The City where Jesus grew up and was king is blown apart by ISIS

How Ancient Palmyra, Now in ISIS’s Grip, Grew Rich and Powerful
A distinctly multicultural trading center grew rich on trade between east and west, until it rebelled against its most powerful customer.
Picture of Palmyra
Palmyra grew fabulously wealthy as a middleman for trade between the Mediterranean and Mesopotamia, and its citizens donated generously to massive building campaigns.

TAP – the small kingdom which included Palmyra, sat between the Roman and Persian Empires, trading tax-free between the two of them, until the Romans decided to intervene in the growing wealth and power of the kingdom.  That same kingdom was inherited by Izas, or Jesus as we know him, who had ambitions on the Roman Empire, starting a  war (The Nazarene Revolt) which he ultimately lost betrayed by some of his followers (Notably Josephus Flavius (St Paul) who acted as a Roman spy), and overpowered by Rome’s might in AD70 commanded by Vespasian.
By Kristin Romey, National Geographic


In Palmyra, history is literally written on the walls: across temples and above doorways, encircling funerary monuments and snaking up the towering limestone columns that rise above the Syrian desert some 134 miles (215 km) northeast of Damascus.

These inscriptions were often written both in Greek and Palmyrene Aramaic, a bilingual phenomenon unique to Palmyra. The site is a UNESCO World Heritage site that has been a focus of international attention since May, when the Islamic State (ISIS) seized the territory around the ancient ruins.


One example: an inscription from around 130 A.D., in which the Senate of Palmyra honored a citizen named Male Agrippa for building a temple dedicated to Baal Shamin, the Semitic god of the heavens, to commemorate an earlier visit by the Roman emperor Hadrian. The bilingual dedication was inscribed at the entrance to the temple, which featured a unique mix of Roman and Near Eastern architectural styles.

Male Agrippa’s gift to his city, the Temple of Baal Shamin, was destroyed by the Islamic State last weekend.

Forces from ISIS, allegedly planted improvised explosive devices (IEDs) across the entire site in late June. “I am seeing Palmyra being destroyed in front of my eyes,” says Syria’s Director of Antiquities Maamoun Abdulkarim. “God help us in the days to come.” (Learn more about the Islamic State’s campaign against archaeological sites.)


Picture of Isis allegedly blowing up part of Palmyra
A photo depicts the recent destruction of the ancient Baal Shamin temple in Palmyra, built by a local citizen to honor the visit of a Roman emperor.

In addition to the destruction of the Baal Shamin temple, the Islamic State is responsible for the recent torture and murder of Khaled Asaad, the 82-year-old former director of antiquities at Palmyra. He is survived by 11 children, including a daughter, Zenobia, named after the city’s legendary queen.


TAP – Why has the West not heard a dickie bird about Palmyra in any media reporting previous to its being blown up by ISIS?  The reason is that this is the kingdom, which Izas (Jesus) was king of.  From Palmyra he tried to take control of Judaea from the Romans and lost the war in AD70, after which he was exiled to Britain and held captive in Chester.  The Catholic Church cannot allow the people of the world to discover the real truth of who Jesus was, when he lived, and what he actually did, otherwise the fairytale of Christianity will be undone.  Ralph Ellis’s King Jesus trilogy explains the journey of discovery Ellis went through over twenty five years unravelling the deceptions.  Luckily he visited Palmyra and managed to photograph key statues of figures representing either Jesus himself or his close relatives.

He also collected the coins of the kingdom of which Palmyra was the richest city, showing Jesus’ father, his ancestors and relatives.  ISIS can and will blow it all up, and a beautiful city will be lost to the world, but the truth of what lies behind all the Abrahamic religions, Judaeism, Christianity and Islam cannot be hidden from an internet-savvy generation.  You need to read Ralph Ellis if you want to understand the true history.  Palmyra is a key part of the untold story.

Nice pictures but much else provided by the following link ! –


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  1. Mark says:

    Reading Ralph and will respond Tap
    Plant a Seed org uk (soon up)
    Review of his book on Mary

    Sad post about our historical wealth


  2. Lynn says:

    They are destroying everything in their path. Its a reset and history needs to be wiped away. Books and libraries are also being destroyed. They fear the past catching up with them now. Nowhere is sacred. We need to record everything they do for future generations, make copies and backups. These psyco’s don’t like truth or proof.

