Ella & Abe give their side of the story. Readers add comments.

Ella & Abe disassociate themselves from Sabine and the McKenzie Friends.  They are counter intelligence, they claim, working with the court to jail the mothers, and hand the children to abusive fathers.  They work to win the trust of the unsuspecting mothers, who they then betray.  Sent in by various regular contributors, who are concerned by what’s being said here.

Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie work together with the courts.

I am not sure how to place this to be honest.  I can see various comments which support this version of the story, but are they from trolls?

Brian Gerrish –

Thanks for the alert.

Matt Taylor is an idiot who went out of his way to stir trouble at AV5 and particularly with the British Constitution Group

Tom Cahill has been attacking me for years and is another idiot. He also spent months attacking Ian Pidduck.

Most worrying is that these twits have got close to Ella and Abe who are very vulnerable because of the case and pressures on them.

Matt and cahill are ignorant and childish people playing what they think is a game – the reality is children abused and murdered and the government covering up.

I believe there is another person connected who goes under name “drifloud”

No idea who this is. Of course any and all idiots will be stoked up by the authorities to cause angst and division wherever possible.

rgds Brian G

TAP – In support of Brian, we had experience of Drifloud on here.

From Ned,

I trust Brian Gerrish. You’ve met him I think. I’ve not.

The chap Abe gets rather irate.

The interviewer sounds awful. My sense is Ella and Abe are telling
porkies or confused and understandably paranoid. It seems a lot of
hard work to go to for Sabine to make money; a stressful scam.

You can only air material and monitor the response I guess. Shine the
light on it all…

I was very confused upon listening to this. It was an example whereby
for a moment I thought, no more of this, just paint and let the world
be. However, could you just let fracking be? No. We must make a stand
or be trodden all over.


Jacqui adds –

Dear Everybody

I apologise for the volume of emails I’m sending out.

Many of you have emailed me about the recent stance taken by Ella and Abraham.

I just want to clarify that Hampstead Research does not take sides. HR stands in the middle. We are a neutral zone because we are researchers. We may not be the best in the world but we know better than to let emotion cloud our judgement.

Yesterday, while I was not updating you all on what was going on I skim-read a 300 page book about ritual abuse cults. This is what we are dealing with. This is a huge problem in the UK (thinking about poor Melanie Shaw as well as the Hampstead children – all of them – and all the rest). I am going to attempt some kind of statistical overview of the situation. This will not make light reading; I will try to make it as digestible as possible and run it by our advisors and editor before publishing it.

We feel that getting this information out there is extremely important at the moment. There is only one thing more important that that – and that is what happens to the children. We’ll share anything we can.



36 Responses to “Ella & Abe give their side of the story. Readers add comments.”

  1. NPP says:

    Oh dear… this is all bizarre.

    Thomas Sheridan stated weeks ago to stay away from the Hampstead stuff, that it is a psy-op.

    I noticed last night on BBC R5 Live commentary was mixing ‘homosexuality’ with child abuse i.e. Ted Heath is about him being gay rather than violating children.

    If Brian Gerrish is play acting or being disingenuous, I will be very surprised, let alone disappointed. Some of the allegations in this interview do not seem accurate e.g. UK Column have repeatedly stated support for the Hampstead case. Bill Maloney controlled opposition? That stretches the imagination. It seems a whole section of apparently ‘trusted’ names get blasted here.
    Does this mean Ian R. Crane is controlled anti-fracking opposition too?

    It is timely that this is released at the same time the Ted Heath stuff goes mainstream. It adds confusion.

    Icke has a FaceBook block:

    Oh TAP… who is who and what is what eh?!
    If our public broadcasting service the BBC were to more openly invite and investigate a wider discussion, these characters could be challenged openly, even face to face, but this all adds fuel to the ‘can’t be trusted’ alternative conspiracy theory media.

    I wish we had the likes of Icke, Gerrish, Crane and whom ever else might be suitable, sat in a studio discussing all this, perhaps with serving or ex police persons… oh well, let’s watch out for the ensuing responses.

    Like it or not, when the BBC and mainstream publish e.g. Ted Heath allegations, it ‘legitimises’ the story; makes people take notice; suddenly those who would not consider such material begin to consider it. The police are pressured to act once the BBC cover a story.

