)  (L-R) John Madejski, Cilla Black with John and Norma Major attend the after party following the press night of 'Cabaret', at the Langham Hilton Hotel on October 10, 2006 in London, England.  (Photo by Dave M. Benett/Getty Images)

LONDON – OCTOBER 10: (EMBARGOED FOR PUBLICATION IN UK TABLOID NEWSPAPERS UNTIL 48 HOURS AFTER CREATE DATE AND TIME) (L-R) John Madejski, Cilla Black with John and Norma Major attend the after party following the press night of ‘Cabaret’, at the Langham Hilton Hotel on October 10, 2006 in London, England. (Photo by Dave M. Benett/Getty Images)

Singer Cilla Black “was a staunch supporter of the UK’s Conservative Party during the 1980s and publicly voiced her admiration of Margaret Thatcher, stating in 1993 that Thatcher “put the Great into Great Britain”.[32]

“In April 1992 she appeared on stage at a Conservative Party rally and made prominent calls for the party’s re-election under the leadership of John Major.”[33]

Lionel Blair, Cilla Black, Joe Loss and Billy J Kramer

Lionel Blair, Cilla Black, Joe Loss and Billy J Kramer. The Cafe de Paris

Little children
You better not tell on me
I’m tellin’ you
Little children
You better not tell what you see
And if you’re good
I’ll give you candy and a quarter
If you’re quiet like you oughta be
And keep a secret with me

I wish they would go away
Little children
Now why ain’t you playin’ outside
I’m askin’ you
You can’t fool me
‘Cause I’m gonna know if you hide
And try to peek
I’m gonna treat you to a movie
Stop your gigglin’
Children do be nice
Like little sugars and spice

You saw me kissin’ your sister
You saw me holdin’ her hand
But if you snitch to your mother
Your father won’t understand

I wish they would take a nap
Little children
Now why don’t you go bye-bye
Go anywhere at all
Little children
I know you would go if you tried
Go up the stairs
Me and your sister
We’re goin’ steady
How can I kiss her
When I’m ready to
With little children like you around
I wonder what can I do around
Little children like you

The John Madejski Garden

View of the John Madejski Garden at the V

View of the John Madejski Garden at the V&A, 2005.

John Madejski gave the V&A £2 million to create a new garden at the heart of the Museum. The John Madejski Garden opened on 5 July 2005 and is a central part of the V&A’s FuturePlan.

Kim Wilkie’s new design has transformed the garden. The Italianate courtyard is now a stylish, elegant place to meet and provides a central point from which to explore the museum. The main feature is a stone-paved oval, with surrounding steps and water jets, which can be filled with water as a reflecting pool or drained  for displays.

Grass lawns and York stone paving surround the central oval. Glass planters contain lemon trees in summer and will contain clipped hollies in winter. The courtyard walls have been softened by plantings of blue hydrangeas as well as Salvia ‘Enigma’ and Dahlia ‘David Howard’. The salvias will be an intense blue and the dahlias have orange flowers with dark purple/bronze foliage. There will be seasonal displays of plants such as echium, foxtails, irises, lilies and spring bulbs.

The design allows the garden to be used both as a simple courtyard garden and as a stage set for display, theatre, parties and events. The terraces on the south side are designed to accommodate cafés and bars.

View of the John Madejski Garden at night.

View of the John Madejski Garden at night.

At night the garden is dramatically transformed. The lighting has been specially created for the garden by Patrick Woodroffe, lighting designer for the Rolling Stones.

The designer, Kim Wilkie, is a landscape architect, urban designer and environmental planner. His practice combines the restoration of historic landscapes with radical new designs and the regeneration of cities springing from their individual character and identity.  Recent projects include new designs for Hyde Park Corner, the restoration of the Villa La Pietra, Florence, for New York University and the strategic masterplan for the world heritage site at the Solovetski Archipelago, Russia.

TAP – nice little spot for Satanists to meet up.  The V&A has a number of occult relics from Egypt and Sumer which the public will never see.

TAP – Please recopy in the pictures, Gordon.  Many didn’t copy and paste successfully.  If you use the Add Media key top left, they’ll be far more robust. First copy them onto your clipboard or iPhoto.  Then float them in one by one.


