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  1. freebornman says:

    Black holes don’t exist- what rot. It’s the only possible explanation for odd socks. Hrrumph.


    All these people provide 85-95% Truth and then once gained your trust, take you off in the wrong direction with nonsense such as shape-shifting reptilians, crop circles, big foot, UFOs, Lockness monster, etc. These are fabricated nonsense which should be avoided. There are of course UFOs, you may have even seen them yourself, but all the intensive searching for Truth over the last 6/7 years tells me that they are man-made.

    These shills are EXTREMELY dangerous to the cause!! They keep us contained in large dis-info nets to contain, de-fuse, suppress and dissolve the Truth. They keep potential Truthers from looking at the Jew agenda and all the time they are helping the elite Jews to kill time and therefore kill us! Precious time we don’t have.

    Many people have said to me “Yea well they do give a lot of good information out and they are helping people realise there is an agenda”. I won’t buy into this argument whatsoever. Yes I know there are some of us who are able to escape this dis-info net, but we are small in numbers in relative terms

    • Aldous says:

      Adam, isn’t your rejection of the notion of shape-shifting reptilians and your assertion that ‘There are of course UFOs…’ somewhat at odds with one another and a more open mind about these things? I have had some strange things happen to me in my long life but I have never seen a UFO. I do however tend to believe that they and alien life forms exist. Whether they have made it to Earth and/or live amongst us is another matter.

      An ugly caterpillar changes into a beautiful butterfly and it’s almost impossible to comprehend how it happens. Is it that difficult to imagine a species that is part human living amongst us that has become so genetically different, that it has mutated into some ‘thing’ that (for some reason) is able to change its appearance/shape? Surely one has to keep an open mind about these things, even if one only ever talks about them reluctantly.

      I find it best to avoid certain subjects when trying to awaken a sheep-person from their lifelong hypnosis. UFOs, Holohoax, Fake Moon Landings being my top three avoids. Reptilians, shape-shifting or otherwise, they can find out and decide upon for themselves as well.

      Someone correct me if I’m wrong but Tap’s view on the 85-95% Truth sites is well known and I tend to agree with him and therefore disagree with your good self.

      A near-full awakening to the awful reality can take many years of slogging and blogging away and even then, the whole truth will never be known for certain as there is no God higher than Truth. My own theory is that God IS Truth IS God.

      Many (most) newbies out there can’t take, and are not ready for the whole ghastly truth and they have to be carefully nurtured. Surely David Icke (and Alex Jones etc) serves an essential role in avoiding the ‘Jew’ (and Zionist) word and dressing it up as something more palatable to the brain damaged masses?

      I don’t much care for the shape-shifting stuff that he talks about – though I keep that ever open mind – and perhaps you should ask yourself: “What IF he is right and telling the truth?”

      • Yes Aldous, it is a complex subtle convulted disinformation rich layer on disifnrmation distraction layer, situation. That was a paste from the article not my own words but I felt it worthy to put up. Go and see gorilla99 on youtube his opinions and hyde park encounter with david icke. Things don’t add up with icke . its all too easy for us to awaken with icke. I say this, having found him to be extremely likeable, with humour, interesting, a great way of speaking. Ive liked david icke and still do, in a way. I don’t know if hes very sharp playing a triple or quadruple game or hes nanoimplanted and perhaps even is an illuminati child himself MKultrad Altered and a Rockefeller agent and doesn’t even realise it himself. it might be a particular david icke alter we see up there on the stage and proj Camelot interviews. nevertheless gorilla 99 got me thinking.

        Icke did a very rousing impressive talk about exposing ‘the elephant in the room’ that Zionists aren’t jews. Theyre 2 different things and not to tar jews with the Zionist brush. He may have acknowledged some overlap but was speaking generally
        This I feel is a big red flag. Just like RT, their comments sections don’t allow any critical J comments or T Guidebook comments. RT I don’t think is an official Kremlin news agency. Its made to look like it is. But I think its actually owned by oligarch J Zio billionaires

        Im not saying a lot, or loads, of what Icke says is rubbish. To establish his credibility loads will be right. I think Icke has a good point, the dragon logos on shields, statues in city if London, dragon reptilians. I think it could well be the case the elites are in contact with some kind of reptilian entities , demonic entities, all this Satanism and rituals and sacrifices and depravity and evil. Im not saying everything Icke says is a lie