  3. Dogman says:

    I’m interested in reading some of Ralph Ellis’s work. I’ll read it and then pass judgement, unlike our resident goddess of victory, who just seems to know everything although doesn’t seem to want to use Jesus the Christ’s real name or give us a physical description, despite keep mentioning him.

  4. Dublinmick says:

    Sparky is a tough customer!

    • Under the tap article Amazing Water I explained about my experience 2 yrs ago with youtube, one of the 528hz dna repair codon hour long playing frequencies. My comment there then goes on explaining my negative possible weeklong entity attachment of some kind.
      I then later read somewhere some blog saying 528hz is black magic satanic. Do you have an thoguhts from your esoteric explorations is 528hz bad? Ill certainly stay away from it. Apparently theres a lot of new age frequencies on youtube pretending to do all sorts and might be covertly satanic.
      I got this reply after
      Nike says:

      Solfeggio Frequency 528 Hz: Has been Said to help Mend DNA

      Close your eyes… headphones ..
      I find this sound relaxing – feels like healing


    • And, this suppressed knowledge about the Electric Universe ,
      It ties in with astrology, the proper esoteric type. Its a branch of physics
      But physics they’ve hidden from us for how many centuries.

      I feel there is something important and valuable and true that Rabbit discusses, his experiences knowing God and Jesus showing himself, His presence to him.
      That’s for another comment somewhere else, when I get my thoughts straight, and know what to ask, about Ralph Ellis and what Rabbit and Henry say. I wonder if, everything everyone has felt and experienced and knows, even though they give different labels to it. Its still all the same thing. Its still some kind of Intelligent Physics, Intelligent Conscious Energy and that could be exactly what Rabbit speaks of, though names of Jesus Christ are given. Because yes, could Ralph Ellis be a cabal fake historian perhaps? Or not, it seems not. Does everything in Gnosticsm, even though its badly tarnished by the Freemason association, is it all demonic bad? is there some overlap of this Jesus Christ Rabbit speaks of and Gnosticsm?

      Perhaps the Freemasons have just twisted and distorted for demonic ends, what used to be a loving peaceful wonderful thing that knew about the Electric Universe.

      However my point here is, Laura Walkers I think shes great, and a good person. She seems to be predicting anticipating and tracking well the NWO cabals antics.

      The astrology she discusses daily all ties in with the physics of the Electric Universe.

      I am aware and very careful as I type this, Bad Energy (Satan?) demonic forces? whatever it is in this world. Acts by deception and there will be many New Age Gnostic type Astrology things aiming to twist and lead people onto some satanic path.
      We can say lead away from Jesus Christ. But what does this mean, really? Maybe it just means being lead away from Purity, Goodness, High Ethics, Deep inner motivation , from within, acting with love and high intent.
      Maybe that’s what Jesus Christ is?

      • kingel says:

        I don’t know if this is of interest to you Adam S……you choose…………

        The book ‘Satan Prince of This World’ was written in 1959 and published in 1966.

        It was authored by William Guy Carr, a WW I and, WW II veteran who said, the way things are being DIRECTED, WW III is inevitable.

        Three excerpts from the book:…..

        “The struggle is, according to Carr, being directed by Lucifer to cause human beings to defect from God; so he can enslave them all for eternity, physically, mentally and, spiritually”.

        “Wars and revolutions were planned years and years ahead and, designed to bring about the destruction of all forms of government and religion in order that a totalitarian dictatorship might be imposed on what is left of the worlds population, after the last social cataclysm has ended”.

        “….The SOS, synagogue of Satan is composed of ….Them who say they are Jews and are not …and do lie”.

        Carr talks about Freemasonry and, many of the Organised Religions as, control mechanisms whose final aim, is to alienate all people on planet earth from….Source..the Prime Creator of the Universe……GOD or, whatever name you give him.
        This alienation is said to be the work of Lucifer..

        If, ones personal belief system, does not embrace some sort of Creator God, it may be difficult to accept the concept of Lucifer ?

        There is a possibility that people are being, directed away from information that might lead them to conclude, that a Prime Creator of the Universe MAY exist.
        If, this is the case, the reason may be that people would be less likely to identify Lucifer, (If this is in fact true) as, the fount of all EVIL, on this planet.

        The rational being if one does not believe in God, the likelihood is, one would not believe in, the opposite of God…….. Lucifer.
        So if, Lucifer is in fact directing the Worlds destruction, those who do not believe in a God Creator, are unlikely to identify Lucifer as the trouble maker, the destroyer, and, any attempt to identify the source of the World’s ills may not fall on him ?

