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  1. salty says:

    A mysterious new layer found in Earth’s mantle

    February 16, 2016.


    Scientists have discovered a previously unknown layer inside Earth’s mantle, and it contains an enormous amount of liquid oxygen. But how did it form?

    • Inner Earth ecosystems with cities and whole parallel separate ancient civilisations from us that Admiral Byrd got a glimpse of? Why cant i go and fly round and explore Antarctica? Opps i know why.
      The BBC recently told me its extremely.dangerous, and forbidding, and offlimits. That hero family man recently dying.

      Could some of the UFO phenomena be due to inner earth crafts beyond the cabals control?

      Weve already shown tapblog how the earths curvature is much more gentle, much. Theyre lying as usual. Earth is supermassive. Lands beyond Antarctica

      • beLIEve says:

        Antarctica ‘aint off limits Adam.

        How could it be ?

        We, Sovereigns of the Nation States of Earth….OWN…and are ….CUSTODIANS…of t he Plains of Earth.

        Antarctica belongs to us.

        Scientists have just discovered….is ILL-Loonati “speak” for………..
        1) We can’t sit on this information any longer or…..
        2) We will throw the goy a few crumbs of previously hidden…….information.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Adam going with the view that the Earth is supermassive (i.e. much bigger than we were told – which is plausible to me), do we agree then that this means that earth is likely to be at the centre of the ‘solar system’ and so the heliocentric model can also be dismissed or do you think that concepts like Planet X and comets and a massive sun still apply?

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