Australian storm-troopers arrest Santos Bonacci

Breaking news from the Gnostic Warrior. Santos Bonacci was arrested in Australia today.

Santos Bonacci arrested

The spokesperson for Santos, claims he was kidnapped by Queensland Sheriff’s deputies without a true warrant and is being held in custody unlawfully. The arrest took place at the home of Sonia and Hiromi Bonacci, who it has been reported that Sonia is his niece, and Hiromi is his wife.”

For several years, Santos Bonacci has been an outspoken critic of governments around the world, and he has also spoken out against the Vatican and Pope for various alleged crimes. Lately he has been involved in various freeman and freedom movements, where the legal authority of government is challenged in court via the law and reclaiming of DNA.

Some of his most recent posts may relate to his arrest by law enforcement there in Australia.

On January 8th, 2014 Santos had posted this message:

Private prosecution coming up friends, I had a call by a private corporation today, called Sheriffs office Victoria. Here is the Prima Fascia evidence of their intent to commit fraud by attempting aid and abet one to create joinder to a legal name! I’ll keep you posted. Just wait to see the fun our little private prosecution team here in Melbourne are going to have when we prosecute the ‘Sheriff’s Office of Victoria’, private corporation probably owned by some rich pedophiles in Toorak! We are also going to make a documentary and share it with the world for a lesson in freedom! Stay tuned!

Could this arrest be related to his political activities and outspoken condemnation of various governments and the Roman Curia?
Only time will tell, and as soon as I find out more, I will post this information on Gnostic Warrior.


From Kingel

Finally, a man I hold in high regard…..Santos Bonacci…………

The title is ‘Your body Is The holy Land’

In the first 9 minutes Santos, equates the Original Creator stories of good and evil, with classic children’s fairy tales and, rhymes…. so this bit can be skipped.

The subject of this Santos video is…….yes there is a Prime Creator but, each of us carries his DIVINE ESSENCE within us.

Many of the “geographical locations” of the bible stories are incorrect because, the “locations” are within the human body !
I can’t remember the “break down”, off the top of my head but, the river Jordan is the SPINE. The 33 vertebrae have a significance, the brain another and, so it goes on.
Santos says we, as members of mankind and, children of the Prime creator, are entities of divine essence. We are beings of free will and, possess unalienable rights. No one has “RIGHTS” over us.

For anyone on a “religous” search, the Santos Bonacci video is well worth watching.
Incidentally, Santos was arrested again this month, by Australian storm troopers forcing themselves into his home.
He is a man of integrity and truth, and a thorn in the side of those who wish to keep us ignorant.
His persecution by the authorities may be an indication, that he is on to something.
Something, the “SCUM at the top” would rather we did not know !

Interesting conversation of how you legally step outside the system.  You need to formally dissent, stating that you are not salvage rescued at sea, and in the ownership of any State.  The lawyer (Kurt Martin – House of Allsop) explains that Congress has world dominium.  You need to state that you are not in their corporation, but have set up your own sovereign state, which will negotiate on a separate basis.

The medical system is killing people with lethal injections.  You know how old people go into hospital, decline and die quite quickly.  They’re giving them lethal injections.  They tried the State and found them guilty of genocide.

You have to appoint yourself as your own executor.  We’ve been under World Governance since 1941.

In the US they rough you up when you’re arrested.  Cold room, no blanket etc.


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  1. Dogman says:

    It appears Voltaire was right, judging by the way the scum at the top are trying to silence people.

    “It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.”

    Their efforts to keep a lid on things won’t work.
    Napoleon understood:

    “There are only two forces in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the long run the sword will always be conquered by the spirit.”

  2. Lynn says:

    Truth is their enemy and their worst nightmare, the truth is travelling on the wind now. I hear people waking up and engaging in conversation. It won’t be long Dogman. The truth doesn’t go away.

  3. Dogman says:

    I agree Lynn and a quick look at the article about Chris Spivey on the DMonline proves that. Despite not allowing many comments to be published, they have no control over the red and green arrows.
    Coincidentally, none of the moderators can approve any of the comments on his site. Funny that!

