Chinese Harbour Attacked

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(Before It’s News)

Today a ship carrying ammunition exploded in the Chinese harbor of Tanin, and China was warned and took no action to stop it. Sorry the warning was not presented on a Gold Platter with silk – but

(((Please pray that those who took no action to stop this accelerating war are completely immobilized for life)))

This war here on Earth between the East and the West has been going on for centuries and many say for Millenium. It is an extension of the Wars in the Heavens.

Let us go back to the point where the Chinese get serious about taking control of the IMF to help stabilize the world’s economies. At this time the US was busy replacing Chinese manufacturing facilities with new one in Vietnam, India and the Philippines to trash the Chinese Markets. So here goes:

1) A Nuclear Weapon left the underground facilities at Cheyenne Mountain bound for London to destroy the World’s Financial System and start a World War. So – we contacted the Chinese and they intercepted this at Halifax with 2 Submarines. The next day they took over the International Monetary System in Late October 2014.

2) We warned China again that unless they cleared their balance sheet with GOD HE wouls strike them again. Two days later on 28 July China lost trillions as their market falls just as GOD had promised and it will continue to fall unless they do as GOD has asked them to do.

In fact – it has become so bad China has announced QE To Infinity.

3) Again – Several days ago the Chinese Leaders were told the War will begin with many being killed and then it will go to the assassination of their leaders using Satellites, poison, etc. Their nation will be squeezed by the Rothchilds so hard they will scream.

4) China lowered the value of their currency to spurn the dying manufacturing centers.

5) The Rothchilds immediately retaliated by blowing a ship in Tanin Harbor (Being’s Port) loaded with ammunition, crippling the for for weeks.

6) The next step by the Rothchilds is to create a Revolution in parts of China to break it apart – just like they are trying to do in South Western Russia – which should experience a terrorist attack in a Fortnight because like the Chinese the Russians are hard of hearing as well.

Let the games begin, let the World Leaders and their Bankstas be the targets.

Whoever does as GOD has asked wins this game.

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PS – The EPA Release of Millions of Gallons of extremely contaminated water was on purpose to destroy a population that lives in an area that refuses Fluoride. Please note tat no one went to jail and the Environmental Protection Agency Corporation was not find and their director will get a huge bonus this year.

Just put me in a room with the EPA Director for 10 minutes as an Ambassador alone and he will tell all. He is laughing all the way to the bank.

We pray because we fight not against Flesh and Blood but against Powers and Demons. They run form us when uncovered but use Humans as they shields against prosecution. Please rpay that those in charge of hte EPA have their banks accounts shut down immediately and permanently until they clean up this mess.


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    “Today a ship carrying ammunition exploded in the Chinese harbor of Tanin, and China was warned and took no action to stop it. ”

    Unfortunately this statement is untrue the epicentre of the blast was not the port or a ship. So who would publish this and why ? To muddy the waters ? To stir the pot ?

    The author Dr. William B. Mount a serial hoaxer is not to be trusted.

    Here is one of his earlier statements.

    3) Brazil is now acquiring Nuclear Powered Subs and will fill their bays with Nukes, I guess Pres Obama will scrap the Monroe Doctrine.

    Here is an earlier hoax debunked.

    Elaborate Welfare Housing Project DEBUNKED

    • Jennifer says:

      You could well be right in thinking it is a hoax. Who knows?
      I posted it because it is an alternative to the MSM, and it’s always worth getting an alternative viewpoint. No-one has to believe anything they read in the AM anymore than the MSM.

      • sovereigntea says:

        I agree that it is worth publishing if only to demonstrate how careful we have to be about the infiltrated so called “Alternative media”.

        I am not having a pop at you for posting it 🙂 It may be worth you checking up on the track record of source prior though. A dubious and unlikely CV packed with wild and unverifiable claims is usually a sign of all is not well.

        The two large explosions were no hoax the firecrews have now been told to stand down and avoid the area. Radiation ie short lived radionuclide’s may be the reason for that although the officially cited chemical contamination may explain that too.

        We are now confronted, not only with startling proof that 9/11 was a “nuclear event,” but that there have been thousands of unreported deaths in New York, radiation cancers and nearly 70,000 being kept alive with experimental stem cell therapy and physically devastating “chemo.”

