CHINA Warns RUSSIA That “State Of War” Now Exists With UNITED STATES.

Published on 5 Jul 2015

“Leading to this grave war warning from the PRC, this report explains, has been the catastrophic loss of over $3.7 trillion in wealth from Chinese stock markets over the past fortnight that has seen them plunge by over 30% and has led to panic among financial investors and ordinary citizens alike.
As to the cause of this devastating melt-down, this report continues, PRC experts have stated that “evil” market forces are going short to ruin the Chinese economy, and even suspecting Western-backed investment “predators” of lurking behind the turmoil, with US banking giant Morgan Stanley among the names mentioned.
Similarly, this report notes, five professors from China’s top universities issued a widely distributed public letter on 2 July alleging sinister market forces were exploiting weaknesses in China’s financial system for profit, comparing the situation to when President Obama’s “puppet master”, financier George Soros, and others bet against East Asian currencies during the 1997-98 Asia Financial Crisis.”
– CHINA Warns RUSSIA That “State Of War”Now Exists With UNITED STATES. CHINA Stocks Decline is “PURPOSEFUL HIT” by USA
on China’s Economy.


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2 Responses to “CHINA Warns RUSSIA That “State Of War” Now Exists With UNITED STATES.”

  1. Nike says:

    “CHINA Warns RUSSIA That “State Of War”Now Exists With UNITED STATES. CHINA Stocks Decline is “PURPOSEFUL HIT” by USA”

    To prevent war it should be made clear:
    The USA is not responsible.The people of America are not responsible.

    It’s the US Corporation, Washington DC (a state within a state), under control of that criminal mafia cabal called “Federal Reserve” (an international private banking cartel) Those financial terrorists (bankers, the Shadow Government) should be stopped and brought to justice!

    • ian says:

      Indeed, as not only have they targeted China, they have targeted the citizens of America under the bank bailouts, and robbed them too. If the same perps didn’t control the media, it would be easy for all to see, however they keep it hidden from most.

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