6 Responses to “BUSH SLIPS UP – Bush Admits to Explosives Used at World Trade Center 9/11 (Long Version)”

  1. NPP says:

    This is fascinating.

    The speech writer must have written
    “…. explosives high enough…”

    BBC where are you????????!

    I know…. just spleen venting.

  2. ferryt says:

    Wow haven’t seen that clip before.

    Reminds me, is there some universal law whereby they must inform you (riddles, legalese included) of their intentions or in this case what they did? Keeps popping into my thoughts..

    Also does Bush play intentionally dum dum?

  3. Nig says:

    I wouldn’t believe the truth supposedly revealed in this vid. He could have been referencing any, of the many explosions by Al-Qaeda.

  4. ferryt says:

    Is isis isil

    That looks better.

  5. salty says:

    156 Eyewitnesses Say 9/11 Twin Towers Collapsed Due To Explosives

    Posted on January 1, 2016


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