25 Responses to “Cilla Black AKA Priscilla White”

  1. ian says:

    Never liked Cilla much. I also read somewhere that she could be a real pain, doesn’t matter though. Her links with all the dodgy folks would make you wonder.
    I feel the song little children is harmless. I once courted a girl who had little brothers and sisters. It was long ago, and we used to watch tv in her parents front room. We took any opportunity to “fumble”, but the little children delighted in spoiling our fun. I can empathise with the lyrics.

  2. Diana says:

    Quite a few years ago I was with a friend talking to a chauffeur for a major UK TV station. He asked who was the least likeable person the chauffeur had ever driven and he answered without hesitation ‘Cilla Black’,

  3. Neutrino says:

    She ain’t even buried yet. And the scum on here can’t keep there horrible thoughts to themselves. You should be ashamed

  4. Jennifer says:

    She was notorious with backstage crew for being ‘difficult’, and that is the polite version. Unburied or not, she didn’t have much real affection or respect from those who had to work with her. The public are beguiled by such phoney, unpleasant people all the time.

  5. Neutrino says:

    So I’m not allowed an opinion? Typical.

  6. Aldous says:

    If you listen to that mimed version of #You’re My World#, at 0:55 seconds Cilla Black does her notorious ‘nasal’ bit (the lyric is ‘with your hand’ with particular emphasis on ‘hand’ which sounds terrible. She recovers somewhat with ‘resting in mine’ but it’s still bad for a professional singer. One famous record producer whose name escapes me said in a documentary how she had ruined so many of her songs in this way. It begs the question as to why she was allowed to get away with it and not asked to do a re-take in the studio. Perhaps she couldn’t but I can’t think why, seeing as it’s not her reaching for too high a note as the melody ascends after this point. It’s bizarre.

    I like the song generally but I cringed the first time I heard the ‘with your hand’ moment in the 60’s and I still cringe to this day whenever I hear it. I can’t think of any other professional singer who does this like Cilla Black did. It’s in the same ball park as the famous ‘#Cwying# scene in Only Fools and Horses from the Roy Orbison tribute artist who can’t pronounce his r and it always comes out w. A speech impediment if ever there was one. I think Jonathon Ross has the same problem.

    I think the Spanish police are treating her death as ‘unexplained’ until after the post mortem but they are also saying that she may have taken a fall after a dizzy spell which seems to suggest that she’s had a knock to her head. I believe the original Shadow’s drummer Tony Meehan died in such a way.

  7. Gordon says:

    Something fishy is going on. First we hear Cilla died of natural causes and today there’s to be an autopsy! Hmm, interesting.

    • Id say she looked a bit haunted/troubled in recent years at awards and on red carpet etc. Could it be stress since she seemed to have close connections with savile, cliff, max cliford and im sure more.
      But I wonder what could be going on? If shes as they say ‘the queen of UK showbiz’ then I wonder why shed be frightened. or maybe shes been upto some bad things herself and maybe now repented and they did away with her. I wonder if the day and time of her death ties in with some occult numerology dates
      Also, id have thought someone like Cilla, as wealthy as her, would have looked after herself well. Just like David Frost (who I think is still alive, I don’t believe he had a heart attack at 74 on a cruise ship), theres something fishy about this Cilla Black business

  8. simmo says:

    Sympathy for poor Rolf, no sympathy for his victims, says all you need to know about her really!!

  9. ferryt says:

    I believe she was known as Killer Black. Due to her unpleasant way with staff.

    Question is was she Jill Dando scared? Judging by the company she kept and her recent support of Harry Webb. Well who knows..

  10. Aldous says:

    Is it mere coincidence that Cilla Black is found deaded(sic) the day before the ‘news’ – worst kept secret on Earth more like – about Edward Heath’s child abuse allegations (but not his child killing tendencies) are finally mentioned in the mainstream media after decades of their complicit silence?

    Of course they’re making the emphasis on the corrupt Wiltshire police of the time failing to take action, when we all know that Common Purpose (a ‘charity’ FFS!) and diktats from establishment wallahs with a vested interest will have suppressed any investigation at the time.

