Caught in the Chemtrailing Act

Yesterday morning (Sunday 16th August), I was in the garden and was really pleased to notice a high altitude plane in an area of blue sky, for once not issuing a big, fat chemtrail, when seconds later it just instantly turned on a big, fat chemtrail. Caught in the act. Turned on like a tap. It looks like the plane was strategically heading towards an existing area of clouds to react with them in some way.
I mean you just can’t turn vapour-trails on and off like a switch, can you?



Plane heading towards right of picture, oriented NNW to NNE


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  1. ferryt says:

    I’ve noticed this recently too.

    Spurts of trails. I’ve seen it live in real time. On and off and on and off.

    Never noticed that before.

  2. ian says:

    Well, as one of the amateur writers on here, or commenters who doesn’t post sources, I feel inadequate, compared to a lot of folks on here who seem to be very professional in their literary etiquette. (means I aint got sources for this)
    Any hoo, tied in with chemtrailing, weather modification, our cold summer, and Scandinavia’s too, I remember during the “Deepwater Horizon” oil spill in the gulf of Mehico as we say in Gretna, that there was speculation that the oil and Corexit mixture on the bottom, was disrupting the Gulf current. You might remember that Corexit was used by these lame brained drongos to sink the oil, so you couldn’t see it. ( where the oil, all gone)!!Anyone on here knowledgeable on these things, and could the Gulf current affect our Gulf stream and cause this cold weather we had, or is it chemtrailing, Haarp, or just a shit summer.

    • Jennifer says:

      Ian, I’m not at all sure how the Gulf Stream of warm water, ties in with Jet Stream of warm air but this summer is all wrong, isn’t it? I mean I haven’t had a single courgette yet! How are yours in romantic Gretna?
      Yet mainland Europe is all toasty warm.

      • ian says:

        Most stuff is ok Jennifer, but runner beans and courgettes are slow. I’m also growing Naga Jolokia chillies for one of my lads, and I don’t think they’ll make it. Better luck next year eh!

    • Gordon says:

      A very basic definition of El Niño

      El Niño is a complex weather phenomenon that occurs irregularly in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean every two to seven years. When the trade winds that typically blow from east to west in this region weaken, sea surface temperatures in the east and central tropical Pacific start rising.

  3. ian says:

    My apologies and back on topic, I too have seen this stop start effect. I had assumed, rightly or wrongly that it was caused by ripples in the upper atmosphere as on water, causing the plane to go through warm air then cold air then warm again, you get the picture.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yes, Ian I had seen ‘breaks’ in the trails before. But this was an instananeous ‘switch on the pipes guys’ moment. Like thrusters being turned on.

      • ian says:

        Aye I know what you mean, I keep looking for innocent explanations, but I know I’m only wishing it wasn’t going on.

      • ferryt says:

        Yeah that’s what I saw. It could be atmospheric differences which is what I initially thought. However it was as Jennifer describes. On off on off. Didn’t seem right. I may be wrong..

  4. Gordon says:

    Roused this morning around 6am here in the Scottish Borders to an otherwise blue ski had it not been for chemplanes spraying during the night. The sky was littered with chemtrails, some of which had dispersed sufficiently to produce man-made cirrus clouds while others showed signs of having been laid within the hour. No naturally occurring cumulus clouds were apparent at cardinal points suggesting the day would have been a glorious late summers day had it not been for the murk that was soon to follow.

    • Jennifer says:

      Gordon, may I suggest you go to and go to the live weather comments (not just now, because I’ve just been there and the whole page is scrambled – it’s a very odd site – the owner was jailed for homosexual rape of a 14 year old boy).
      If, and whenever, you go and do use your weather knowledge to comment on current weather conditions and mention chemtrails, I”l bet you will be knocked back by such excuses it will be laughable. There’s one name in particular who will ALWAYS do that.
      A gatekeeper site if ever there was one.

      • Gordon says:

        Thanks for that Jennifer. The site looks very interesting with great tools. Certainly worth bookmarking and visiting on a regular basis.