        Carr said that religion may be used as a control mechanism and, as a means of separating people from Source… the Prime Creator God. Many of us are aware of this fact. However, it may seem odd to those attending Church and, praying to the Almighty that their “penitence” could be misdirected ?

        Tap recently posted a video, in which the “Celebrant” in a Roman Catholic Mass was quite clearly praying to Lucifer. So, the Congregation, think they are praying to God the Creator, whilst the Clergy are, in fact, praying to Lucifer !

        If, the Priesthood acknowledges Lucifer as their God, does that give credence to the existence of an opposite; a God of Creation, an Integrity entity, rather than a God of Chaos and Destruction ?

        I don’t know, I am also in the process of trying to work things out !
        Having said that, I am convinced but, unable to prove it, that there is, in fact, a Supreme Creator God. It is my personal belief , it is obviously up to others to make up their own minds.

        My belief in God is personal, I steer clear of Organised Religion, thank God !

        A few days ago, I came across the Jesuit Oath……….

        “…….As a faithful soldier of the Pope a Jesuit is expected to insidiously plant the seeds of jealousy and hatred between communities, provinces, states that were at peace and, incite them to deeds of blood, involving them in war with each other and, to create revolutions and civil wars in countries that were independent and prosperous……..only that the Church might be the gainer in the end, in the conditions fixed in the treaties for peace and that the end justifies the means….”

        I believe the person who revealed this information was an ex Catholic priest. !

        Imho, the CATHOLIC Church is a LUCIFERIAN OPERATION. It has duped millions of “believers” for more than a thousand years and, those believers provided the untold wealth that was the cornerstone of the church’s “success”; before it moved into people trafficking, drug smuggling, money laundering etc !

        VATICAN CITY must be one of the most evil places on Planet Earth !
        It “appears” that Lucifer does exist… some form so, does that mean that the opposite exists i.e. a Divine creator God ?
        Who knows ?
        I think yes but, cannot prove it.

        This information, reference the Catholic Church, ties in with Carr’s assertion that LUCIFER is ATTEMPTING to TURN PEOPLE AWAY FROM…SOURCE, THE PRIME CREATOR !

        Finally, a man I hold in high regard…..Santos Bonacci…………

        The title is ‘Your body Is The holy Land’

        In the first 9 minutes Santos, equates the Original Creator stories of good and evil, with classic children’s fairy tales and, rhymes…. so this bit can be skipped.

        The subject of this Santos video is…….yes there is a Prime Creator but, each of us carries his DIVINE ESSENCE within us.

        Many of the “geographical locations” of the bible stories are incorrect because, the “locations” are within the human body !
        I can’t remember the “break down”, off the top of my head but, the river Jordan is the SPINE. The 33 vertebrae have a significance, the brain another and, so it goes on.
        Santos says we, as members of mankind and, children of the Prime creator, are entities of divine essence. We are beings of free will and, possess unalienable rights. No one has “RIGHTS” over us.

        For anyone on a “religous” search, the Santos Bonacci video is well worth watching.
        Incidentally, Santos was arrested again this month, by Australian storm troopers forcing themselves into his home.
        He is a man of integrity and truth, and a thorn in the side of those who wish to keep us ignorant.
        His persecution by the authorities may be an indication, that he is on to something.
        Something, the “SCUM at the top” would rather we did not know !

  5. freebornman says:

    Hi all, well nearly all anyway. Been a daily reader (and one time contributor) here for a few years. Enjoy the comments as much as the articles. Some solid regulars, Aldous, ferryt, Dublinmick, Lynn, Dogman, and Tap, of course, the newly humble RabbiT, Charles Drake even, all presenting considered opinions, information and fascinating links.
    Then there’s Nike. (Seems to rhyme with Kike, but nothing else I can think of), who seems to come here to display his sub-adolescent arrested development by insulting commenters, making up peurile versions of usernames, and generally trying to derail any actual discussion of the matter at hand. I propose that the ‘Nike’ entity should be completely ignored as an irrelevance, but retained as an amusement. It’s pathetic yapping and yelping is, after all, mildly amusing albeit in a schadenfreude kind of way.

    • freebornman says:

      Bloody hell, there it was again. Kind of a ‘yip yid yipping’ noise. Perhaps I need to upgrade my tinfoil hat to lead flashing or something.

