10 Responses to “Jimmy Savile look-alike Judge testifies on behalf of accused in child rape case”

  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Well looky here another bit of Tapestry journalism – don’t worry don’t credit the source.

    Do you want any more heads up or not you f%%%%ing D%%% ?

    Just put a couple of initials on this one. Sort the other one out by a credit to MenScryfa. Then delete this comment and DON’T DO IT AGAIN!

    And all will be well. I will have forgotten by morning time.

    • ferryt says:

      Hey MS chill brother.

      You sound like me on the comments when er it all gets too much.

      I’ve not tuned in though till just now..

      Ave you been censored or something?

      • Men Scryfa says:

        I have certain rules I live by. I consider them to be simple rules. Those rules apply whether it be rich or poor tall or short. The same rule that is applied to the NWO gets applied to anyone else. I wager that if those kind of rules had been abided by then this country would never be in the mess that we are now in.

        Blogs like this depend on keeping people interested in sending in items and that means treating them in return right. I don’t need details plastered all over this one as other blogs have taken it up. But that other effort regarding Tianjin went too far. Nobbing off from your own comments section. Well we are going to see if Tap has the good grace to take it on the chin and offer a mea culpa or if there is a bluff being called and then we can all fall out.

    • Aldous says:

      I thought we were trying to tell and sell free of charge the TRUTH here? Isn’t the deserved credit the fact that this article came from your comment?

      I get satisfaction from seeing an article published as a result of a comment/link I submit and is approved.

      I post foc for anything the Admins want to do with my comment: approve, delete, publish as an article.
      That’s it.

      • kingel says:

        AGREE 100%
        I am so GRATEFUL there are INTEGRITY blogs being run by selfless people.

    • Nollidge says:

      Don’t worry MS.You’ll still be happily living on your flat earth.

  2. ferryt says:

    Butler sloss. Paedophile protector of the establishment. She always gets the decision right.

    Her brother well top of the establishment cover ups galore. And photographed with small boys at what the corporate media call a ‘party’

    She does look like Seville. It’s frightening actually.

    I hope these scumbags meet their makers one day

  3. Lynn says:

    All cut from the same cloth. It is beyond farce. Keeping it in the family and covering your back. Blood brothers and families of crime. It is a bloodline maffia. We have been fooled for long enough now. No more will they get away with cover ups and duping the masses. We want real punishment and we wont stop until we get it. This is too big and too obvious now to be hurried in the usual way. This scum deserve to hang for this and trust me, they will.

  4. Aldous says:

    Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, Baroness Butler-Sloss is an 82 year old decrepit, barren and upmarket hag. Anyone who knows anything about old age knows that this nearly dead thing has no place in any credible judicial system as she is barely able to wipe her own ass without much effort – and I should nearly know.

    She’s nearly one of us! She was called to the Bar – as we all are – from the Inner Temple in 1955.

    She and her husband, Joseph William Alexander Butler-Sloss, have three children – by immaculate conception no doubt as it is almost impossible to see it on the job.


    These terrible names – there was a Shovelton or something to do with the UK lottery – are chosen deliberately to take the piss out of the stupid Goyim.


    Dame Helena Shovelton, DBE, FRSA, Hon. FRCP, née Richards (born 28 May 1945) is former Chair of the UK National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux and former Chair of the UK National Lottery Commission. She is currently Chief Executive of the British Lung Foundation.


    It’s really reassuring to know that my lungs are in such good and safe Common Purpose hands. I asked my lungs what they think of all this but it’s impossible. They just gasp that they are trying to keep me alive in spite of all this Chemtrailing – whatever that is.

  5. yes no interlude says:

    it does so look like that vile piece of shite Savile.

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