    Santos Bonacci has some very interesting vids.
    Santos Bonacci The Ancient Theology Astrology Part 1

    Santos Bonacci The Ancient Theology Astrology Part 2

    Santos Bonacci The Ancient Theology, Astrotheology Part 1

    Santos Bonacci The Ancient Theology, Astrotheology Part 2

    Santos Bonacci The Ancient Theology Occult Science Part 1

    Santos Bonacci The Ancient Theology Occult Science Part 2

    • hi dogman its clear now with your appearance on the site, shills like nike and others attacked you, you got their back up

      I have little time and opportunity to wade through youtube videos now, unless using work computer. However the one ive seen of Santos bonnacci, I can tell this is someone, I will have to go out my way to devote some attention to.

      I got interested in mark passio but the huge amount of lectures, hundreds he recommends starting at no1 first…..I didn’t have the patience to wade through those. But santos im very impressed have a good feeling about, I hope he gets out safe soon

      Astrotheology. A few yrs ago I watched Jordan Maxwell quite a bit, he goes on about that, though I never really paid attention, it was on in the background mostly. But it seems Jordan maxwells saying similar things to bonnacci.

      Or is he? Ive read in places that Jordan Maxwell himself is a high up Mason. Is Maxwell a possible freemason Jesuit infiltrator? Ive read some quite forceful arguments, his Zeitgeist thing, is actually NWO disnfo infiltration, not to be trusted, so I haven’t watched zeitgeist. But I remember Maxwell going on about astrotheology. I wonder if maxwells version and bonnaccis are different.

      Could bonnacci be some NWO disinformationist, maybe this arrest is a sham?

      I don’t think so. Just watching his youtube lectures shows quite clearly, hes not a NWO person. But its good to consider all angles of situations

      • Dogman says:

        Hi Adam Spiritwarrior, I haven’t viewed the videos myself, (prefer reading) but I put them up for others to see his work and make their own minds up about what they choose to believe. The subjects themselves are interesting and I also found Sacred Geometry worth investigating.
        I too have heard stories about Jordan Maxwell, but then I’ve also heard stories about Chris Spivey being Mi5, lol. I gather info from various people and then wade thru it to see what makes sense to me. No guarantees that I’m right about things, but it is my belief and I’m my jury.
        History has been so badly distorted, that nothing can be taken for granted. I’ve done some research about paganism and shamnism and they obviously pre-date the major religions.
        Dublinmick mentions further down about Tatanka Yotanka walking barefoot. We have lost touch with nature and consider how witches were maligned for knowing the cures that nature provides. The older you get, the more knowledge you should accumulate and yet their knowledge is represented as old wives tales and they are described as evil old hags. Back when there was no chemist shops, people had to experiment with nature. Likewise people dismiss chakra and kundalini information. Shouldn’t we consider all possibilities if we want to develop as a species?

  4. yes no interlude says:

    ….once again a good man is silenced…. time to unite and get this world in decent order.

  5. alison says:

    Santos Bonacci, Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell – just 3 of my heroes.

    Things you need to know to be fair to these men: –
    Jordan Maxwell has been under attack and lost his website so be sure to go to because he lost some years ago and has been fighting legal battles to recover it for years; I listened to an excellent radio interview of him by Richie Allen ( in which he explains that you have to be really careful what you say in the public domain so reading between the lines becomes an essential skill for us who want to know the truth.

    Yep, I too wish Santos soon released and the best way we can help is by talking, talking, talking and not letting these bullies think they can get away with behaviour like this any more; the more people comprehend the way the world really works, the sooner we can stop these thugs and their henchmen who act out their dirty wory work; they rely on our ignorance. they should know better than to arrest Santos — it will come back to kick them in the butt! LOL!!!

    BTW, (tongue in cheek) who is Santos’ victim?

