Zac Goldsmith MP says Establishment child abuse in Britain is being covered up

Conservative MP, Zac Goldsmith, the late Princess Diana’s half brother, who lead the charge for a full judicial inquiry, believes “there has to be an element of cover-up” enforced by the British establishment.



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 From 60 Minutes, an Australian TV programme.  Found on David Mortimer’s Facebook, former candidate at the GE 2015, and the person behind UK Family Law Reform.


Senior Labour MP allegedly accused by colleagues of a ‘wave’ of child sex offences

Reports state that two MPs have reported the crimes, although this is being disputed

A serving senior Labour MP, and former minister, has been accused by Parliamentary colleagues of committing a shocking series of child sex offences.

Both the Sun on Sunday and Mail on Sunday have reported that the Labour MP is allegedly responsible for a “wave of sickening offences” relating to child sex abuse, “spanning at least 12 years.”

The Sun newspaper has claimed that two current MPs have “independently reported the former minister to police,” having received the information relating to their fellow Member of Parliament.

The reports name one of the MP’s supposedly responsible for speaking to the police as John Mann, the Labour MP for Bassetlaw, a constituency in Nottinghamshire. The other MP is not named, but the Mail on Sunday states that he is a Conservative.


53 Responses to “Zac Goldsmith MP says Establishment child abuse in Britain is being covered up”

  1. Lynn says:

    More to this guy than meets the eye, another banking barron by birth, all in it together. The story on the daily’s is interesting too about the late Queen mother teaching the Nazi salute in a leaked home video. Some of the comments are very on trend. She Lizzy is not amused and will go after whoever leaked this secret footage. Hmm

  2. sir charles drake kgb gbh says:

    met zac at luton hoo tally ho.
    eyes wide shut events what what
    jacob and edwyne rothshield put on such a good show.
    zac lovely chap looks a lot like his sister lady die.
    his dad part of the mayfair set raping and pillaging the world with the help of frank kitson and david sterling.
    grinding the arab into dust project kill the mau mau plunder the afric.
    such jewish liberals the gold smelts and the rothshields
    good cop bad cop correcting and controlling via death or information gathering.
    yes as night i would say zac is one of us if he was not he would have already been boston braked like his sister

  3. Tapestry says:

    Sir James Goldsmith stopped the Euro by means of the Referendum Party. It’s not just black and white. His daughter Diana stood up to the establishment.

  4. sir charles drake kgb gbh says:

    diana left the reservation would not follow the path laid out ignored the scripts.
    james helped draft the scripts guide the plays jewish royalty indeed.
    all for zion modern slave trade and the making of a pretty penny or billion.
    tiny rowlands goldsmiths murder inc

    • I still don’t follow, is zac a good guy for us, but his hands are tied and daren’t cross certain lines? Very interesting concept, that within the most evil families, islands of good might exist, white hats even.
      I don’t know if you can answer this for me
      Do powerful white hat forces exist in govts and militaries and services? Are they buffering things stopping things being a lot worse than they are?
      Have we got a fighting chance? I think we will need white hats in powerful secret factions, if we are to have a fighting chance
      Rifkinds removal in the sting I think could be a clue white hats acting for good are real? or is everyone bad, simply just vying for power?
      And once their power games are settled, they will then systematically wipe us out and were doomed? I hope not I hope this isn’t the case
      I like your films, I saw one this week, you were a playwrite , it was the same story as The Producers, funny.

      • ferryt says:


        With the great east of respect.

        Zac G is establishment.

        If you cannot recogniz this then take some time off and come back when you can.

        I have read many of your comments and I

        Call you as a shill.

        So please stop distracting and maybe tap can f l. O w once again


      • sir charle drake no friend of d notice liar blair says:

        space boy no disrespect old chum but forget this white hats cowboy crap.
        everything is broke back and queer.
        rif kind cousin of leon britainski both men still operate both active for the cause of oded yinon.
        dead or removed from position in newspaper head line only.
        mcalpine having a lovely time in the dolomite mountains that part of italy looks so much like hitlers eagles nest landscapes.
        ask jimmy in the mountains no body can here a child scream

        filter your water adam the bpa and female hormones have calci fried your pineal gland.