    We cannot consent to a community founded upon the violation of children. Some how, despite the dark side we must maintain a lightness of heart and stand fast on the community we wish to create.

    May be they are all telling the truth and the strategies of various parties get entangled, confused and mistrust sets in.

    Watch this space I guess….

    • Tapestry says:

      That’s why it’s important you attend the conferences like AV5 and so on, so you meet these people and can work out face to face who you trust. People in trouble will do deals and be easy to sway with promises. (Remember David Shayler). Just be very careful to keep an open mind, and not to rush to believe someone you’ve hardly or never met over someone you’ve known well and trusted a long time, or if someone suddenly changes their message. Everyone gets accused at some point of being untrustworthy. There are many trolls and shills. Use your discretion. Take your time. Try to work from what you know and not jump at the latest send-around.

      • NPP says:

        I’d welcome attending a future AV. I think 7 is next.

        Dad’s Army: Carry on Wilson!

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Wise words from The TAP.

        The young guns would have sense to listen to them.

        Not a single one of SM, McK, Wedg, BM, BG, JF, AC, EA, the DC, the Ruskies, has spoken to or met ALL of the others.

        So who has?

        That person who has, they would be in the position of authority to speak.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        COMMENT BY ANON at Aangirfan:

        “Without Sabine this interview would not even be happening – it makes no sense.

        If anything she has been used. See the vid of her being arrested. That is not acting.

        Bill Maloney working for the man – I seriously doubt it. More like did not go along unquestioningly with someone else’s bandwagon. It is called freedom of opinion.

        There is an ugly mob mentality coming in here. It is all pitchforks and denunciation – forget evidence or logic. No that is out the window.

        The logic being used here is “you help then you must be a spy”, “you contact the police then you must be an informant”, “you are concerned then you must be a phony”. Nice. ”

        Adding to Tapestry’s summary above. Tom Cahill is a known agent and is believed to be behind this. He has been attacking Bill for years calling him Bill Baloney. What has Tom Cahill ever done for the children?

      • sovereigntea says:

        Matt and Abe are ignorant and childish people playing what they think is a game – the reality is children abused and murdered and the government covering up.

        Should read

        “Matt and Cahill are ignorant and childish….”

        Please correct this Tap 🙂

      • Gillian says:

        It seems to have become much more difficult of late to decide who we can and cannot trust.

        It can take several years sometimes for a persons true motives to become apparent. I’m thinking here of some particular long term posters (not on this site) who after gaining a modicum of trust from others suddenly reveal their true motivation and start sowing discord and division everywhere among other posters causing ‘thread wars’ and sometimes even the end of some sites. These people are upping their anti recently.

        ‘By their fruits you will know them’ has never been more relevant.

  2. Tapestry says:

    There are some excellent contributors at the AV series. There are young ones there too although Icke’s crowd is much younger than Crane’s.

  3. ferryt says:

    Gut feelings:

    I very much believed the children when the vids came out. Extremely upsetting. The police as usual were up to all sorts of tricks. Totally compromised. No surprise to many.

    Guerrish, Maloney both well onside.

    Sabine I trust too though it’s possible she has been played without realising.

    Belinda. British security services. No doubt in my gut about that.

    Tom Cahill. Well known shill.

    Ella. She has been messed around so much I don’t think she knows who to trust. Add in some well placed agents and you end up with what we see.

    Abe. No opinion.

    Disclaimer: Those are my gut feelings.

  4. Dogman says:

    I agree that Cahill is a shll, and he is one of a small group of people that try to cause havoc and distrust within the AM. They’re easy enough to spot because rather than do anything positive, they go around declaring that everyone else is a wrong un! He’s done a number on just about everybody, including Chris Spivey.
    I’m not a fan of people like him that call Down Syndrome people “mongs.”

    • Not a Spiv Fan says:

      Pot and Kettle Dogman. How soon you forget your attacks on people with mental health issues when you were a mod on Spivey’s site. Remember how you joined in with the abuse when Spiv called Alan Barnes ‘Dobbie’ ? crawl back to where you came from little lap doggie

      • ferryt says:

        I’d suggest that is ooo.

        Anyway the goings on on this site today re:comments.

        Who knows?

      • ferryt says:

        I’d suggest that comment is ooo.

        Anyway the goings on on this site today re:comments.

        Who knows?