    • Yes, its very telling isn’t it. 20 thugs sent, to arrest him, whats his crime? Whos the victim?
      A very decent truthtelling guy
      Ill tell you who the victim is
      Rotten scum NWO household names. And those hidden behind the shadows. Bonnaccis a decent man, this is clear in his talks. These c**ts arresting him makes me upset.
      I keep clicking on sign the petition but the button wont work.
      its quite clear Bonnaccis lectures ARE ESSENTIAL VIEWING FOR US ALL. he has seriously riled TPTB
      The PTB have seriously riled me which is why im doing all I can however I can in my small way, however

  6. RabbiT says:

    I skim this but claiming salvation is of salt is meaningless because these are translations. It is the same bunkum Alan Watt came out with about the Ark of the Covenant referring to the arc of the sun. You would have to refer to the Greek or Hebrew not English. In Hebrew salvation is translated as Yeshua the Hebrew name for Jesus.

    As a Christian the kingdom of God is within me, which are a new mind and the Holy Spirit, (the helper sent by Jesus Christ) as the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit but the Holy Spirit was external and required to enter into the temple (the body) as He is not my Spirit but that being God.

    I would suggest if one promotes Kabbalah one is on the side of the NWO just as ignorant Christians who support Israel are likewise deceived and are supporting the NWO.

    It is about trying to merge religion into one as they want to merge the nations and currency into one.

    Bonacci is “absolutely kidding” himself but if he wishes to that is up to him. Sadly he is kidding others just like Christian Zionists allow themselves to be deceived:

    “My people perish for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4.6).

    The churches are not “persecuting this science” they are not supporting “this science” and persecution refers to an individual not a so called “science”.

    I do accept the Roman church has a long history for persecuting individuals and it sure as heck persecuted Christians one John Knox springs to mind.

    True Christians do not persecute anyone as Jesus teaching is to love one’s neighbour.

    The fact that the words secret and secrete come from the Latin secretus in effect tells us for example the juice of an orange is concealed (secret) and revealed (by secretion). These are issues of language and have no relevance to the cerebrum.

    To suggest the spine is the Jordan river is just taking this now to the ridiculous.

    Call this what it is the promotion of Eastern Mysticism but please don’t try to shoehorn Christianity into the notion.

    I have said before that people who use the Freeman argument (while in fact they may well have a valid point in law) will not have their position respected by authority and if statute law is violated they unnecessarily open themselves to prosecution.

    While fascinating, the Freeman Movement is in error to suggest that anyone who wishes to can detach from the corporate (fascist) system is somehow justified. I give the example that one can drive (travel) in their car with out insurance establishes only that they have no means to remedy any injury they may cause. This is not good for society.

    Most statutory law was well written but is now becoming oppressive (benefits sanctioning for one) and the Freeman Movement is shooting itself in the foot when such effort could be directed better elsewhere like identifying actual corruption within the judiciary, government etc.

    Nice house – someone has a few bob. Pathetic that the police should seek to conceal the handcuffing using the paperwork like they may have something to hide.

    If the warrant is fraudulent then the police are aiding and abetting in fraud and that is the matter to try to address.

    I trust Bonacci is not a victim of unlawful proceedings but I’d not waste my time with his teaching. If you want Kabbalah and Kundalini then cut to the chase but I’d strongly advise against in your best interest.

    • More and more I am in my layman sense, sensing 2 different camps. I did wonder momnentarily could santos bonacci be a NWO set up distraction. In my heart I don’t feel he is, my heart really liked his lectures. But I see your point and sense youre good too. I want you to both be right

      Insane and depraved and awful as these ‘elites’ are, satanic, whatever else names. The secret espteric physics, devoid of any evil, simple physics. Bonnaccis lectures, and what about the zodiac, and all the centuries of other religions and all the old writings. Are you saying the zodiac and the Electic Universe is evil, bad, indulges and worships sex and sacrifice?