    • thanks, I only drink springwater, but I know there’ll be other fluoride im exposed to, I am looking into methods that can help decalcify the pineal.
      I sense your comments are profound and you know what youre talking about.
      Ok ill drop hanging hope onto white hats that don’t exist
      But where does that leave us? I don’t want to have the emotion of fear, for what might be coming. What these Satanist psychopaths and sociopaths have planned.
      I don’t want to fall into helplessness and paralysis feeling theres nothing that can be done.
      So I will take from your pineal comment, the possible key, answer, solution, lies Spiritually, how tofight all this
      I totally grasp that we are in a Spiritual War.
      After being an atheist, and being confused these last 2 yrs trying to get things straight. My best shot is to embrace God and the Holy Spirit as protection, and im sure a decalcified pineal gland will be very helpful with prayer.
      But completely cut out churches and organised religion because evidence is its evil beyond words satanic.
      I just hope we will all be ok, all still be here this time next year. And in with a fighting chance to win and have a beautiful future, somehow Charles

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Try hot tea baths and raising the body temperature up as high as possible. It is exhausting but it is beneficial. Try taking slippery elm to clear the lungs and a good herbal detoxicant drink and clays or zeolites to remove the heavy metals. Vitamin B17 as Tap recommends is very good too. You will feel like crap for a period but it will clear the path to get down to work.

        I belong to a gym and have been using the sauna and steam room and then plunging in the pool during the day when it is quiet there and not too many people around. Try to do 10 minutes blasts in the steam room then come out and then go back again. Drinking lots of heavily filtered water and sweating out all the toxins. The Lead and Titanium Dioxide is the hardest to remove as the heaviest.

        If you are doing it properly then the people around you are going to think that you are a nutter going in and out and in and out of the steam and sauna but they do not understand that the heat can treat and kill almost any disease. They are fools and the only way ahead is to be like an ascetic. To become like a monk or better still a Hermit. Like our Desert Forefathers. Purfiying Praying and Studying His Word.

        Also take lots of supplements especially zinc and ginseng. Zinc is important as it is a vehicle for other minerals and vitamins and also it prevents the up take of toxic metals from our environment. The Ginseng if done right after de-toxification and with practice will help to give you some of the abilities you are looking for. Just concentrate on the Spirit side of it. Psy stuff will come. Pray for the Gifts. The Gifts of the Spirit. Discernment, Knowledge, Wisdom, Interpretation, Healing, Prophecy.

        Remember the Ruah is like an instrument. If used correctly by the Penitent Man it becomes a weapon. The Weapon. The Sword of the Spirit.

        All of the supplements should be taken in massive quantities. When they were bringing the heaviest radio frequency attacks down on me during the height of the Child Abuse stuff during 2014 after we blew open the Pilgrims Plot and they had to announce the Inquiry I was taking 3 tea baths a day and drinking daily 12 large cups of high strength herb tea. Rip open the used bags to use in the bath. Special Branch were very pissed off to find out that I knew they were coming and I took off before they could get going, needing to get the helicopter to chase me down all to make threats. That psi computer is not infallible

        I was taking 4000-10000 mg of Vitamin C per day, 4000 mg Vit D. Vit B 17 the equivalent of 50 crushed apricot seeds daily. Extra strength Ginseng and also as Tea. Red Clover, Tumeric, Selenium and Wu Fu. Also Fenugreek, Biotin, Niacin, Olive Oil (High Quality Cold Pressed – drunk like shots from the bottle), Acai Berry Juice, Blueberry Juice and Aloe Pure Juice Extract taken neat.

        There was a team who zapped me in the early hours I tried to follow them out the door they had run out from one of the flats above early morning, They were laughing like the team that got Bobby Kennedy, running down the fire escape, I got out the front door and collapsed just in track suit bottoms.
        They made off all triumphant laughing away. I managed to get back inside somehow. It was agony. Near death feeling knowing the loony bin at the least was just one call away to NHS 101. Somehow the herbs and will power got me through. Some days it was like multiple tumors growing across the back and front of my lungs, coughing up blood and then getting itching pains throughout the body arms and legs. Sweating profusely at night. Microwave burns.

        The Physical was the hardest for me but the few others I know like Jim Kelly have said they found the Psychic Assaults the hardest. It was definitely at Level 4 and above that to Level 5 (highest level).

