BBC: People Can’t Live Without the BBC


A “deprivation study” in which  people agreed not to use BBC services for nine days has found that people can’t live without the BBC. The study was commissioned by and funded by the BBC…

According to the study, which was more of a focus group, more than two-thirds of people who were originally against paying the license fee had a Damascene conversion during their BBC cold turkey and now support the telly tax. One convert described life without the BBC as “absolutely dreadful, just awful” and would now “probably willingly pay even more“, while another confessed it was “shocking” how much she watched BBC programmes and she had “just took it for granted“.

In other news a study commissioned by rival broadcaster NKTV in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has found a 100% satisfaction level with the supreme leader…




7 Responses to “BBC: People Can’t Live Without the BBC”

  1. ian says:

    I watch university challenge on a monday night. I still expect them to say ” and asking the questions it’s Bamber Gascoign”, an age thing. Other than that I won’t watch it. It is as bad or worse than any other state broadcaster world wide for lies and propaganda, particularly regarding Israel. Preaching to the choir here though, and they know it. We have no say.

  2. Dogman says:

    They need to broaden the scope of their study! The rise in people not paying their tv licence has got them worried, so they put out more propaganda to coerce the gullible into paying.

    Channel 5’s former chief executive David Elstein reckons: “More and more people are going to twig that if they dispose of their fixed television and watch on a phone, tablet or laptop, the BBC will no longer chase them for the licence fee. That 1,000 a day will turn into 2,000 a day. Why would you pay £145.50 a year if you don’t have to?”

    If you get a reminder, just phone them up and start on about it all being propaganda and that you prefer the internet…start throwing in a few so called “conspiracy theories,” and they can’t get off the phone quick enough. Its fun (and ironic) using that term against the establishment.

  3. Oneman and his dog. says:

    I think it’s a “Typo” cos I’ve lived the past 15 years without a TV and never felt more alive by not having the need to be spoon fed with other people’s biased views!
    It should’ve read, Can’t live with the BBC!
    Biased Bulshit Conditioning!

  4. Paul says:

    Hehe…. What a joke, keep paying us as you can’t do without us… honest…

    What a lie.

  5. - Cobalt says:

    I bet the people ‘surveyed’ were their own staff.

    Too right they can’t live without the BBC… that’s who pays their wages! Lol

    – Cobalt

  6. Mr Rearguard says:

    Only a facking wanka would want to work for the sodding filthy Bastard Bloody C*nts!

  7. Lynn says:

    Just don’t watch it. The figures don’t lie. They are on their way out now. They can thank their cover up of boy nobbing and Mr Saville for the demise. Doesn’t that make it clear enough.

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