        Also in Ickes defence, at his oxifrd union talk I think, he very casually but powerfully shows a Nazi electrogravitic ufo and says the technologys been man made covered up for years. Very good what he says. Could there be a Benjamin fulford type diversion? Heaping the blame all on Nazis Nazionists? I feel Fulfords doing a surgical cutting with some Bush Khazarian fall guys but fulford welcomes in from the cold elite groups who I feel are guilty as hell. Redfeinggod blog carries on this train of thought very well

        I cannot say for sure, I suspect the shape shifting queen is a reptile in this 3d world to be discrediting disinfo done by Tavistock

        holohaox Ursula haverbeck speaks for itself, kollerstrom, the truths out there

        ufos, there may well be aliens out there. Aliens might well have had a hand and presence here on earth in 20th century, and before. However im suspicious that these alien messengers never acknowledge tesla free energy in early 1900s . T Townsend Brown electrogravitics in 1930s, 40s, 50s then classified. Wilhelm Reich
        No, all we get is roswell alien, crash, rumours, more aliens, done pacts deals with aliens, back engineered alien technology
        Bullshit I dont buy that

        Lets instead discuss man made discoveries of natural physics the JPMorgans Rockefellers DuPonts etc etc suppressed in early 20th century

        until that discussion is openly had and great pains are made for every man int he street to clearly understand the truth of this cover up. Don’t talk to me about aliens
        Aliens might well exist. Cobra might be right there might be loads of planet sized motherships in solar uystem right now unable to directly intervene due to respecting freewill and universal Law. Im serious, they might exist

        But if theyre benevolent. Theyd be sending instructions to us, wishing us, NOT to believe in them. Because its very clear the satanic kabbala cabal have a project bluebeam huge Truman show theatre up their sleeve. So its not safe for us to believe or entertain the idea of aliens at all.
        Ill take T Townsend Brown and his electrogravitics instead thanks

        Corey Good may well prove me wrong lets wait and see, CG I feel is certainly right on many things

        Yes Icke im sure has done a lot of ‘awakening’, but that was always in the plan by tptb. Lots of bait. 911 truth realisation another intentional bait. All this is complex and many layers.

        And no according to paul Laviolette black holes don’t exist, his subquantum kinetics and genic creation spontaneous creation of matter goes on all the time in the universe. There was no big bang. la violettes SQK has been proved right with 10 or 15 predictions and shown up the mainstream hawking physics for what it is – bullshit lies

        Hawking I gather has been a regular guest on Jeffrey epsteins Caribbean island, take from that what you will

      • Dkblue says:

        See also a good article about Hawkings (the real one is dead) on Miles Mathis’ blog.

    • ferryt says:

      Adam, do you think there are black holes?

    • freebornman says:

      Adam, we are all individual human beings, trying to make sense of it all. One man’s meat is another man’s poison etc. I remember Icke from tv, when he first ‘came out’ as the son of god, with his purple shell suit, and he was set up as a figure of fun. It remains a fact that he was calling Jimmy Savile out as a paedo 15-20 years ago, while it was still alive. In your first sentence, you declare several things are nonsense, fabricated nonsense even, Then you concede that there may be UFO’s, but they are man-made. If any one of us actually had all the answers, we would become God, and probably stop commenting on the tap. But none of us has. (anyone know what happened to WASP?) I have personally spoken to a bloke who saw Savile momentarily shape shift to lizard. That was his experience, Mabye if I had been in the same room, at the same time, I wouldn’t have seen it. Alex Jones has done massive amounts of work, and I’m sure, has set many human beings off on the search for ‘the truth’. But his interview with David Duke recently showed him for the stooge he ultimately is.
      Bruce Lee learned that following one school, wing chun, didn’t win the fight. He drew on many schools, and formulated jeet kun do, the way of the intercepting fist. He was making feelgood righteous films, independently, that were massive in the day, so the hollywood jews killed him. Black and white can not be seperated, think yin-yang.

    • Dublinmick says:

      And I agree with Digger, where we diverge is this idea the nazis were not jews for the most part and still are. See Poroshenko and the Ukraine. It is still a guv of zios with a mob parading around with torches and chains in midnight marches.

      He sees Assad as a psyop however now we hear Russia is sending in mig 29s and Russian pilots who will use a Syrian airbase near Damascus.

      This whole thing could well get nasty. It pretty well negates Qatar and Saudi pipelines through Syria.


        John: Your what they call a whistleblower, aren’t you?