        This is not child’s play. Bill Maloney’s brother just went down with cancer. So many of those who were working on the boards in places like UK Column where progress was made have been dropping like flies. Michael Murrin, Maggie Cuttle all of have gone down with serious disease

        Oh my country how I have suffered for thee.

      • melcyid says:

        Adam I have noticed some of your comments on subjects lately and can see that in your own strength you are a seeker of truth. I was in that position some 25 yrs.Having studied every religion ,philosophy,new age ,pshycology,jung ,freud etc etc. trying to make sense of it all.Also having experienced supernatural coincidences in my life as well ,any way personal circumstances brought me too my knees one night and I found myself crying out to Jesus ,help me what is happening to my life.I was not a christian and was not attending church.When I came to the end of myself the holy spirit came on me for hours and it felt like hot honey and I was engulfed in what I felt was liquid love.God had called me to himself through the the achivement of his son Jesus who was on this earth to set the captives free. when I awoke in the morning I was a changed man I saw the whole earth and its creation with different eyes and I had love in my heart for all people. My eyes were truly open . I had crossed over from the kingdom of darkness in which we are all born with the seed of iniquity born in us all I was now living in the kingdom of light and all things had become new.This is the mystery of life no one can come to the father in any way except through his son Jesus.and it his god himself that draws you. I was born in the flesh and now I was born again by the spirit which is pure and the spirit of truth. you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. Jesus Said I am the way the truth and the life. no comes to the father but by me. This is the only way of escape from this dark world and its forces and lies. this is for you and I am waiting for the many criticisms to tear this message to you apart. This is to keep you away from the truth with their so called intelectual arguments. I am not speaking to them they are not ready. They ares still full of the satanic nature. hence the scoffing at christ.Jesus said of myself I can do nothing I only do what my father shows me. God bless you and hope to meet one day as a brother either here or in eternity..

  5. ferryt says:

    Her boys say nothing yet. Indeed noThing is a miss.

    How long does This spell last?

    And wtf with Queenie? In Murdoch’s sham.

    What do they have planned?

    • Ferryt, if you look at Drakes first comment, the last line, ‘yes as night I would say zac is one of us’ his cryptic wording confused me. And I haven’t watched the facebook clip. I know his sister was good and wondered why not him too. Im no shill but I don’t expect you to believe that if that’s what you think
      Its something ive wondered over the months, is zac good or bad. The fact today he says theres a cover up on CSA has made me wonder. Just because someone wonders and questions, knowing that things aren’t black and white, doesn’t make them a shill

      • Julie says:

        Adam. Surely you know Zak Goldsmith married Alice Rothschild and his brother Ben Goldsmith married her sister Kate Rothschild. Come on now. Zak Goldsmith voted for intervention in Syria. Good guy is he?

      • Yes I knew he married a Rothschild. And it doesn’t make me a shill , if I question whether there might be more going on than meets the eye. Was it Amschel Rothschild who was killed for not being bad like the rest? Diana of course. So it is no bad thing to consider zac in more detail. I wasn’t aware about his Syria vote, I haven’t followed every single thing about him.
        My first instinct is of course hes Establishment as bad as the rest. But I have no shame whatsoever, standing up and saying, im analysing things a bit deeper here. This doesn’t make me a shill. And ok I haven’t researched every single aspect of zac goldsmiths background, or the goldsmiths.

    • In fact part of my thinking over the months has wondered if his sister was killed, maybe that grief could have made him into a white hat, if he wasn’t one before. Equally I am open to consider hes part of the Cameron establishment lot. My approach is to hold situations up to the light as though theyre crystals, and look at all the different facets, and try and make sense by cross checking, that’s how I approach analysis in this age of disinformation

      • ferryt says:

        A Dam

        There is no secret space program.

        What you have been told about space is a lie.

        Watch NASA press conference any Apollo mission. All on y t.

    • Well I mean when I say I will be genuinely relieved if there is no SSP, no Tesla physics, and no giant free energy cover up. it will make this world a lot simpler. I wont mind if ive swallowed a huge lie on this, I just want the truth on things

      • ferryt says:

        Tesla and free energy owned by banksters.

        Space travel?

        Another layer old chap. But you know that already. Eh?

