American Journalist Kicked Out Of UK For Investigating VIP Child Abuse



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‘Leah McGrath Goodman, an American journalist expelled from Britain for investigating abuse allegations against Edward Heath, speaks to LBC.

McGrath Goodman is a respected senior writer with Newsweek and says she was expelled from Britain because of her investigation into allegations of abuse surrounding former Prime Minister Ted Heath.

“You wonder why they would take so much trouble with you unless they really wanted to scare you off. I felt like the attempt was to intimidate me,” said McGrath Goodman.’




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  1. Lynn says:

    Its a maffia….they have sleepers in every corner of the globe. This is the glue that allowed them to trade. It is a big black market. The secret is blown open now and they will do everything in their power to come after us. They will destroy all before lose. They are vengeful and very unstable nut jobs.

  2. sovereigntea says:


    UK Police and Prosecution service use fear and harassment to Silence Chris Spivey and stop freedom of speech
    The Prosecution of Chris Spivey.
    August 19, 2015 James Robertson

    • ferryt says:

      Great article ST:

      “It is also worth noting that the alleged victims did not appear before the court, all the evidence tendered was provided by the police who were the only witnesses.
      Spivey was thus convicted without his counsel having the opportunity to question the witnesses against him in another clear breach of all legal norms and traditions, and a denial of natural justice.”

  3. Nike says:

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  4. David says:

    $9 Million Fraud Judgment Against Antony Gordon In Federal Court
    This fraud judgment has led to Antony Gordon’s Chapter Seven bankruptcy, which is a straight liquidation.

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  5. charles drake says:

    pollution of the well
    she does not need to go to jersey
    does she
    she could send a friend
    plenty of folks on the island to help.
    ex detectives as well ok maybe a tiny few but still.

    i like max keiser her fun leah goodman cute in an odd sort of way like democracy now goodman and keiser and stacy and rita katz murdoch alan yentob into talmud infinity
    all jewisher
    all hasbara sayanim operations
    some of them may be nice and decent
    not to be trusted
    no direct routes
    they will take you all around the houses
    have your head spinning not knowing if your ike coming or alex jones going.
    where you started or whats your final destination.

    • ian says:

      indeedy spinning up the downymore, till you don’t netinya-who you are.

    • Very interesting thanks, this RT situations been on my mind a few months, keiser had me fooled, I noticed stacy herb one day wore a tshirt with an upside down, upside down illum pyramid all seeing eye at the bottom
      I assumed it was some signal that they were on the side of good

      Also max and stacy do seem to come across as caring and genuine. But of course taking us round the houses
      I assumed RT was the official kremlin news channel, I was wrong
      I also note as Tapblog covered in March, a superfast electrogravitic craft went behind herberts head down the thames on live tv
      So its clear theyre participating in the upcoming building tension and hype of alien deceptions theyre hoping to pull on us, hopefully enough will see through the lie

    • Jennifer says:

      Yeah, as Tap was on an extended holiday, and couldn’t actually see the content of links he was sent, he asked me to post any stuff I thought OK. Sadly, being too obliging, I posted one about a ‘UFO’ flying behind someones’s head in a TV studio. Any freakin’ eegit could see it was nonsense.
      Well, we all have had some embarrassing moments, online.
      I’m MUCH more discriminating now.

      • Sadly, its sad, about your tone and attitude to a fellow Tapblogger on this matter. I hope you can get over yourself soon
        Truthseeking, and having a chip on the shoulder don’t go well together,
        My feeling is tapblogs not about this type of tone and not built on this
        Thankfully youre not the only person on tapblog deciding whether things should get posted, if you were tapblog would be poorer for it. Thankfully there are moreopen minded posters without a chip on their shoulders,
        I would be the first to apologise and admit, my RT submission was a mistake , sorry for sending it in, if I was an idiot and it was rubbish
        But sadly, that isn’t the case
        Sadly, the opposite is true
        And the RT incident behind her head was worthy enough and not inappropriate, to be looked at and discussed on Tapblog, it is not some 3rd or 10th rate youtube photoshopped CGI ufo hoax

      • And Tapblog readers, please look again

        Especially the photos at ufosightings, it is not a bird. It was on live TV. Look at the shape and speed of it. Very unnatural.
        It deserves scrutiny. it looks like an electrogravitic T Townsend Brown craft.
        The questions we must ask is: why would RT and its jewish elite owners decide in 20q13 to let millions of viewers see an electrogravitic craft whizz down the thames behind stacy herberts head?
        What motivation?
        In march 2015 I assumed it was white hats wanting the SSP ufo cover up created by 20th century billionaires, exposed.
        Now I don’t think so. Instead I think its part of the alien narrative, fake alien narrative. Project Bluebeam

      • ferryt says:

        Adam. I know we’ve been friends lately. But but but are you a shill? I think so.

        Why not post one of your long responses about child abuse?

        Ken Clarke. Post a comment there maybe.

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