    I sincerely hope that anyone/victims ‘with information’ doesn’t come forward (as requested) in order to make themselves a sitting duck to have themselves ‘disappeared’.

    • ian says:

      There is every likelihood that one of the original complaints involved her at some level, though now of course as far as the court is concerned she can’t step inside love, and pound to a penny, Webb’s surfing by going on a summer holiday before the fun starts

      • Aldous says:

        Ian, we’re never likely to know but I’m certain her marriage to Bobby Willis was (or soon became) a sham which made no sense at all. Was he got rid of because he couldn’t live with the indignity/humiliation of being consigned to the role of a virtual house husband while his wife was earning £millions?
        I know I couldn’t live with a situation like that.

        Perhaps he wanted OUT but TPTB vetoed it. Perhaps he then threatened to blow the whistle on what he knew about any shenanigans and they vetoed him.

    • its at first thought bizarre what you suggest but then again….it could well be. So much in this world is back to front upside down, hidden inside out, hiding in plain sight, suppressed this suppressed that. Suppressed physics. Lies lies lies. Propaganda BBC. Reporting WTC7 25 mins fallen before it fell.
      No. Your cilla black observation ted heath one I wouldn’t dismiss at all

      I could be way off the mark but after being Priscilla white I wondr if she changed her name to Black because of some show biz illuminati satanic conversion. Speculation ive not read this anywhwere

      • Nollidge says:

        The surname “White”was often adopted by some East European Jews when they flooded into Britain in the 1880’s.A simple translation of the Germanic/Jewish surname “Weiss” or “Weissman”.
        It wouldn’t be unusual for a Jew to work as a docker – if,in fact that IS what her father did.(Remember,Roy Jenkins was touted as a “miner’s son”,when in fact he was the son of a mine clerk – a very middle-class professional job.No clocking in for him!.)
        So her dad might have worked in some higher capacity & the tabloids simply went with the “docker’s daughter” because it made a better story.
        And of course,in show-bizz it never hurts to be Jewish – or quietly rumored to be.

  11. GNJ says:

    I guess the fact that she was ginger is another reason for you guys to hate her.

  12. kingel says:

    Maybe she is enjoying the same deserted island as Leon Brittan ?
    Compos Mentis rather than Corpse ?

  13. Jennifer says:

    I just got this from Popbitch – I thought it might add to our appreciation of Cilla.
    (Sorry about some of the language – it’s not very Tap-like, but it is funny).

    Cilla Black always claimed she wanted to remembered first and foremost as a singer, not as a TV presenter. But to reduce her career to just those two options is to do the woman a great disservice. She was a true polymath, and it is our honour and privilege to recount some of her other great achievements.
    Known – and feared – throughout the cabin crew community, Cilla Black’s in-flight attitude is the stuff of legend.

    Not only would she insist upon travelling first class, she’d demand seat 1A. That was only the first of many demands too – all of which were made through her PA, as Cilla didn’t want to speak to any staff herself. The full nine yards too, not so much as a please or thank you.

    One flight attendant eventually grew so tired of her behaviour, that he leaned over to speak directly to her and uttered the immortal line: “I knew you couldn’t sing, but I didn’t know you couldn’t fucking speak”.
    Cilla, The Golf Course Designer

    Many years ago, Cilla bought a house bordering the fancy Denham Golf Club in Buckinghamshire. Despite her garden obviously bordering one of the club’s fairways when she purchased it, for years after moving in Cilla would frequently complain to the club and harangue golfers if they accidentally shanked a ball over the fence into her massive garden.

    She even went as far as demanding that the club restructure the fairway to steer it away from her property. Needless to say, after a while, regulars at the club would intentionally hit a mulligan into her garden to spite her.

    After many years of living there, realising she was onto a losing thing, she gave up complaining and submitted an application for membership to the club for her and her long-suffering husband.

    It was met with a very prompt “fuck off” from the typically polite club secretary at the time.
    Cilla, The Tough Boss

    You may have wondered – what with all the glowing tributes to her immediately after her death – how it could be that someone apparently so cherished and loved could get so little telly work in her later years.