      • Nike says:

        Undoubtedly, there is a giant cover up of Tesla physics, including free energy
        I suppose there’s a secret space program too, but very different to the official version (as always)

  6. ferryt says:

    Zac G cannot be trusted.

    He IS this establishment.

    I don’t know how else to say it.

    If you follow alternative media you will have reached this conclusion long ago.

  7. Tapestry says:

    I follow alternative media, and can say it pays to have an open mind. The Goldsmiths are Rothschilds (of French side of the family). Those that don’t serve the Satanist agenda often meet sticky ends, but they have many family members who have shown a willingness to oppose the power of the cult. We need those higher in the pyramid to break ranks. As Jacqui points out, many want out of the addiction and fear way of life they’re all roped into.

  8. Lynn says:

    He knows exactly how this all works…he is at the coal face and he feels the heat. Maybe it is damage limitation, they know this is going to bring the house of cards down. The Agenda is wide open and we know the peeedo’s are running scared. Well there is nowhere to run to and we wont ever forget this time in history. They will be targets forever.

  9. ferryt says:

    Break ranks?

    You jest. Surely.

    Do you understand what’s at play here tap?

  10. Aldous says:

    I’m sure this is carefully controlled (or contrived) release of ‘information’ that is pretty much already in the public domain anyway, as in, we know parliament/establishment is infested with
    paedophiles and perverts of all varieties.

    “The Sun newspaper(sic) has claimed that two current MPs have “independently reported the former minister to police,” having received the information relating to their fellow Member of Parliament.”

    Not only are the alleged two MP perpetrators not actually named but this time, the two MPs allegedly doing the reporting to police aren’t named either – apart from I suppose: “The reports name one of the MP’s ‘supposedly’ responsible for speaking to the police as John Mann, the Labour MP for Bassetlaw, a constituency in Nottinghamshire. The other MP is not named, but the Mail on Sunday states that he is a Conservative.”

    This is pure and utter BS and in my view should not be taken too seriously. I think the article is important but only insofar as to demonstrate the lengths TPTB will go to in order to ensure that paedophiles in parliament stay protected and out of the courts.

    There’s an outside chance I suppose of a couple of non Jews/Khazars who have strayed too far out of the box and the understood boundaries – basically don’t break the 11th Commandment and get caught – but I won’t hold my breath.

    Getting caught blatantly fiddling expenses might seem like a hanging charge (eventually after much in-denial dodging, diving and swerving) but being outed as a sex pest or far worse is tantamount to a badge of honour in the Westminster Village.

    Stories like this – and the QEll Nazi salute charade – keep real stories (like Syria/ISIS or royal sex scandals) off the front pages and out of the public eye and mind.

  11. Jennifer says:

    Zac Goldsmith was also one of the meagre number of Parliamentarians who attended the debate, and spoke out against, on the money supply and debt debate in December 2014.
    He certainly seems to be going against the grain – controlled opposition? Almost certainly. These people always present a very different face when required to do so. And a popular Mayoral puppet may be in their sights too.

  12. Aldous says:


    Michael Shrimpton, barrister and author of the book Spyhunter names Ted
    Heath, UK prime minister in the 1970s as a paedophile and child
    murderer (or at least an accessory).

    According to Shrimpton, Jimmy Savile
    procured children from Haute de Gaurenne children’s home in jersey and
    took them to Heath’s boat ‘Morning Cloud’ where they were abused and
    murdered then thrown overboard.This is why no bodies were found at Haute
    de Gaurenne.

    Michael shrimpton was speaking on Bristol Community radio in
    January 2013

    No Laws of Libel are at issue here as Heath is dead, so why isn’t this worst kept secret of Heath’s paedophilia and child killer credentials exposed in the msm? Shame on the Sun etc.

    • sir charles drake kgb gbh says:

      shrimpton is a low level zionist scum bag
      says the german nazi dvdor was it cd are behind everything.
      took some intel from the mossad died christopher story.
      mixed in a load of tel aviv kosher balls and spleen.
      and had muslims and germans behind all events with the white hats of mossad,cia and good old james bond struggling with the tough job in hand.

      so he spills some beans on dead queens men big deal.
      dvd was the bad guys he said funny thing was he never talked of the talmud his favorite booky wook

      • sovereigntea says:

        The top Nazis never went away. For example check how the US obtained enough Uranium for their very first bomb program.