        One of the biggest medical cover-ups in history was exposed this week when Wall Street brokers suffering from cancer after 9/11 made the news. While telling their story, the New York Post revealed that 70,000 New Yorkers have applied for 9/11 victim compensation, most for cancers that can only be attributed to direct exposure to ionizing radiation from nuclear weapons.

    • sovereigntea says:

      More from Dr William B. Mount is he more insane than John McCain ?

      Perhaps John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Willy Mount share some common sordid interest.

      Coming to you Live from Sodom (Tacoma)

      America, however, will hold on to the Jesuits to bring about War and in the end the Jesuits in America will be killed in this Great War. This will allow “ZIONISM” to come into it’s full right and a temple to Lucifer will be constructed where GOD’s Temple stood in Jerusalem in the year 2032. By this time all real members of the race of Israel should be exterminated by these “ZIONISTS (Lucifarians, Satanists).”

      This Great War will also take out the insane Muslims, who (Without their knowledge) are doing the work of Lucifer.
      Father I personally place before your thrown for immediate judgement in accordance with YOUR Written Word (Torah) Pistol Packing US Senator Dianne Feinstein for her blatant violations of her oath to protect and defend the US Constitution. She is not only spear heading the elimination of the second amendment but also voting for a bill to reduce Veterans Pension Amounts – which is strictly forbidden in her oath of Office. Let her own words be her judgement.

      Father I also do the same for US Senator Max Baucus from Montana for all of the above but also for not acting on the Mortgage Debt Relief Extension Act – which is not only in Violation to your word but the laws Max Baucus has sworn to uphold.

      Father – we wait for your judgements to be carried out.
      Please Pray that these 2 Scum Bucket Senator’s are judged by the Living GOD immediately in accordance with HIS word.

      Coming to you Live from Sodom (Tacoma)

      You Heard it First, Here on APFN

      Dr William B. Mount

  2. Nollidge says:

    “Father I personally place before your thrown”
    Too much reliance on spellcheck.

  3. lord charles drake of ferferferfeckingham says:

    the report above is yes hair brained pollution of the well.
    yes so i am sure of it
    madcap crazy

    the timing
    why today big bang
    when yesterday china devalues currency

    this is indeed a hit no doubt magna bsp portable jewish lightning shipped in from dimona.
    tel aviv,city of london jew york washington gift message.

    that site looks like 9 and 11 ritual looks like gaza
    big bang today reply to china man currency wars

    a get in line get on your knees and lick the rabbi fingers and feet moment.
    all covered up in the ravings of looney toons or msm regular gas explosion shit

  4. lord charles drake of ferferferfeckingham says:

    stitch in time and 9
    nukes and numbers
    zionists sure can count
    why now
    what is happening
    random accident
    the biggest port destruction since tora tora tora the yanky day of infamy
    pearl usa pre warned harbour.
    sods law the biggest bang on the chian mainland since those giant gorge dam projects.
    nothing here but bad luck and a small kitchen gas accident.
    yes only 50 deaths.

    best all for the best
    accident cover that or full war in the open.
    japan did not loose face with fuckishima was a magna bsp accident donte ya know now china.

    not needed here
    stir fry gas bang is all

    • Aldous says:

      Actually my noble friend, the clever devalued Yuan money is on a disgruntled employee who didn’t get a promotion or pay rise he thought he deserved, so went out on the lash and got thoroughly train wrecked.

      Nothing unusual about that but our drunkard slant then went and had, not one but two of Tanin’s infamous Chinese curries with curried cream on top.

      After some considerable reflection about what was going on in his, by now, seriously troubled lower intestines, he let off a huge megaton fart while lighting a cigarette.

      It’s a genuine tragedy for so many to be wiped out of existence by such a flaming ‘follow through’ from hell and the real reason for today’s EU/UK proposed ban on even smoking in the beer garden or doorways of pubs. It must never happen again, lest some smoker just trying to enjoy a cigarette breaks wind without permission.

      • charles drake says:

        so if i decode your intel you are suggesting that this was a mossad aman hit on behalf of goldman sachs soros and the rothshild rabbi clan.
        so tell me aldous since you are sauce
        sourced will nuttyahoo do another 7 and 7 ritual in londonium

      • ian says:

        sir charles, I hear that a couple if nights ago, on leaving that lovely little jewish pub the koshe horses, that our friend nuttyyahoo was heard to mutter something along the lines of having a desire to murder a chinky, and you see the result. If I get anymore secret info I’ll let you know.

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