    • Dublinmick says:

      I giving you an A+ on that one. 🙂

      • freebornman says:

        Thanks Dublinmick, as Frank Carson used to say about trolls, “it’s the way I smell ’em”. Or something like that. Mabye. It was a long time ago.
        And thanks for ‘Here comes the sun’.

    • RabbiT says:

      Hi freeborn. Curious as to what you mean by the “newly humble RabbiT”.

      Does this concern my being broken-hearted? Been that way for nearly 30 years now -just don’t say too much about it but will expand one day. ‘Tis truly all about the human heart if the truth be known.

      Tap has to my knowledge only posted one of my comments that being to apologise to WASP for criticising him over the “brain dead” Jesuit issue when in fact he had the right to believe whatever he pleased even though most of the posters disagreed with him, a post which I thought made me, as I believe I am, humble.

      Disagreement/ criticising openly is striving for peace but so many see such as an attack.

      Henry has cast out his fishing rod again by claiming Ellis reflects all of our understandings when such is not the case.

      I feel a reasonable question to Henry would be to point out that the said Jesus has had greater influence on mankind in the last 2000 years than any other individual to the extent that 2015 is supposed to celebrate 2015 years since His birth though probably out by circa 6 years.

      That is one big burden to carry by one man Ellis. Does Tap have any evidence to disprove Jesus Christ lived when He did despite the convenient opinions of Ellis who wishes to dismiss the truth of His existence?

      Frankly I have a ton of experience demonstrating Jesus is who He says He is given I challenged Him to enter my life only if He is whom He says He is.

      Been very difficult working for Him these past 35 years but you get your hearts desire.

      • freebornman says:

        Hi, RabbiT, please accept my most humble apologies, your third paragraph reminded me, I had you mixed up with WASP for some reason. Hence ‘newly humble’. My bad. I tried reading Ellis’ Jesus- last of the pharaos recently, but I found it incoherent, and gave up halfway. I had sunday schooling when I was a kid, and those ten commandments informed all my life since. I wonder if it actually matters who Jesus was, surely what he said is what matters. I’m allergic to pomp and dogma, prefer ‘the kingdom of God is all around’. Possibly a re-incarnated Cathar or some such. Feeling a need to stand on the side of the good lately, there is a Quaker friends meeting room nearby, you just chipped away a bit more of the reluctance in me to attend.
        Wishing your humble heart mended, freebornman.

  6. freebornman says:

    After a quick look at another article, repeat my last comment, substituting ‘Neutrino’ for ‘Nike’. There are noticeable differences in the style and content of their/it’s comments, (one of it can spell ‘Israel’, the other spells it ‘Isreal’) but their/it’s effect is the same. They/it is/are here to distract you from constructive discussion, that’s all. Apologies to any regulars I didn’t mention, and thanks again to all that seek to enlighten.
    Oh, and the ISIS thing? If our ‘government’ stopped arming, supplying and paying them, they would evaporate overnight.

    • freebornman says:

      This internetinnitus is getting quite irritating now. It’s taken on a kind of whiny, directionless, stabbing blindly hoping for response quality. It almost distracted me from asking, how many sites of historic significance to the malignant tribe have ISIS destroyed? Save yourselves the trouble looking, the answer is 0, zip, nada. They may be murderous zealots, but they understand that thing about not biting the hand that feeds.

  7. yes no interlude says:

    nike do you have mental health issues don’t be ashamed if so.

  8. Nollidge says:

    I think we all know that ISIS is a Mossad/CIA construct,which proves beyond any doubt that the US is now Zionist occupied territory.(Many years ago CIA HQ had a strict separation between the department that kept an eye on Isreal & the rest of the CIA.Looks like the CIA is now also totally occupied).
    Anyway,ISIS is led by Jews posing as Moslems & recruits the most gangsterish types it can.Israel’s ultimate aim is to destroy all the remains of the ancient civilisations in the Mid-East so that they can claim that the (non-existent) ancient Israel was the only one ever.They can then rewrite history the way they want it.Sounds insane,but tha’s how it is.