        28th December 1944, Eric Jette, the chief metallurgist at Los Alamos made the following gloomy report :
        “A study of the shipment of (bomb grade uranium) for the past three months shows the following….: At present rate we will have 10 kilos about February 7 and 15 kilos about May 1.”

        So where did they get enough , trading with the enemy ?

        On the 14th May 1945 the German long range Type XB U-boat U-234 surrendered to USS Sutton just south of the Grand Banks and was escorted to Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. US intelligence summary NSA/USN SRMN-037, RG 457 written on the 19th May listed U-234‍ ’s cargo as including drawings, arms, medical supplies, instruments, lead, mercury, caffeine, steels, optical glass and brass. The fact that the ship also carried a number of gold-lined containers stencilled U-235 and containing 540kg of uranium remained classified until after the end of the Cold War decades later.

        What did the Nazis get in return ? Jobs at the OSS / CIA ?

      • Julie says:

        Charlie. There are very few in alternative media who talk of the jew Talmud. Commentators discuss the ideology of evil, aka the ugly truth, but Alex Jones, David Icke, Brian Gerrish, Annirfan. The Tap, Coleman etc, when have they EVER put up a detailed analysis of the Talmud, theJewish elite AND THE CORRELATIONS OF WORLD EVENTS TODAY, not a thousand years ago. Never. So who can we trust? Michael Hoffman is the only person who exposes the Talmud.

  13. Aldous says:

    This ‘controlled’ release of truth and information that the complicit msm and their establishment controllers have known about and been sat on for years, often decades, is tantamount to a complete and utter lie.

    It’s not truth when you decide when it’s best to release it to the Proles and not a moment before. That’s the ‘raping of truth’. Savile (and Heath) were known about for a very long time but were never fingered by the msm in their lifetimes – Heath still hasn’t. It must seem like a very hollow victory for the still living victims to see this carefully controlled and orchestrated exposure of villains such as Savile.

    It somehow reminds me of the Olympic athletes who were cheated out of medal positions by anabolic steroid, force-fed East German (mainly) women athletes prior to the collapse of the Soviet bloc.

    I remember one heartrending story of a honest woman athlete who went into the women’s changing room at one Olympics and thought she had inadvertently entered the men’s room. All the East German women on the other side of the lockers spoke with men’s voices and she was shocked when she saw that they were in fact women – of a fashion.

    Many East German (and other Soviet bloc) athletes were disqualified when the truth – which had been blindingly obvious and well known – was out after the collapse of the Soviet Union. She was put into first/second/third place and offered a medal but said it was absolutely pointless so many years later.

    So it is with the so-called truth we are now seeing and experiencing from the likes of Rothschild agent Zac Goldsmith. It’s an insult to the victims – and the Sun etc have no claim to call this ‘news’ when they will have known about it for so long, allowing for more victims to be abused/killed and many of them to die without ever seeing justice of any kind.

    • pauline says:

      So were the athletes men or women or what?I am intrigued now as I have never heard this before,apologies for going of subject,ahem I now feel I have led a sheltered life,was it due to drugs they sounded like males or were they how do i put it?eunuchs maybe?sorry I am a female OAP but your comments are news to me

  14. sir charles drake kgb gbh says:

    the trick is have your people on all sides
    blackmail based on information gathering that mossad sis and murdoch are masters of.
    murdochs the humblest day of my life was minor show sacrifice.
    queen news today control the flow.
    burst the interweb bubble of nazi royals and prince phillip goose stepping.
    not in greece phil the greek ha ha but hitlers germany.
    get the bbc mind control phone in shows saying evil murdoch stop trolling bullying are queen .
    donte you nose god bless ere and alls.
    cockney vaccinated unwashed fight back in support of are god bless yer mam saintly monarch.
    tavistock pscycho logic culls all.
    murdoch is a rabbi with oil interests in syria genie energy with rothschild on the golan.
    zac lives white hat balls
    control the flow a dam here to change direction.
    zac is one of us eye say this as a knight not a cockney twatter.
    inter breeding is what jewish royalty do
    purity is all zac and the rest are in this for the long haul the goy not all vaccinated or round up red died yet yet.
    space programme i met a scientist once called van allen a high mason called arthur c both had a problem with belts of the radioactive kind.

