Alfred Webre Admits to Being a.i. Mind-Controlled

mind control wavesIt’s pretty crazy out there in the Land of the Awakened.

We did say there was no other explanation for his odd behaviour, didn’t we?

If it could happen to Alfred, then it could happen to anyone. The same scenario Hatter outlines below has unfolded in other cases besides Alfred’s, but people haven’t recognized this—yet.

Why focus on Alfred? Why not point a finger at the other foisters, as well? If we wait for them to admit it we might wait a long time. At least he uses his own name.

It sounds like his book would be an interesting read, too.  “MY JOURNEY LANDING HEAVEN ON EARTH” is available at  ~ BP

alfred webre

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August 22, 2015



”I am presently healing from an AI Artificial Intelligence Imagineering holographic mind control event that occurred to me as the target in 1973 and that has caused me pain and misdirection for 40+ years. I went public with my experience as a Targeted Individual in June 2015 in a 762 page book where I gathered the evidence now made public to show how AI can use mind control to manipulate us individually and collectively.”

… So Webre was responsible for dreaming up “alternative futures,” and he has used that experience to good effect in the “alternate timelines” mind-screw he is currently foisting upon the awakening public. … As it turns out, an alumnus of SRI has been very active in the alternative media, and he has been applying New Age mind control themes to the newly awakening in order to facilitate their acceptance of the nascent BRICS-fronted NWO.

His name is Alfred Lambremont Webre … there are lots of “whistleblowers” running around on the interview and conference circuits. Many of them claim to be offering “beyond top secret” information and openly brag that they’re violating secrecy oaths and contracts to tell us their stories, yet they never go to jail and have no problem boarding planes to attend the various paid conferences (so they’re not even on the No-Fly List). Don’t you find that interesting?

If you want to build a false paradigm in people’s minds, here’s how you do it:

1) You have paid disinformation agents pose as whistleblowers and tell the public tall tales.

2) You have other disinformation agents promote the whistleblowers with interviews and conferences.

3) You have yet other disinformation agents put together all of the “whistleblower testimonies” into books and videos that outline and support the false paradigm.

Do you think any of these three steps is beyond the capacity of the globalist intelligence services?

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  1. Dogman says:

    So where does that leave his allegations about Kevin Annett? Bearing in mind Annett’s work that allegedly exposes royals and senior politicians and church members, how hard would it be to pay for fabricated stories to discredit Annett?

    If you want to read a compilation of excerpts from declassified CIA mind control documents try this link –

    • Yes, something else, discussed on tapblog perhaps a month ago, but ive forgotton what. but I commented then, where does this leave us with Annett? Something not related to the above, made me wonder if he was a sophisiticated disinfo operation.
      It might have been the redefininggod website which is worth a look at,that blog. I think it was those articles.
      That sites done a good job, he writes well, simply, how for example, the rise of BRICS and the east is of course orchestrated by the elites too.
      As ive said, I feel the elites (though I don’t like that term, scum is more like it), somethings motivating them (galactic Superwave incoming prophecised energy perhaps) to reconstruct a much bigger elaborate Truman Show dome matrix veil of Lies with many aspects to it. So they can allow the free energy genie out the bottle. And justify taking away our freedoms, clamping down. I think some kind of DNA upgrading /Ascension/Kundalini thing is underway for humanity and theyre trying to stop it by poisoning us, all the chemtrail toxic metals for example.
      So that. And all the ET Alien lie storylines from Alt Media as well as MSM now. Some kind of bigger Truman SHow dome of lies to encase us in.
      Hopefully theres many weaknesses and holes in things and their plans wont work out
      My point with all this, ….yes kevin Annett could be some way of sophisiticated controlled opposition. And maybe Webre put this in motion last month, to discredit Annett.
      Who knows, maybe Webre isn’t AI controlled, maybe that’s just some story to publicise to more people about what AI is

      ”Mark Windows interviews Kevin Annett. It’s interesting as usual, especially hearing Mark Windows’ own contributions. Just two days after this interview, Alfred Webre released his devastating report alleging Annett’s a Cointelpro globalist operative. That report comes below after the Mark Windows’ interview. And then the radio show with Kevin Annett replying to the allegations is next, and then last his own website response”

  2. Nike says:

    ” some kind of DNA upgrading /Ascension/Kundalini thing is underway for humanity and theyre trying to stop it by poisoning us”

    nonsense – sry

  3. ferryt says:

    Alfred interviewed Eisenhower’s grand daughter where she informed us of apparent portals between earth and mars. I think she went so far as to say that Barry Ohblowme had been to mars through one of these portals from Australia or maybe Toronto.

    Hadn’t seen much of Alfred’s content prior to this but that was enough for me to conclude that Alfred was spreading porky pies.

    Sorry for the childish reference to Barry. In a stupid mood.

  4. charles drake says:

    no alfred
    just another rabbi alt media puppet.
    100s of hours of bilge around the houses balls and bull.
    always dollops of truth to hook you in.

    the smirks nods and winks masonic hand work gives these guys away.

    truth to round up
    then when ready
    control demolition into his own footprint
    leaving you played spent full of dillusion and doubt
    tavistock been workin 100 years at this.
    more difficult herding cattle

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