      • Dogman says:

        Act like a grown up and don’t play silly games on this site. Dobbie is the nick name Chris gave to Prince Charles!

        Care to show me a comment where I called Alan Barnes names. I believe he suffers from progeria!

        e.g.There are supposedly 89 worldwide and just 4 live in the UK. Alan certainly looks like one of the poor souls, so if he is an old man, I wonder what he was diagnosed with, as I would have thought that stunted growth from measles wouldn’t have caused the misshapen nose.
        That’s an observation not an insult.
        Incidentally, I am still a mod on that site, but thankfully you aren’t posting up to 90 abusive comments in a single day any more! You are a troll and you are at it again! I emailed Henry and warned him that you would d this if I posted on here.

        I also mentioned the N at the start of your recent user names.

        Apologies to all the decent people trying to enjoy this site!

      • GNJ says:

        I saw that too, Not a Spiv Fan. It was disgraceful. You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself, Mr McKee.

  5. Mark says:

    On 5/8/15 on Tap re Jonsey, I made the following comment:

    ‘The woolly, wimpy allegations I’ve addressed on VT when they get their smug on. What’s unusual about VT is, by and large the USA-ers tend to keep a lid on it, or have a little bit more suss, or I’d say ‘humility’. Not so GB, Alex is just one more public figure in the internal slag-fest about many and sometimes most. Peculiarly UK, it’s an intellectual and community building shambles, distinctive in; its thing about libertarians, more-traditional religion and then there’s success with corresponding money and oh… that growly voice…’

    This ‘shambles’ is also compounded by those using others ‘names’ and being abusive, causing reaction that precipitates animosity, disruption and schisms. Waiting in the wings is ‘Hoaxstead’ gloating, who sometimes manipulate data to suit their jollies. I do keep an eye on them but today went on a related YT channel for the first time to, (they shall remain nameless), mediate in a barney. Only to finally discover, said person, was not…

    Therefore, twas a wind up. This post and above comments help clear the fog. The shouter-downer-others will increasingly, conspicuously, loose their listeners and eventually sense should prevail.

    It’s like being in the bad end of church


    • Nike says:

      “This post and above comments help clear the fog. The shouter-downer-others will increasingly, conspicuously, loose their listeners and eventually sense should prevail.

      It’s like being in the bad end of church” (Mark)

      You really think all people are idiots, don’t you?

      • Mark says:

        NO, why would you surmise that? Been around the truther block a bit, not so smart but chatty and questioning and the slag-offs UK wise are distinctive. Not all but far too high a proportion. The reference to church could have been about some politicals I’ve dipped into and hey world-over… the point is, if you genuinely felt I was trying to be a clever trevor, so be it… but no, not intended.

        If you disagree with my sentiments, say why?


  6. Henry please contact me

  7. Nike says:

    The MASK of Zorro (ZION)
    all over the place

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Yeah that thought crossed my mind here

      • Note: I also think that success is more likely from scaling-up a small but successful group, than from trying to reform a large group that is mostly a failure but contains minority pockets of success. At least, this is what happens with other human institutions. When the successful parts of an organization are in a small minority, it can be very difficult or impossible to reform the organization – unless there are first massive, majority ‘cuts’ to get rid of the negative, destructive influence of the failing majority. On the other hand, small successful institutions and businesses can often be up-scaled ten, a hundredfold within a very short timescale


      • I like chatting to you on here, I understand though it seems futile in many ways, and a normal existence doing other things is good
        I must do this too and im doing it, except for tonight when ive come back on
        Theres many comments over last week id like you to have seen , if you get the chance scroll back through articles, I cant remember which ones now
        Hers one

        I am hoping if we get some kind of earth moving Divine display of evidence, that knocks the Talmudic masonic Judaic satanic mafia cabal back, where Goodness takes a prominent place in this world, I want as matter of priority for us to meet and talk and discuss this world together. Its quite a conspiracy, to hide from most of us superfast antigravity free energy discs rising out of the ocean from secret government bases at ocean floor.

  8. NPP says:

    A reason to give Brian Gerrish and UK Column the benefit of the doubt:
    UK Column’s Brian Gerrish presents health and nutrition with Clive de Carle:

  9. Nike says:

    The TRUTH will come out.
    All attempts at blocking will be in vain.