  15. Ian says:

    I’ve heard that Van Allen’s belt is a deep fat fryer of spacemen.

  16. sovereigntea says:

    60 Minutes Videos Spies, Lords and Predators Pt 1

  17. Tapestry says:

    As I say, we know from Jacqui that many insiders want to get out of the cult if they can. They are held back by fear and addiction. The tide of rising awareness could be seen as a relief by many who once held these secrets alone. Cynicism is fine, but so too is the fact that the more people know that the world is run by a Satanic Cult and has been for thousands of years, the better. David Icke revealed the details about Savile in 1998. Dealing with topics like these, we all need to think in multiple levels. We should realise that all people are a series of superimposed layers, Bakewell Tarts, not a row of chocolate cup cakes. Read Jacqui’s online book – Are you afraid of the Illuminati? It’s on Hampstead Research website, now located in Iceland.

    We know the system runs on fear, that the elites hate each other. There are bound to be gaps between them, and individuals who take up very brave stances, having visions of possibility of a better world. By being entirely negative about every possible positive, whose side are you helping? Not your own.

    • I think if anywhere on this planet that small Tesla zero point energy devices for the home could start popping up, its Iceland. Iceland seems to have some independent spirit which we have seen with their response to the NWO bankers trying to wreck the country. Was it HAARP etheric secret military weaponry fired from Greenland, a weapon that can actually interfere with the fabric of this reality it seems, are they gravity weapons? Im not sure how they work but they manipulate the etheric matter im pretty sure
      Could this have been used on the Icelandic volcano in 2010 as NWO revenge?

      I don’t know whether Hopegirl is real or not. Im cautiously optimistic that the quantum energy generator QEG devices being built by grassroots crowdfunding people in places like Taiwan, Morocco, and other places….this might be real.
      It does look a bit heath robinson and is obsolete technology compared to what they must use up on the SSPs.
      But nevertheless a major, major game changing breakthrough if more and more QEGs can be made and passed and around and Truth of it will sspread like wildfire and the cabals days will be numbered then. They’ll have to play the Bluebeam card to have any hope of continued control.
      I think Iceland could be a place things could happen, its small enough so the whole world could look on and see how changes can be implemented, and the people benefit. With finance too, banking, etc.

      BTW on other matters Tap. I am pretty sure a lot or all of our history, official archaelology is wrong, covered up.
      Im also sensing though that there could be deliberate deceptions in the works, of fake archaeology maybe PRETENDING to go back a few hundred thousand years, or a million

      To suit some NWO Bluebeam Deception.
      This will be a very hard job to separate out whats real with archaelology and history and whats deception

      Ive not read it but I am aware of Lloyd Pyes Everything You Know is Wrong. And im sure it is. But im preparing for double or even triple bluffs with all this in the works with archaeological ‘discovereies’

      It might even be, aliens ETs are a complete utter hoax. We mustn’t dismiss the possibility we really are all alone, and the Deceptions come from our own people

      Ill also say this. if there really ARE benevolent good aliens in their huge fantastic motherships waiting in the wings that cant intervene too much ……my sense is theyd be telling us humans down here NOT to believe in them. Four our own safety. Because Bluebeam Antichrist Deceptions are the immediate consideration for us

  18. Julie says:

    Tap. “As I say, we know from Jacqui that many insiders want to get out of the cult if they can. ” EVIDENCE PLEASE, otherwise you’re talking bollocks again. Ella and Abrahamssay that Belinda and Sabine are shills in their latest video. Why don’t you put that up?

    • Im sure it must be hell inside the cult. I don’t know of any specific evidence, but ive not researched it all thoroughly. Im sure ive read different things that are clues theres dissatisfaction within , if any come to mind ill put them up.

      Colemans spoken at length, and devoted entire articles to the Talmud. Tapblog also mentions the Talmud often. So those 2 I wouldn’t have included on your list.
      Aanirfan I think I would, unless ive missed a maojor T article analysis from him, I don’t monitor ukcolumn so don’t know whether brian gerrish is for real or controlled opposition.
      It would be very interesting for someone on a youtube interview with David Icke to show him the Talmud and put the individual passages to him for discussion and analysis

      • Julie says:

        Adam. Please share the links from Coleman and the Tap about the TALMUD.