      Im on the fence and its fine if this is the case. I just want TRUTH

      But Bonnacci seems to decipher the last Supper correspondin to Aries to Virgo or the last of the 12. he points out 12
      RabbiT, the possible Truth of sacred geometry, truth of this universe starting not be a random big bang explosion, but by fractal design repeating numbers….a kind if cosmic intelligence

      Whos to say some aspects of the gnostics, whatever, aren’t right? Doesn’t mean therye evil

      But yes, I think some evil evil oriogins, cults, happened 2000 approx. yr ago and a lot of Macchiavelianism. I think the sacrifice sex/satan theme has survived till today thru bloodlines, household name bloodlines, plus their minions, plus their possibly higher unseen hands.

      ALL EVIL

      Therefore where does that leave us, and your comment? I don’t know. I feel youre right, Yet I feel you don’t acknowledge sacred geometry esoteric things, the elites obviously value.

      On the flip side. Lawrence Wilson who I respect, indicates, on the one side, theres the evil side, entities, entity attachments, etc. On the side of Good we have…the Holy Spirit, God, coming down

      There can be an ab ubdance of gods, deities, and it appears these are all evil. Dr Wilsons shown me (and you’ve shown me too) that the One God, including me doing the roy masters downward meditation everyday, Is the direct opposite to the smorgasbord of gods, ISIS, Ra etc etc on offer. I get that

      On the subject of law and your legal thing. Does that mean Common Law wont work? Does it mean Freeman Common Law is a dead end?
      Ive often wondered this. Bcoz, despite all this sovereignty, natural law, cessation, personal soverieingty talk. Ive often thought this elite MAFIA that’s in control, will clamp down regardkess. eg travelling in car with no insurance or tax disc. See how far natural law sovereignty gets us then

      Nice house. That perhaps suggests ….been paid by the SS?

      I don’t want kabbalah and kundalini. My sense is theyre satanic

      Added to which, thevery article ive read today, Lawrence Wilson roy masters meditation, the aug 2015 update, downward pushing , he stresses the point how this medittion lets in the Holy Spirit. He warns against kundalini type things and other stuff

      Things you say I find totally truthful with convction rabbit
      Then how come santos bonnacci, as well, seems to give a surge of realisation in hisnloectures, a spotlight of truth on lies of our world. Tnats what it feels like

      personally, I want a quiet, simple life, nothing to think about, no elaborate esoteric supernatural things. being good, being grateful, acting for others using my mind, as a problem solver, which is what I hope to do soon, in alt medicine for the community, A beautiful wife id like, whod adore me back just as much. These simple beautiful things are what id like

      Therefore. It seems all the Freemasonic Kundalini exotic psychic, supernatural, remote viewiign, ESP, type stuff. Im very intrigued that humans can have these abilities . it shows me our elites have lied for centuries.
      But im tired out and wont be at the forefront wanting to be a wizard dabbling and learning all this hidden complicated crap
      The simple truth f the Holy Spirit coming down into me praying and doing the roy masters medittion from Lawrence wilsons more powerful adjustment, bringing the etheric energy down inside
      Suits me, simple life, goodnight rabbit

      • RabbiT says:

        Hello Adam,

        I tend to be a bit slow to communicate with individuals here as I seldom read my old posts but am trying to do so more.

        I totally respect your desire to want truth.

        I set out at 16 with that goal my foundation being true love did not exist and nine years later wrote a book (not yet published) explaining that it does.

        I had a direct six month esoteric encounter with God which complied with all things Biblical as it were yet the churchgoers around me ostracised me for having such a supernatural encounter.

        I have not judged anyone here and said nothing as to any group being evil but those good people who seek the truth and become deceived I want to help, not judge.

        On the other hand I dislike evil and wickedness and by that I mean those who harm others.

        There is a whole bottomless pit of hidden stuff in the spiritual dimension which exists and I am not saying it is evil but rather it is forbidden. It is not that I don’t acknowledge such but it is the wrong path to follow and I have long tried in life to be a true signpost to others.

        Give an example I work with numbers a lot a=1 b=2 etc or 2 represents division, 9 represents judgement (Appendix 10 of the Companion Bible) etc. I see patterns and get direction or whatever but Gematria and Numerology are out of bounds for me. God is saying to me to work with what He gives me and as a starting point that was belief, then came faith and knowledge and understanding and miraculous gifts etc.