  9. Yes in fairness Nike youre right, I forgot about that other comment you typed. On this 528 issue you may have meant well. I still feel 528hz is something to be very careful of on youtube

    ”The composer named it “Floating amongst the stars“; that appealed to me because it reminded me of a dream I’ve once had. That’s too personal, but I can say that much: It was about the process of dying. Hold on… About a spiritual experience. In my dream I was floating amongst the stars, I was light and spirit. Fully self conscious, an individual – me. And still ONE with the universe. Not falling but FLOATING. Gorgeous. No fear. No contradiction left. God is light. God is Spirit and everywhere. God is universal, and lives in the individual too.The experience was universal and personal at the same time. I can’t put that fully into words (even in German, may mother tongue it’s too difficult)

    So, Adam, don’t be afraid. Be careful though. That’s fine.
    People are different. I’ve always wanted to know. I’m not afraid of getting to know; I think knowledge is preferable to ignorance. Ignorance is not bliss. Not for me anyways.
    So, it’s always for you to decide.
    Make your steps one by one – and you’ll be fine.”


  10. Dogman says:

    Do you possess a mirror?

  11. Driver47 says:

    I’ve read a few Ralph Ellis books, takes a little time to get into them but after a while it all makes sense of what he’s saying and the historical facts add up. No doubt at some stage he”ll be threatened to stop publishing by the 4 x 2’s

  12. Eternity says:

    It’s starting to look like Spivey’s site on here now. The very last AM site I visit is this one, please don’t soil this one with bitching, fighting, flashing out the trolls with a diatribe straight out of a year three playground. All AM sites with response forums are now filthy remnants of good intentions hijacked by the squabble squad.

    Not TAP, please.


    • freebornman says:

      And your contribution to the subject at hand is…….?

      • Eternity says:

        Put your rattle down, I come in peace.
        The CIA and their clowns will destroy everything perceived to be sacred and defile everything that is guaranteed to get the backs of ‘ordinary’ folk up and this stunt no different. Just like the lie that is Christmas but adored and worshipped by millions in the false presumption that it is religious so to protect the bullies that hind behind it.
        I do not have anything to contribute to this article, I come to read to keep the grey matter ticking over, if I have to stop above the comment section so be it.
        I’m not here to cast stones but I am tired of irrational arguing that makes the AM look like a fools playground sometimes so cringe worthy that it won’t be too much longer that it will be embarrassing relying on it as a means to direct people to in need of educating.

    • freebornman says:

      And what’s wrong with Spiveys site? All that stuff about how the state seeks to crush and destroy anyone who dares to contradict the party line make you uncomfortable? Perhaps you could set up your own site, “Equal rights for Trolls” or “Trolls have feelings too”.
      There is no victory for ignorance here, join in constructively, or flutter off on those goddess wings.

    • freebornman says:

      “Put your rattle down, I come in peace.”
      “I’m not here to cast stones” FAIL.
      “I do not have anything to contribute to this article” TRUE
      “The CIA and their clowns will destroy everything perceived to be sacred and defile everything that is guaranteed to get the backs of ‘ordinary’ folk up and this stunt no different. Just like the lie that is Christmas but adored and worshipped by millions in the false presumption that it is religious so to protect the bullies that hind behind it.”
      To say you have nothing to contribute to this article, it did seem that you were trying to say something there. It had a few buzz-words, and lots of other words, but no actual meaning that I could discern.
      “I am tired of irrational arguing that makes the AM look like a fools playground” Stop doing it then.
      ” it won’t be too much longer that it will be embarrassing relying on it as a means to direct people to in need of educating.”
      Ahh, we found some common ground at last.

    • freebornman says:

      ” I am tired of irrational arguing that makes the AM look like a fools playground sometimes so cringe worthy that it won’t be too much longer that it will be embarrassing relying on it as a means to direct people to in need of educating.”
      Here’s some ammo for you.

      • Eternity says:

        I would have thought you were a one man band, but I got you all sussed. I see the same band of people, a group of a dozen or more that comment on all AM forums and jump on the backs like demons of everyone who has something different to say that you don’t like. The solitary moment a word is uttered that displeases you out pops the troll word thrown about like a defence mechanism to unutterable words so long as they are not yours.
        I see the game you are playing and it resonates so loud out of the pages of the Protocols of Zion like a pantheon of unwelcome sound.
        You are agents waiting to pounce and you have the audacity to claim one who comes in must come in with ‘constructive’ argument yet you fail yourself to demonstrate as if you had a career in hypocrisy. You are the true trolls wreaking havoc with truth that to you is nothing more than a pedestal to assert your views in pomposity.
        I have only ever commented once before and you utterly disgust me, the numbers on the Guidstones should read zero. You wonder why the ‘privileged’ are where they are and why you are where you are, it’s self explanatory you selfish, spiteful people.

    • Jennifer says:

      Hear, hear. Well said. It’s all getting too tedious for words.

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