Are Policemen investigating paedophiles dying to protect Prime Ministers?

 Heath Bexley 1970

Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Myra Forde operated a child Brothel one mile from Edward Heath’s home.
She has now changed her story and now admits that she supplied young males to Edward Heath.She told Channel 4 News: ‘I can’t really tarnish his name. I promised him that.’
In The Sun, Forde says: ‘I knew Edward Heath in the early 90s and provided young men for him.’

According to Forde, Heath paid £500 a time for young foreign male escorts.

Some time back, Winchester Crown Court heard that Forde trained runaway children as prostitutes.

The court was told that one 15-year-old, controlled by Forde, had sex with five men at once.

One 13-year-old would go straight from school to the brothel.

Myra Forde’s Salisbury brothel (above) is within the WILTSHIRE police district.

Wiltshire Police are facing a corruption investigation over its handling of Edward Heath child abuse claims.

Wiltshire Police are to be put in charge of all investigations into Edward Heath.

‘Child abuse by Edward Heath’ was reported to Wiltshire police in the 1990s.A retired ‘very senior’ officer now claims that the criminal trial of Myra Forde was derailed in the 1990s to protect Heath.Reportedly, when the allegations of child abuse were made in the 1990s, Wiltshire police did not question Heath and did not search his home.

In 2011, Wiltshire’s Deputy Chief Constable David Ainsworth, formerly ACC of Kent Police, was found hanged in his home.

27 Responses to “Are Policemen investigating paedophiles dying to protect Prime Ministers?”

  1. ferryt says:

    What are they up to? What’s Murdoch rag doing exposing this now? The scum msm hacks have been sitting on this for years. Who is he diverting for?

    Will they mention his boat Morning Star returning to shore minus boy(s) that had been seen leaving with him? The police were told this at the time.

    Oh and the police are now looking at this.

    We are a very sick nation. Ruled over by some truly evil bastards.

    Can we sue the police? I like the idea of peace officers.

  2. ferryt says:

    On a lighter note I managed to convince a good old boy to cancel his Times subscription over the weekend. Merely based on certain details they neglected to print on the Heath story.

    A small win I guess.

    Question though, is Murdoch still able to operate and control the narrative even if his ops make a loss? Unfortunately I would expect so. Lost count of the number of people I know who must have skyTV. How to change that mindset?

  3. sovereigntea says:

    Heath is key to much of that is wrong which is why he has been protected. Heath associated with The Monday Club, The Bilderberg Group, The EU and Cercle Pinay

    Our overlords really don’t want you to associate the CIA, their funded offspring the EU and the potential for political blackmail and bribery of so called “leaders” like Heath to achieve their CIA / EU dreams.

    Another Monday Club member with lin ks to the Cercle complex – indeed a future Chairman of the Cercle Pinay itself – was Julian (Lord) Amery . Amery was a prominent MP on the Conservative Right with a long history of extensive intelligence contacts. Having served in the Balk ans with MI6’s Section D and the Special Operations Executive (SOE) during the war, he was one of the major figures who pushed MI6 in the immediate post-war period to adopt its disastrous plan “to liberate the countries within the Soviet orbit by any means short of war”, notably the catastrophic attempts to “set the Soviet Union ablaze” by landing armed bands of émigrés in Albania, Latvia, the Caucasus and the Ukraine. In June 1950, Amery attended the founding conference in Berlin of the CIA- funded CCF and served on its Internationa l Steering Committee (77)*; at the time, Amery was also one of the leading memb ers of the Central and Eastern Europe Commission of Retinger’s CIA-funded Eur opean Movement; he would also sit in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe from 1950 to 1957.

    • sovereigntea says:

      ( Spiegel , 10/80, pg 23) 1. As far as my previous BND knowledge and my current information go, this Circle, obviously named with the aim of defaming it, consists of a loose gathering of various conservative and an ti-communist politic ians, publicists, bankers and VIPs from other profession s that meets about twice a year in various parts of the world. Its origin s lie with the former French Prime Minister, Antoine PINAY. The Circle, wh ich also invites guests, still exists today. The last meeting of the PINAY CIRCLE was held over the weekend of 1st December 1979 in the Madison Hotel in Washington. Amongst the participants were former Minister NARJES (Germany), former Air Minister Julian AMERY (UK), former CIA Dir ector William COLBY, Federal Bank Director VOLKERS and Heritage Trust Foundation President FEULNER (USA) (359), as well as [former] Finance Minister PANDOLFI (Italy) (360)* and General FRAZER [sic] (South Africa) (361)*.

