Would a victory for Jeremy Corbyn necessarily deny Labour any chance of winning the 2020 General Election?


This is not a blog of prophecy, augury, crystal balls or clairvoyancy. But David Cameron is committed to holding a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU by the end of 2017. He has already declared, whatever the outcome of his renegotiation, that he will campaign to remain in, which will be ‘Yes’ on the ballot paper.

Jeremy Corbyn is no lover of the anti-democratic oligarchs who govern in Brussels, or of the markets which trample the poor under foot. He has heard the weeping and wailing throughout all Greece, and abhors the bankers and monetarists who ride roughshod over the widows and orphans of Athens. Like the ardent Socialists Hugh Gaitskell, Tony Benn, Peter Shore and Michael Foot before him, Jeremy Corbyn stands foursquare in the old tradition of democratic Socialism, which is inherently Eurosceptic because the ‘ever closer union’ of the EEC was always destined to neuter the sovereignty of national parliaments to enact employment legislation and defend the rights of workers. No matter what potency of strike action the trade unions threaten, Parliament is powerless to amend (and often to resist) the diktats from Brussels.

Hence the Unite Union has already weighed into the campaign for Brexit. They dare not say so, but they have heard the complaints of their members not only about austerity, but also the free-moving, low-cost immigrants taking ‘their jobs’. And they understand that so much encroaching ‘Thatcherite’ privatisation – Rail, Royal Mail, NHS – is actually not Tory after all: the origins lie in EU directives which enforce frameworks of cross-border outsourcing and pan-EU competition. No amount of blackouts, uncollected rubbish or unburied bodies can reverse the EEC/EC/EU trajectory of marketisation: only by leaving the collective EU could the British Government ever be free to re-nationalise these industries and hand them back to the people.

Many Socialists are slowly waking up to the relentless zeal of the European Union for social injustice and anti-democratic oppression. Being ‘at the heart’, ‘in the club’, ‘in the fast lane’ or ‘at the top table’ are only worthwhile if the social model and economic framework of the heart/club/lane/table cohere with the basic values, morality and cultural instincts of the people: where there is resentment, there is hostility and hate.

Archbishop Cranmer


He’s a Republican, a eurosceptic, a high taxation supporter, an ‘investor’ in people.  People earning over £100,000 a year should pay a lot more tax, he says, maybe people earning over £50,000.  Higher minimum wage.  Close down the tax havens.  He’s attacking the growth of poverty and homelessness.

The pluses from my viewpoint is that he’s very likely to be far more eurosceptic, even than UKIP, and he’s an anti-fracker.

In my opinion, the way to balance the books isn’t to tax people more but to cut the size of government, a government we don’t even need.  The NHS service is a poisoning service that kills people with chemotherapy, statins, anti-depressants and any other ‘medicine’ we’re dumb enough to consume.  It is sterilising and lowering IQ in kids through the use of vaccination.  Education teaches kids not to think, and wastes years of their lives locked inside classrooms, and ensures they lack confidence to speak and communicate and form enterprises after they leave.  University ensures they are loaded down with debts, and are taught things that are mostly not true, and certainly not helpful.  They are made to feel inferior and not to listen to their own ideas.

The Police and the courts act as support for the paedophiles and Satanist abusers of children and babies.  City centre gangs are left alone to rape and bully at will.  Who needs government at any price?

Daily Mail runs a piece with Yvette Cooper supporter, John Mann MP, claiming Jeremy Corbyn, MP for Islington, took no action when child abuse in children’s homes came to light there.  He refutes this claim.  Keep an eye on that.




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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Blair doesn’t want him, the Daily Mail and the Torygraph don’t like him .. he might be worth a punt.

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