        One of the things I have learned of God’s nature is that while He is at work in all things, He mostly allows individuals their free will. That being the right to choose and it is not about good and evil although that comes later but about finding the truth.

        Loads of stuff is out of bounds for me, like cheating, lying, stealing. A broad spectrum of esoteric stuff like freemasonry, spiritualism, oujia etc are out of bounds but yet I have a very dynamic supernatural relationship with God the creator through Jesus probably because I always wanted such.

        “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37.4

        You sure can’t believe all you read in the papers and you sure can’t read all you believe on the internet but joining the dots we are seeing this NWO coming about. I began studying this in about 1983. This woman opened my eyes to that:

        (Read the reviews)

        You mention the Holy Spirit. You can only receive the Holy Spirit as a Christian. There clearly are other spirits out there but if you do not love Jesus as your Lord then that other spirit is a counterfeit.

        God knows who are His and I’d say the majority of church goers these days are in for a surprise because God wants real men and women not hymns and church attendance which is why I seldom visit church and when I do I select these as Holy Spirit active where genuine supernatural things happen not the fake B.S. put out by the likes of Benny Hinn and these fake TV evangelists which is why I mentioned “nice house” because many of these so called spiritual leaders are in fact craving money from their activities and the day Tap ever puts a donate button on site I will question if I can continue to offer an alternative view here.

        I have to say I don’t know Lawrence Wilson Roy masters but had a sneak peek.

        Friend, I deal direct with the Creator. I talk to Him, I need no middle men just Jesus who revealed Him to me.

        “My Father has given me all things. No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him.” Mat 11.27

        I may not have covered all you mention but this you may find interesting. As a Christian my closest friends are not Christians because I find most Christians are ignorant and a pain in the but. Probably why I like this blog and would be turned off by so called Christian blogs but I do like Chris White, Henry Makow, Brother Nathaniel and other Christians who are out there seeking truth.

        I’d like the things that you like too but my life has been difficult in many ways and never got these things but got something far greater and I just hint at that but I know God’s plans and we will see a demonstration of His power.

        “Put all things to the test: keep what is good and avoid every kind of evil. May the God who gives us peace make you holy in every way and keep your whole being—spirit, soul, and body—free from every fault at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Thess. 5 21-23.

  7. kingel says:

    I think Santos is going to be released around the 8th September.
    I have found what appears to be integrity information.

    His arrest was on Tuesday 4th August and “THEY” planned to detain him for around 35 days.
    A family member who visited him early in August said…he is happy, in great spirits and they are treating him just great.

    A thought has occurred to me.
    When “THEY” incarcerate enlightened souls such as Santos, the prison population will benefit from that wisdom.
    From the videos I have seen, Santos is on a mission to enlighten all those who wish to listen.
    So, unlawfully detaining people of this calibre simply leads to an upgrade in the awareness of the prison population !
    Good, we need as many awake as possible !

  8. Dublinmick says:

    I am not familiar with him but noticed he said your body is the holy land. Well that is in keeping with every major pathway to truth or religion if you will.

    Cayce indicated the Israelite was simply the seeker of truth and Jerusalem those who had attained. Jesus said the temple of the spirit is the body which corresponds with Tao, Yogic Science and Buddhism.

    The greatest spiritual journey only involves about three and one half feet, from the base chakra to the crown chakra. It is a journey of consciousness raising.

    Kundalini is simply the life force a the base chakra. This life force is drawn from the earth by the feet themselves, indians wore leather moccasins. as they know it attracts the life force of the earth. Sitting Bull used to walk bare footed through the grass every morning to pick up earth energy.

    We collect this energy from the air we breathe, prana and the food we eat. And yes living food is much better.

    So there is nothing evil about kundalini unless one views life as evil.

    I think it was Plato who said the only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.