  10. Nike says:

    Sorry to say – that’s theatrical fuss indeed…. Highly suspicious.
    Ellas wishes MUST BE RESPECTED. She is the children’s mother!


  11. NPP says:

    Lou Collins talks to Bill Maloney and Ben Fellows:
    post-mortem of Ben Fellows court case:
    If Ben Fellows had not recorded this:
    …. he says he would be in prison.

  12. RabbiT says:

    Been watching this case fairly closely including the above interview and my gut feeling is that Ella and Abe simply feel let down.

    OK Brian and Belinda have money behind them, most don’t.

    Why should Sabine invest so much in Norman and Maurice who are complete underdogs (yet an inspiration)?

    I think we all here are out to spot deception and my take is we are seeing a bit of division which should simply be observed and respected after all we are human and we have feelings (unlike those who are the destroyers of mankind).

    Belinda emailed me the other day about the next court hearing. Belinda has my email because she asked me for it at a meeting. Seems she still wants to help.

    My response would be that if Ella and Abe want Belinda and Co to back out of their affairs then that must be respected.

    Give them their space to act as they wish and let’s observe the outcomes as I remain satisfied theirs is a very important case.

    It will all come out in the wash as my lawyer would say.

  13. alison says:

    Oh for God’s sake, can we please stick to the facts that are relevant?!?!?!?

    E.g. I remember Sabine saying in an interview a while back that a child is snatched from its parents by the “authorities” every 20 minutes in the UK.

    Never mind who said it – is it true and what are WE going to do about it?

    I am heartily sick of all this character assassination on various blogs; if we stick to the relevant facts, and stop getting personal and petty about who said or did what, we might actually be effective in ending the crime.

    ALL this attack on each other is feeding the trolls and doing zero to solve the problem; the trolls are loving it.

    I am not a particular fan of Churchill, who was likely a satanic generational paedophile himself but he did have a point when he said: –

    “United we stand, divided we fall!”.

    • Nike says:

      “United we stans, divides we fall!”

      You want to stand united with satanists?
      United with satanists – means FALL…
      The world fell into WWII, Churchill rejected all of Hitler’s peace offers – and he drew America into the war too (his masters told him so)

      Churchill was very likely “a satanic generational paedophile himself”….

  14. AkhaldanSolo says:

    I was VERY thrown off by the comments about Brian Gerrish (oh and Ella I’m pretty sure he mentioned tattoo’s MANY times in his broadcast’s) and Bill Maloney as well, what is being said about McKenzie Friends may or may not be the truth, noone outside of London would know that, I was always a bit suspect at why Belinda and Neelu would cavort with Miss Sands the way they did on video, but I would like to think that with the resolve and maturity Belinda portrays I surely don’t WANT to doubt her and her efforts, and to cast a stone at Sabine for everything she did and HAS done, and what they ALL continue to do, is simply foolish.

    It seems that they are casting themselves off in a boat far away from shore. In my opinion they were a bit premature in producing this current smear campaign.

    It IS ok though as Jacqui has exclaimed many times it does not matter if they are being led astray by something, it is the children that count and the only thing that is worth doing is helping those children to A) Get back to their mother and Grandparents and, B) Stop this cult from abusing any more children.

    I think quite a few people have done an awful lot for both.

    God Bless and God Speed.


    • Men Scryfa says:

      I blame that creep O’Cahill and his mate.
      They have been feeding the ‘Bfriend’ the perfect little divide and rule caper cooked up at Thames House. Very very sly.

      Tom O’Cahill has got form as long as the arms of an orangutan. In the case of Gerrish just because someone feels compelled through a back channel to draw something to the attention of an honest police contact does not make that person a “police informer” or “mi5 agent/shill”. In fact that is exactly what AC himself admits to doing when he got his plastic policeman friend (the one who barely can speak english ?!!?) to interview the children..

      Then the attack on Bill amounts to “you did not push this case therefore you are mi5” is completely shocking. Maybe he had to listen to advisers who could not be sure about it and he exercised some caution.

      How can that make him an agent!

      That Everhardt character that is floating around in the background making money off the back of this is another questionable entry to the fray. Anyone remember Bill or Brian ever trying to make money out of any of this or Chris Fay or McKelvie??


  15. Matt Taylor says:

    Excuse, I’m not an idiot thank you very much. And I don’t appreciate being called one.

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