    Ageism? Possibly. Changing tastes in light entertainment? Quite probably. But the main reason was that one of the top bods at ITV very determinedly blackballed each and every attempt that Cilla made to get on screen.

    Why the personal vendetta? Because the exec in question started out as a runner. On Blind Date.

    One early task was to fetch Cilla some salmon sandwiches for her and some guests. The runner got the nicest smoked salmon sarnies they could find. But all they got for their efforts was a bollocking from Cilla in front of her guests as she only liked tinned salmon, not smoked.
    Cilla, The Disabled Toilet User

    One of the unspoken perks of being a celebrity is that you get to use the disabled toilets, and the very worst that anyone will do is tip off a weekly gossip newsletter.

    It happened at Wimbledon a few years back. A gentleman in a wheelchair found himself waiting patiently to use the disabled facilities (not knowing that it was a non-disabled occupant was in there) finishing her business.

    You can imagine his shock when the lock clicked back and – surprise, surprise – out stepped the entirely able-bodied… Cilla Black!
    Cilla, The Kleptomaniac

    As far as celebrity riders go, Cilla Black had one of the most consistent. Wherever she went, she demanded champagne and two glasses. She never left the glasses behind though, she always took them home. A thrifty move, as when she hosted a big party at home she didn’t need to hire glasses because she had a collection of around 300 Granada flutes.
    Cilla, The Shopper

    Cilla would do most of her weekly shopping at a small grocery store called Fishers in Gerrards Cross. Despite there only being three check-out counters in the tiny store, when Cilla had finished her weekly shop she would, without fail, refuse to line up at an open counter even if there was only one person in front of her.

    Instead, she would go and stand in front of one of the unmanned counters until someone opened it up especially for her. True to form, she would never speak to the staff to request it, just stand there staring daggers until someone did so.
    Cilla, The Astronomer

    The moon landing was the first time ITV officially beat the BBC’s ratings on a joint broadcast. One of ITV’s expert co-presenter? Cilla Black.
    Cilla, The Intercity Commuter

    When ITV’s flagship daytime programme This Morning was based out of Liverpool, Cilla would make appearances on the show to plug Blind Date or Surprise Surprise.

    And why not? It would be easy to get a local girl on, wouldn’t it? Erm, not quite… She would always demand a chauffeur-driven car to bring her up from London on the morning of the show as she didn’t want to be in Liverpool the night before.

    Which is fine for a one-off – but a very similar thing happened when she did a panto season in Liverpool.
    Cilla, Showbiz Royalty

    First off, in the interests of balance, we should say that Cilla did have a couple of friends from the world of old-school showbusiness. (She referred to Christopher Biggins and Paul O’Grady as her ‘good fairy’ and ‘bad fairy’, respectively. Lionel Blair also had a metric ton of eulogy to deliver on the Sunday that news broke.)


    You may not know the Patton Brothers, but they are the real-life brothers of the Chuckle Brothers. They have a reputation in the business for being consummate professionals. Unanimously described as being hard-working, mild-mannered and excellently disciplined, they are never anything less than gentlemen and they famously refuse to tell tales on anyone or say anything snide about any of the people they’ve ever worked with.

    Except for Cilla Black, that is – for whom they make a special exception. They described her, simply, as being “a cunt”.

  14. yes no interlude says:

    …..personally I never rated her , she couldn’t sing, had a horrible (overplayed) accent and looked liked she had been kicked in the face by a donkey!
    P S I don’t believe she is dead either! In hiding because time is closing in on those dirty pedos tick tock, and she knew a lot of them……………

    • I think you have a point. On the radio before in the car, she was wailing. I thought how talentless, she obviously knew people to get 10,000 a week in the 1960s.
      I think you have a point. She was there arm in arm with cliff in the last year, show of support, beyond this I don’t know where she could be but somethings very fishy in my view

      • yes no interlude says:

        ……there is probably a party going on now with all the ‘dead ( has been’s) sick pedos’ all dancing round a sacrifice as we type………… the host being clit himself

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