        Corey: Ah indeed, Yes, ah, I’ve been a whistleblower now on The Secret Space Program, and ah, the, also the Crimes Against Humanity, that the, what we call in the programs call the Secret Earth Government and their Syndicates. We, ah, a lot of people refer to them as the cabal or the illuminati, but we take the mystique out of it, we call them what they are Syndicates, their Criminals.

        Corey: So, um, these are not, if names, if there is ever at full disclosure that, the names begin to come out, ah people are not going to recognize the names, names are not going to be Rockerfeller and this kind of thing. These people are further down, um, the totem pole, then most would think.

        John: Alright then look, um, when we start talking about subjects like this, ah, I mean just in complete fairness to you, it’s like, this is either a really crazy guy who’s got an advanced case of Walter Mitty syndrome or this is pretty scary stuff for some people. And I’m gonna go with the latter former because I can’t imagine, I see you, I spoke to you a few minutes before we got going here, and um, I don’t read crazy on you at all. Not a bit.

        Corey: Right, and..

        John: Unless you are really crazy, you know enough to get past my sensors, or this is the real thing, and I am thinking that it is.

        Corey: And to be fair, you know, everyone should use their personal discernment, with not only anything that I’m saying, but, there are so many gurus and whistleblowers and people delivering information right now, a lot of it conflicting, it’s a very confusing time, and um, you know, and indeed this field as you know does attract, um, a lot of people that are schizophrenic and do unfortunately have sociological issues, so you know, people, it is why, people being skeptical and wanting to really, um, hear more before they buy into it, shows wisdom and discernment, and I applaud that.

        John: Well, ah, I tell you what if you have a structured, a structured method of presentation of what you want to tell us, then I will just roll with you, otherwise you may be subjected to random questions, in fact I’ll fire off off one random question. Recently


  3. freebornman says:

    Good lord, this thread reads like an ‘agony uncle’ column. Among the realms of possibility, is that ‘Adam’ is a cunningly designed NSA Bot. I did read on some dodgy website somewhere that these things exist.
    So, Adam, just to put our minds to rest, you are required to take ‘the Turing test’. Are you ready?

  4. freebornman says:

    Off topic but Jim Stone reporting another massive explosion in China.
    Plus Russia conducting airstrikes against Cabal proxy IS/Daesh.
    Been nice knowing y’all.

  5. Dublinmick says:

    That is another thing with Icke, zionists are jews. Well 99.9 percent of them. His schtick is well it is the bad jews not the good ones. Well they all take the Kol Nidre once a year assuming God gives them the right to lie to the goyim and none of their contracts are legal.

    The shape shifting thing well, I doubt very seriously but I am in no position to say for sure. I do think the royals believe blood to be a nutrient leading to longer life however.

    But some of Icke’s treatises are fine for the beginner and once in a great while I link to him. He also believes Hitler to have been a Rothschild,

    • Yes DM I think in J communities everywhere, innocent looking ones in suburbs, key members , pillars of community, a lawyer, a dr, the teacher, rabb perhaps too. All know the bigger Z agenda and support it and T guidebook passages, how non Js are inferior, will be their mindset. Also as well Satanism hiding in plain sight, come evenings everything gets reversed, in the leafy respectable BBC suburbs, sinister things go on, good becomes bad and bad is good
      I don’t know if these communities are so hermetically sealed of and protected and children, teens, young parents, all know the Z agenda, or just community pillars.
      Ickes certainly been instrumental in me taking the red pill 2 yrs ago.
      I don’t think tptb care that so much truth is being revealed. Some external, reason, is motivating them, so it wont matter anyway, I think is there logic. Plus as well in all the uproar and confusion of this major time of truth were now in, I think tptb intend to use that confusion and perhaps all it needs is 10% of the consciousness narrative to be a lie to swallow then they get their NWO how they want it.
      I don’t know what this external motivating force on tptb is. But I suspect its got something to do with paul laviolettes Superwave,
      which I think a big ones due now, this I thinks been prophecised by many texts and civilisations and the 33rd degree mason crown I think know this information.
      And I think this is a time of the 3 feet of ascension for humanity, from the base to the 6th chakra. And I think all their tricks are being employed to suppress this. I think superwave incoming energies aren’t to be feared, I think using the Electric Universe physics, our DNA have a special role in all this, these times. Stargates portals interdimensional coils, Divine within us

  6. Dublinmick says:

    Funny you would mention that. How am I doing?