    • Jennifer says:

      It has got some interesting tools. Maybe, Gordon, you would like to try that experiment of making a weather report and mentioning any chemtrails, hazy sky, cirrus cloud, you are seeing. See what responses you get. Nothing convincing, but lots of excuses I’ll bet. I was assured by a certain ex-pilot that such things were caused by ‘executive jets’.
      It’s almost funny.

  5. Aldous says:

    Don’t jet engine Contrails (Condensation Trails) usually occur at much higher altitudes (30 – 40,000 feet) than Chemtrails?
    Contrails are relatively short lived and can be seen disappearing not that long behind the jet that is producing them.

    Chemtrails have a unique signature (to me) in looking very different and being seen at much lower altitudes 15 – 20,000 feet (where a cruising jet would not normally be flying because of air density and the inability of the engines to compress the dense air at cruise speed) and lingering behind the plane ad infinitum, well after it has disappeared from view.

    This is why the 9/11 footage is nothing but ‘Hollywood’ as no airliner can fly such speeds at virtual sea level as those indicated. It’s impossible.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Aldous, how to judge the altitude of an aircraft, which seems very small/high altitude? These persistent vapour trailing ones (chemtrails) do not appear on FlightRadar or PlaneFinder sites, often not even on conventional commercial flightpath directions.
    How to judge the lower altitude of a smaller craft against the higher altitude of a larger craft relative to their size?
    The ‘vapourous’ stream behind the craft I mentioned above seemed much wider than the little thing in the air.

    • Aldous says:

      Hi Jennifer, here is a very good article (with images/comments) hopefully explaining things better than I did.

      The word “chemtrails” is a knock off of the word “contrails.” Contrails are trails of condensation that can be seen in the sky when a jet airplane is traveling at above 30,000 feet altitude.

      Up there, almost 6 miles high, the air is thinner and colder — very cold. Outside temperatures can dip to minus 60 F and the air is often full of minute ice crystals that hang suspended and invisible. When these ice crystals get sucked into a hot jet engine they turn into a gas, like steam, and can be seen as puffy white cloud-like lines that follow behind the jets. They usually dissipate and fade away as the moisture once again returns to form invisible ice crystals.

      “Chemtrails” are something different. They are often formed behind jet aircraft at a much lower altitude and seem to persist in the sky. They often have a different color from contrails and frequently exhibit a rainbow spectrum if lit just right from the sun.

      • Jennifer says:

        Thanks, Aldous. Roger that. My question to you was more about how to judge relative size of aircraft. Initially what I saw I assumed to be a high altitude craft issuing no vapour trail (sorry I prefer the English version). Then when the chemtrail was pouring out it became clear that the aircraft was much smaller, and from what you have described was at a much lower altitude. So now I must assume that these are not of the size of regular commercial craft.

  7. NIke says:

    “So now I must assume that these are not of the size of regular commercial craft.” (Jennifer)

    military planes (mostly; they are crisscrossing the sky where there are no regular flight routes)

  8. Nike says:

    Fake environmentalism:
    “global warming by CO2” fraud
    too obvious – changed into
    “climate change by CO2” fraud
    fraud is still fraud

    They make profits by selling “CO2-certificates” (bullocks)
    a way to burden and strangle the economy (money extortion; a tax on air!)

    While at the same time they keep spraying highly toxic chemical waste (aluminumoxide, bariumoxide, strontium) in nano-particles into the air.

    It’s human made climate change by geoengineering (Chemtrails, HAARP)

    Not protecting but destroying our environment. It’s about making profits at the expense of human health.
    Genocide in slow motion but surely effective. Evil.

  9. Dogman says:

    If somebody says that chemtrails are really contrails, ask them to explain how the wind manages to disperse what us “conspiracy theorists” call chemtrails, in opposite directions at the same time along the entire length of the trail.
    Watch them every 15 minutes and you can’t avoid noticing that!

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