      Reinhard Gehlen- Knights of Malta

      Gehlen Organization or Gehlen OrgOn 22 May 1945, Gehlen surrendered to the U.S. Army Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) in Bavaria. He was brought to Camp King and interrogated by Captain John R. Boker near Oberursel. Because of his knowledge and contacts inside the Soviet Union he was very valuable to the Americans. He offered them his intelligence archives and his network of contacts in exchange for his liberty and the liberty of his colleagues imprisoned in American POW camps in Germany. Boker quietly removed Gehlen and his command from the official lists of American POWs and managed to transfer seven of Gehlen’s senior officers to the camp. Gehlen’s archives were unearthed and brought to the camp secretly, without even the knowledge of the CIC. By the end of the summer Boker had elicited the support of Brigadier General Edwin Sibert, the G2 (senior intelligence officer) of the Twelfth Army Group. General Sibert contacted his superior, General Walter Bedell Smith, Eisenhower’s chief of staff, who then worked with William Joseph Donovan, the former head of OSS and Allen Dulles, then the OSS station chief in Bern, to make suitable arrangements. On 20 September 1945, Gehlen and three close associates were flown to the United States to begin work for them. While there, Gehlen exposed a number of Office of Strategic Services (OSS) officers who were secret members of the US Communist Party.
      In July 1946 Gehlen was officially released from American captivity and flown back to Germany, where he began his intelligence work on 6 December 1946 by setting up an organization of former German intelligence officers, first at Oberursel near Frankfurt, then at Pullach near Munich, called the “South German Industrial Development Organization” to mask its true nature as an undercover operation and spy ring. Gehlen handpicked 350 former German intelligence agents to join him, a number that eventually grew to 4,000 undercover agents. This group was soon to be given the nickname the

      Gehlen Organization – Gehlen Organization

  4. GNJ says:

    That’s strange; all the news sources that I’ve come across so far are actually reporting the opposite. Myra Forde has pointed out that Heath was a “shy gay man” to whom she supplied adult male prostitutes between the ages of 21 to 30. She has specifically gone out of her way to emphasize that as far as her experience of him was concerned he was NOT a paedophile.

    • ferryt says:

      Yeah well go back to sleep. For you are asleep. Or a fool. Or you are being paid to spout your bile.

      I suppose that makes me antisemitic. A Nazi. Nick Ross knows best eh. Know what’s on the beeb. Oh auntie tell me all is well.

      Oh well the ‘news’ said so so that’s just dandy.

      (I know don’t feed the troll. Sometimes it’s hard not to).

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Ferryt we extend the jovial hand of greeting.

        Welcome fellow nutter. Be assured you are among sincere and genuine friends here.

      • ferryt says:

        Gosh that’s cheered me up!

        Thank you MS. Nice to be acquainted.

        Yes a lot people think I’m nuts. Family and friends. This cognitive dissonance is a powerful force indeed. Still I’ve got through to a few people recently. Chuffed with that since they are daily consumers of the corporate media shenanigans.

        Btw did I miss the pistols at dawn? Haha that was amusing..

    • sovereigntea says:

      Heath granted Savile his OBE, being PM at the time & surrounded by the Monday Club comprising of many well informed INTEL people plus what MI5 vetting should have come up with on Savile they keep an eye on BBC media types.

      How is it possible that Heath did not know Savile was a filthy nonce.

    • sovereigntea says:

      Reliable sources such as this Barrister Blogger chap.

      So, let me get this straight.

      Matthew Scott, AKA Barrister Blogger, arch CSA-sceptic was ‘straw man’ Madam Ling Ling’s barrister ?

      Well, that doesn’t sound dodgy in any way, does it ?

      “As her barrister in the early 90s, I saw no evidence that the Filipino brothel madam ever accused the former Prime Minister of being a paedophile”

      The Telegraph

      • Men Scryfa says:

        He is also the w****r who is matey with Barbara Hewson and the one who sceptically rejected any doubts raised over Exaro News…


      • Men Scryfa says:

        Madame Ling Ling, the convicted Paedophile Pimp, who happens to now say “oh but Heath was just a lonely old gay man… would never touch underage boys”

        Please. She was convicted of supplying 13 yr olds and must have had serious dirt on Heath to have avoided prosecution in the first place. As usual the mainstream press totally full of old cobblers cobbled together at the behest of the Intel Service

    • Nollidge says:

      GNJ ; Ignore the haters,Your’e here to earn your shekels.I understand that.Business is buisness.right?.

  5. GNJ says:

    …No doubt much to the chagrin of the sensationalist tabloids and oh…the online *alternative* media;)

  6. kingel says:

    Heath was said to have sailed over to Jersey, picked his victims from Haut de la Garenne children’s…”home”….and, threw the bodies overboard when finished.
    These “entities” are ….SCUM of the UNIVERSE….

    PRIME minister… HA HA HA………CRIME minister more like !
    These psycho’s put the….GRATE…in Britain !

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