    Other theories by Paul Laviolette and Dan Eden suggest indians may have seen all of this before as suggested on their pottery. Earth has now entered the photon belt of the Milky Way. It is now in line with the galactic equator just as the Mayans suggested and this field contains billions of asteroids,stars, planets and other bodies with unknown energy fields. So it is not as simple as some would like to think.


    I think Doomsday Dan is always worth a read! 🙂


    It is very doubtful that Russia would be engaged in building new artic bases if they though the Siberian ice shelf was expanding.

    • Id say youre on the ball Dublinmick

      heres Paul Laviolettes comment today to someone. he replied to me too which ill post soon. Note his Stephen Hawking comments. if you check comments sections in etheric.com ive left wuite a few comments, Hawking and Epstein came up


      August 26, 2015 at 3:56 pm

      The government will always cover up extraterrestrial existence just like the conspiracy of ‘The Dark Knight’ satellite in a polar orbit around Earth.

      If Ceres habitation is true the best thing to to is not make contact due to the fact their civilization would be thousands if not tens or hundreds thousands of years more advanced than ours. So many unknowns if we did make contact they’d wipe our initial attempt out with advanced weaponry as maybe even find us a threat and attack our home planet. It would bring into question why are they there? Perhaps their home planet was destroyed by their star becoming a supernova and seeking refuge. With even our basic technology we could survive on Ceres. The funny thing about the government is they’re in control and things that are said that have been ‘keeled’ could be faked, or perhaps not… People have said that we have had contact from extraterrestrials warning us about nuclear weapons that can destroy life, even with their experience they may have come close to destruction due to nuclear warfare. They knew that we were playing with something that we didn’t even fully understand, and we still are.

      So many possibilities and so few answers so far but we will alway excel.

      I clearly believe there is something out there you’d be ignorant for it not to be given the amount of space out there. Not sure how close they are, they could be sitting right across from you or could be a billion light years away.


      Paul LaViolette

      September 1, 2015 at 3:48 pm

      I don’t believe this to be an accurate assessment of the extraterrestrial situation. Hawkings’ fears about this are as far off the mark as his black hole theory. The presence of a pulsar beacon network indicates the long term existence of a Galaxy wide civilization that routinely travels and navigates amongst the stars. See my book Decoding the Message of the Pulsars available on this site. The fact that a number of these pulsar beacons are conveying a message to warn us (human Earth residents) about the Galactic superwave phenomenon indicates that they also have concern for our safety. They want us to survive and develop. The Independence Day/War of the Worlds scenarios are fictions not to be taken seriously. Civilizations that are predatory quickly exterminate themselves leaving the more peaceful civilizations to advance technically and dominate the Galaxy


    • Paul LaViolette

      September 1, 2015 at 3:48 pm

      I don’t believe this to be an accurate assessment of the extraterrestrial situation. Hawkings’ fears about this are as far off the mark as his black hole theory. The presence of a pulsar beacon network indicates the long term existence of a Galaxy wide civilization that routinely travels and navigates amongst the stars. See my book Decoding the Message of the Pulsars available on this site. The fact that a number of these pulsar beacons are conveying a message to warn us (human Earth residents) about the Galactic superwave phenomenon indicates that they also have concern for our safety. They want us to survive and develop. The Independence Day/War of the Worlds scenarios are fictions not to be taken seriously. Civilizations that are predatory quickly exterminate themselves leaving the more peaceful civilizations to advance technically and dominate the Galaxy.


      Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Programme

      September 1, 2015 at 11:32 pm

      This comment dr laviolette gives me some comfort
      You obviously know your stuff. Research into pulsars etc. ”The presence of a pulsar beacon network indicates the long term existence of a Galaxy wide civilization that routinely travels and navigates amongst the stars”
      This means, suggests, that its highly possible, things that Cobras saying is true, even if Cobra himself is a NWO pied piper in some form.
      But your comment givs me some hope and relief. That Project Bluebeam isn’t necessarily on the cards. There really could be benevolent ETs, in their motherships, spheres, in the solar system now.
      I know to many readers this sounds like insane scifi.
      But NAsa have released the photos for years but not commented on them. The SOHO sun images, other images too, clearly visible UFOs by the sun, some measuring many thousands of miles, strange shapes.
      it seems the sun is an interdimensional portal, it seems the stars in the galaxy are linked and a superhighway for travel, interstellar travel exists and this is what we see in Nasa photos
      The Vatican knows all this of course. look at YRFT yellow rose for texas, the papal key design
      3 knobs, representing the sun, 3 interdimensional portals, stargate portals

  7. ian says:

    Ok now does everyone understand all that?

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