    • Dkblue says:

      Well said DM.
      Sexual energy is spiritual energy and is not inherently good or bad but a tremendous power from which, like everything, the result emerges dependant on the cause/motivation and proper guidance. Conflating kundalini with satanism etc shows a lack of understanding of the ancient wisdom traditions and their practises which are designed to lead to the direct realisation of the true nature of self and phenomena. That we all have the natural capacity to realise and manifest as Christ, Buddha etc. In this it is impossible to wish or bring harm to others. I have learnt that all fruitful and true/non-deceiving endeavours are based in morality or non-harming and benefiting self and other.

      • I have things to say on this topic, as my trains ofnthought develop, get my thoughts together, but you point out very valuable truthful jolting point, on my journey

      • Ive not read it yet but montague keens latest is here
        Is he for real, is it all real what he goes on about? Or is it all a NWO new age disinfo to keep us deceived and enslaved
        over the last year ive had a good feeling about MK, things seem to ring true. I don’t know enough at all about esoteric physics to know if hes actually advising us with a deceitful message, eg using our minds to direct living energy down leyleines, esp those leading converging on Rome. This could be a trap?
        But I don’t think so
        He goes on a lot about Ireland, it all started in Ireland. This ties in with what tapbloogers have discussed about the Aryan race, how bad demonic forces seek to wipe it out, I don’t know the history genetics of it all but I think Aryans genes go from Ireland down to britanny, basque, Greece, iran india. And I think the khazarian satanic Talmudic Jesuit whatever else they are, evil force in this world, feels inferior to this Aryan race and is what lies behind the agenda against the UK now and other countries too of course

      • I replied on this train of thought to DM just now.
        Sexual energy is spiritual energy. That makes a lot of sense, feels right. In the last 10 days since opening my eyes after reading his kundalini article and a few other things. lets just say, I can sense within myself , how practicising some kind of restraint, personal tantric strategies I suppose ( I have no partner), I have sensed and felt just in 10 days, a difference inside. Not just physically, in my mind, state of mind. 95% of enjoyment can still be had. But DKBlue I can tell its important to select a partner who is supportive and aware of this issue. Because selfish women that don’t understand this delicate issue, will see their male partner age and degenerate. Apparently this is even more important today than when the Buddhists and Taoists went on about its importance millennia ago. For male health.
        This is interesting and ties in with dublinmicks kundalini article and has certainly made pieces click for me
        It is I believe intentional by tptb, theyre clever think long term. Zinc selenium other deficiencies in soils, food supply. Destroying marriages the basic natural male female family unit, is the goal

        Changing subject dkblue I keyed in my name on birth certificate for life expression number, mines 11
        Life path number is 6, based on DOB I think it was. I can send the numerology site links, I have to say it reads very accurate about me and my journey
        Id be interested to known your life expression number and life path one

    • Yes, interesting. Theres Truth, Knowledge, Physics Fact. Which of course includes Spiritual Physics, the truth of electric universe, other dimensions. One look at youtube NDE testimonies, shows somethings going on. That 10 min one the guy with half his face smashed, after a plane crash. Shows theres something very strange going on, some profound Truth that must, must be being withheld intentionally from society except for the seekers of knowledge

      And this Truth, this etheric energy, this Source, Ruah, prana, orgone, Zero Point energy, God, Qi , whatever its called. I am realsinjg now is a neutral sword, nothing to be afraid of. Just physics fact.
      But of course bad people (illuminati khazarian Jesuit Satanists) choose to use this sword for evil.

      But yes can be used for good too

      And in fact, dr Lawrence wilsons website, he explains in depth the chakras, opening them, the importance of food and detoxification. Apparently NB science helps move the process along 50 times faster, the coffee enemas and NIR saunas.

      Groundings good yes, read a mercola article on that. Electrons I think?

      Wilson says that qi gong, tai chi, and Tibetan methods, all taught using the mind to bring energy in from top of the head down the front of the body.
      I think if walking barefoot or moccasins on grass every morning, this can enhance pull down of etheric energy from above.
      Maybe it works 2 ways, some electrons come up from the ground into the feet.
      Its said too etheric energy naturally without effort goes up the back of the body. Its forcing it down the front, is the harder part and the part that rejuvenates, brings in environmental etheric, not born reserves.

