‘Astroturf’ and manipulation of media messages. False grass roots movements.


In this eye-opening talk, veteran investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson shows how astroturf, or fake grassroots movements funded by political, corporate, or other special interests very effectively manipulate and distort media messages.

Sharyl Attkisson is an investigative journalist based in Washington D.C. She is currently writing a book entitled Stonewalled (Harper Collins), which addresses the unseen influences of corporations and special interests on the information and images the public receives every day in the news and elsewhere. For twenty years (through March 2014), Attkisson was a correspondent for CBS News. In 2013, she received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism for her reporting on “The Business of Congress,” which included an undercover investigation into fundraising by Republican freshmen. She also received Emmy nominations in 2013 for Benghazi: Dying for Security and Green Energy Going Red. Additionally, Attkisson received a 2013 Daytime Emmy Award as part of the CBS Sunday Morning team’s entry for Outstanding Morning Program for her report: “Washington Lobbying: K-Street Behind Closed Doors.” In September 2012, Attkisson also received an Emmy for Oustanding Investigative Journalism for the “Gunwalker: Fast and Furious” story. She received the RTNDA Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Investigative Reporting for the same story. Attkisson received an Investigative Emmy Award in 2009 for her exclusive investigations into TARP and the bank bailout. She received an Investigative Emmy Award in 2002 for her series of exclusive reports about mismanagement at the Red Cross.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Gordon, Gordon. You are too kind to us handing out these nuggets of gold!

    She is excellent. Great Post.

    • [I don’t know if this mans right . But I do sense his thinking and articles have basic unvarnished common sense and his thoughts could have value]

      Luciferianism: the controlled opposition of the phony god
      Last week, I ran across an article on Henry Makow’s site that got my spiritual juices flowing: How Luciferians Think. In the piece, Makow (who is a Christian) lashes out at an essay written by Luciferian author Max More. While, on the surface, More’s argument makes vastly more sense than the name-calling and reflexive dogma of Makow, I couldn’t help but notice the subtle dialectic manipulation running under the surface of what both had written.

      On one hand, you have Makow attempting to equate the Christian god with the concepts of “Love, Truth, Beauty, Justice, Peace“ (and if you’ve ever read the Bible with an open mind, you’ll know how silly it is to equate the beastly “Yahweh” with any of those attributes). And on the other hand, you have More making sensible arguments while associating them with the rather unsavory concepts of selfishness, untethered morality, and darkness…

    • ”There is nothing more beautiful than casting off the chains of fear and walking into the unknown to seek the Truth about your relationship to God. And all ideas you encounter, both those which are socially accepted and taboo, can help you in your search. If you set aside the associational programming that has been attached to certain ideas and simply let them reflect off your spiritual core, the perceptions that bounce back at you will lead you in the right direction. Let your own spiritual compass guide you, not some abstract “ism” or mythology others are trying to sell you.”

    • I hope youre well BTW
      I have been in no mood lately for more chasing my tail, chasing the cabals tail, in this ridiculous Truman show were in.
      Instead, ive deleted switched off a lot of external stimuli and gone within lately, trying to recalibrate internally

      The way I see it, which I didn’t in Jan 2015, in such a total sense, I know now SSPs, UFOs are no big deal. Even though when the day comes it will all be mindblowing. But till then its now all par for the course. I feel were all in a holding position. I wont say a stalemate or even ccheckmate at all. But were in some kind of stagnant mate waiting
      Sooner or later some evidence has to show itself.
      I think why as well theres total lockdown officially on new technologies is its like dominoes, its not just free energy. The questions that would rapidly get asked about the New Physics, and dot connecting, people would soon be asking about the misuse of this technology with psychotronics weapons etc etc. Microwave weapons, scalar weapons, weather modification weapons. I don’t think its just a free energy petrodollar genie. Its a whole hidden arsenal of control technologies will be realised once the New Physics , real evidence starts being seen.
      Again, I come back to, this is why I think the only tolerable way for the cabal is, framed in a much much bigger Truman Show false reality. Which is why I view much of these solar s ystem colony ins and outs (not their existence) but background stories, with suspicios. The cabals hand is somewhere in all this, as it has been with the Disclosure Greer movement with Rockefeller backing since 1990s.

      Don’t think, with all this talk, im forgetting for a moment, about the s***f industry, the coleman stuff, all the evil that makes the soul sad, on this planet around us. Ive not forgotton.
      My subconscious is just in some kind of problem solving process trying to work out where we are and where Achilles heels are and consider possible situations and outcomes. Im tired lately

      Which is why ive focussed more energy inwards, and alternative mediine, which is the career id like to go into. Also, hydroponic farming like Tapblog has covered lately. I have other projects in mind too, I feel all sorts of extradimensional spiritual timeless threads are weaving and now, in my 40s, overcoming intertia and laziness, things are happening and threads are being woven in my mind…..this might have a spiritual component process to it

      Anyway I hope youre well.
      You are aware of the antioxidant and therapeutic nature of turmeric spice I hope? perhaps as a tea, also used in cooking, in olive oil or butter ghee, indian food for example, it could help the lung tissue. Also MS, more so I feel than just heat from any sauna,
      the 250w Phillips near infra red bulb and holder with clamp, single infra red lamp therapy, I bet you it could do good on lungs. 3-5 inches the NIR rays pemetrate the skin. Activate heat shock proteins. I sent you links a while back but see dr wilsons articles on it. I bet this could rejuvenate and make your lung tissue more elastic and functioning well again.

      ive had an up and down week, 2 weeks. As above, so below, macro/micro. I have things going on in my life, issues to address, things to tackle, progress to make.
      |Even though its only via tapblog, I enjoy our conversations and find it very therapeutic to discuss interesting vital diverse points with someone with interesting sharp mind, it helps the soul Higher self I think

    • 31 Aug 2015 2:12 am

      Dublinmick says:

      Adam you have admirable ability to connect dots. I like that

    • This is what im on about men scryfa http://tapnewswire.com/2015/09/refugee-psy-op-explained/#comment-47096

      And it ties in with comment to ferryt I believe tday in hitler, where I talk about tiny new nodes and a beautiful new matrix springing up

      I can sense the battles upon us. The Final Battle

      This feels like Braveheart and I think Mel Gibsons a hero,

      Yes its clear on here I have too much time to comment, not enough of a ‘social life’

      I am working on that. I am sharpening the sword and its working. Old traumas are resurfacing and im letting them flow through me, and im letting them go. The ‘pushing exercise’, roy masters thing Wilson talks of, the old Tibetan monks and nuns do, using the mind to move etheric energy downwards, has this effect.

      Since a teenager, ive never liked who I am and felt uncomfortable. These have been energetic traumatic imprints. But actually, theres nothing to be unconfrtable about. I have no shame in saying at 41 the shackles are coming off. And who knows like a caterpillar in a chrysalis, this is now the time for emergence. In ALL SENSES INCLUDING THIS TIME OF BATTLE

      My mind can now function on several levels which it couldn’t in the past, it seemed locked. ive also relaxed to the degree to almost be able. to be playful and relaxed in conversation with women. I need to use the mental agility on here, talking about conspiracies….use that in relaxed chat with women

      And my point is like I said, I am going to confidently relaxed approach beautiful women just like you have, soon this month or October

      And not captive audience barmaids

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