      • Julie says:

        Considering you didn’t know much about the Talmud a couple of week ago, you sure have done your homework. Give me links to articles by any of the aforementioned which lay bare the Talmud. When I did a Google search the only one Tap has put up was an analysis sent to by by me in Decemebr 2013, but he didn’t include the word Talmud in the title until I posted a comment.

        julie said…
        Tap. Are you reluctant to use the word Talmud in a heading? My post to you, and the heading of the first link is “Freemasonry is the Talmud puppet religion to control the Goyim”. Why didn’t you use it? I have stated before that if someone uses the word Talmud on Yahoo, the Telegraph or the Mail sites – probably many more, the comment is deleted. The Talmud is censored. The Jewish elite do not want people to know about Talmudic ideology.
        TAP. I try where I can to select a title which acts as a hook to draw readers. Using the word Talmud in the title, a word many people haven’t heard of, or only have a hazy idea as to what it is, might put off readers. The subject of decapitation is harder to ignore. Let’s see if I was wrong!

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Ah yes Jacqui – the font of all knowledge lol

      • Anonymous28 August 2015 at 10:00

        Harvey Proctor was MP for Billericay in Essex from 1983-1987.

        Scotland Yard regard Proctor as a murder suspect, and participant in the Westminster/VIP paedophile network that included Edward Heath and others.

        Earlier this week, Harvey Proctor denied that he subjected children to sadistic sexual assaults before murdering them. He further denied being part of a Westminster paedophile network.

        Proctor was succeeded by Teresa Gorman as the MP for Billericay.

        Gorman served as the MP for Billericay from 1987-2001.

        Undoubtedly Gorman would have heard rumours swirling around the constituency concerning their former MP, Proctor.

        Quite possibly Gorman was given information that she would have found quite upsetting. Even more so, in light of the revelations emerging from Proctor’s press conference this week.

        It seems rational that Scotland Yard would have been planning to interview Ms Gorman.

        Alas, Teresa Gorman died yesterday.

    • Julie I have replied earlier today here maybe you didn’t get it

      It was more comments on Tapblog re Talmud I was referring to see my answer.

      Thankyou to Melcyid for his interesting valuable comment

  19. Men Scryfa says:

    Zac Goldsmith “led the charge for a full judicial inquiry”

    No he didn’t. It was the Survivors, the Whistleblowers (like L.Davies & McKelvie) and the Professional Activists who led the charge. Goldsmith sent one email through to Murrin back in the day when they were trying to foist Butler Sloss onto the victims. I laughed my head off when he rang me. After that Goldschmidt scuttled off to hide not to reappear until now try to claim the credit. There was much more going on behind the scenes back at that time.

    This has really angered me seeing this.

    This is dangerous for them pulling stunts like this. It could provoke a reaction.

    I don’t like this man. I have said it before he is not like his father. He is crafty yes. But he is Weak.

    He needs to be careful going around and being provocative like that. Doesn’t he know its now a ‘globalized world’ lol

    We get the TV from Oz (MK LOL) over here now so no point trying to prop up some of the empire using a crypto pal down under who lends you their TV show. Go to the DM people and read how the other half a per cent lives it up on the boats.

    Question: Do they want some of us to get down and start to call it?

    [most of this is not going to make sense to many readers but their eyes are yet to see but be assured to the readers who need to see it they know what is meant]

    God did not call in the judgment at any stage during the history of the true Israel. He did not need to. He always had his men on the ground to do it for him.

  20. Lynn says:

    They will rise up again…make no mistake these cowards have no fight in them. They have used our boys to do their dirty work, whilst they dress up and adorn themselves in fake medals. The great pretenders have been named and shamed. We know what they were doing in private, and it wasnt fighting for us. The whole God forsaken lot are shamefull and guilty of the worst crimes ever thought up.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      I will only be satisfied when (following trial and lawful conviction) I personally witnessed their mass execution.

      That was how it was at Mount Carmel and that is how it will be again.

      Their throats were slit by the Prophets. GOD BLESS ELIJAH THE PROPHET!

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