      However this, and other things he discusses. Even though he discourages kundalini like meditations. its clear his NB science is geared towards kundalini rising, but in a safe simple way that builds health
      Not, I suspect, in an intense Freemason or Shamanic intitiation type way of harsh regimens which I believe they do.. To activate the 6th chakra pineal 3rd eye

      I need to abrob properly your kundalini article and capt ajit and yr other interesting articles like Lucifer all seeing eye is inside your head
      Im noticing my attention span is getting less lately, so much to do, too few hours in the day. Trying to focus

      Mineral salts zodiac 12th supper bonnacci I think theres something in this.
      I think theres some truth and good in Christianity too, despite a lot of lies and Satanism hiding in plain sight. Maybe its Christianity in a pre official start of Christianity is the good Christianity?
      A Christianity that was so good, so empowering, the Roman Elites couldn’t stand it and went on their medierranean rampage buring Alexandria library, carthage etc.

    • Dkblue says:

      hi Adam,
      as far as I have understood, tantric practise is an advanced path and should only be done after much ‘spiritual groundwork’ and under the close guidance of a genuine master. However, there are other ways to reach these realisations, and clarity, that are less ‘dangerous’ if you will. I think you may like Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche’s teachings…simple so as to be be easily misunderstood, but profound and complete.
      I think we could run in infinite circles chasing the whos, whats and wherefores that are happening on the world’s stage but that only spiritual development and recognitions will be of lasting benefit – because they are not limited to just this lifetime…that’s what I am coming back to anyway! (Not dismissing or saying action in a worldly sense is useless tho).

      I like this quote of Jung’s
      Who looks outside dreams,
      Who looks inside awakens.

      • Hello Dkblue yes. I haven’t the time, energy to study or put in practice tantric practice, there are dangers associated with it too so I understand. Simply exercising mental restraint as described before, to conserve precious biovalaible forms of minerals like zinc, selenium, as well as etheric energy. Dr Wilson recommends this strongly today in his nb programme, or even the free version without hair analysis. Perhaps limiting it to once a month, if that. This seems like a safe easy measure to implement , to stop losing etheric energy like the Taoist monks do. Apparently unlimited cuddling and enjoying ones partner etc is fine according to Wilson
        I will look up Rinpoche.
        I agree. Theres time where it all gets a bit much, and I feel enveloped, and chasing my tail. I feel were anyway approaching if not already in the eye of the storm anyway. I think soon events and situations are going to show themselves and be more apparent.
        I realise theres a sophisticated cyber army and other types too, flooding us with paralysing confusing conflicting stories, all part of sun tzus the Art of War I think. All to confuse and demotivate and make us feel helpless.
        And that’s precisely why I feel, as you say, looking inward, spiritual development, reflection, tuning into the Higher Self – these are the ways forward and I feel better pulling up the drawbridge more and more now and doing more inner work. As well as caring for the physical body too..

        I read somewhere a quote I paraphrase, a Daoist or Taoist quote
        ‘You ask where is Dao? Look within!’

  9. Bluefeather6 says:

    Hitherto best people possess a feeling for beauty,
    The courage to take risks
    The discipline to tell the truth
    The capacity for sacrifice
    Ironically, their virtues make them vulnerable
    They are often wounded,
    Sometimes destroyed.
    Ernest Hemmingway.

    Santos stands up for the rights and justice for humanity. He has cultivated his character and cares not for conventional status or reputation. The people arresting him are brainwashed and have no understanding to the depth of depravity corporations have sunk to. Santos knows of the lies that humanity has been told, of the unnecessary suffering and the ignorance of so many things.

  10. Dublinmick says:

    The guy is right, the London Crown Temple answers to the vatican and the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Falkland Islands etc are under crown rule and they print the money,.

    The difference with americans is they don’t realize they are under the ponzi scheme. The level of consciousness in America is scary.

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