What is a “Conspiracy Theorist” and why we should be proud to question the narrative

Jay Taylor discusses the roots of the term “conspiracy theorist” and the how the CIA coined the the term to discredit those who questioned the system. RIP to Dr Jeff Bradstreet Anti Vaccine and alternative medicine practitioner.




” CIA plan to discredit and spin news”

” Manufacturing consent”

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8 Responses to “What is a “Conspiracy Theorist” and why we should be proud to question the narrative”

  1. ian says:

    Surprisingly good and in a nutshell. I only say surprisingly, because you become accustomed to all the crap out there, but give him his due, he even explains that.

  2. Dee says:

    I really needed to hear the positive, uplifting element of this video, thank you 🙂

  3. J says:

    Spot on,concise and to the point. Love the positive calm vibe.The way to get the message across.Cool as Bro.

    As for,
    Conspiracy Theorist,(closed mind(

    Critical Thinking,)open mind)
    you decide?


  4. Lynn says:

    We all have experienced this…good to know we are among friends. Debate and discussion is healthy. Curiosity is human and coming together to look at information and share views is part of the point.

  5. Men Scryfa says:

    We are leaving the term “conspiracy theory” far behind…


    Imagine the Times running a headline
    “Black people may deny it but racism is rife in Africa”

    No I cannot either which tells you that we have an Anti-White, anti European press in Britain. And who is the mainstream press owned by?

    • ” The values of our age have completely lost sight of what consciousness is, and who we are. Many people are totally unaware of that non-physical aspect of themselves which animates the body and mind. With the world an endless maze of distraction, trauma and imposed scarcity, who has time to dig deep within themselves, unlocking the mysteries of being which infuse all life? But it is the answer to this fundamental question: Who Am I? which once sought after will build a temple of knowledge within, wiping clean the limited and self serving desires of a mind trapped by externalizations.

      The choice to know thyself, will transform the meaningless rat race which most of humanity finds themselves in, unlocking an eternal destiny and experiential bliss that will eclipse any materialistic goal. And it is this transcendent ability hidden within each being, regardless of their ethnicity, cultural background or social standing, that makes our would-be masters tremble with fear. If we but had a glimpse of our true purpose in life, and what it could mean for ourselves and posterity, we would never again be duped into the endless game that modern life has become. ”

    • ”The earthquakes cause many dramatic earth changes, which includes the rising of new lands and opening up passages to the inner earth. These earth changes reveal archeological secrets of the past, that by planned deception and trickery, falsely show that religions were started by UFO/aliens for the purpose of keeping the masses in control, and that aliens are the true gods and creators of life on this planet. These deceptions, along with a fake rapture event, cause nominal Christians to lose their faith. This is what scripture describes as the beginning of the Great Falling Away—the apostasy.

      This series of events primes people’s minds to accept the leader of the evil forces that will eventually take over the world, and who they will worship as god. This leader will appear after the world further spirals into the chaos that they initiate—WWIII, a worldwide financial collapse, and a worldwide pandemic. These events will leave ¼ of the world’s population dead.

      And just at the right moment, with the world now begging for a solution, the evil world ruler to be, will fly down to earth in a spaceship and come onto the scene to “solve” the world’s problems. Ironically hardly anyone realizes that he was the one that was behind causing all these horrific problems on the earth in the first place. And thus the world will readily bow down to him and make him the ruler of the world. No one can buy or sell without his mark, which many take and are then dammed to Hell. Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER—satan’s trap has closed its jaws.

      Now how about that for a sci-fi thriller? Now some of those things may never occur, but unfortunately some of those things will one day be a reality, especially satan’s trap. Would you like to escape satan’s trap? Find out what you must do to be saved. Read God’s Gift of Salvation.


      In light of all the data and synchronicities, I would say that they probably have something planned for the time around 9/23/15, what exactly it is, I do not know. I see several possibilities, and I see several non possibilities. But I am definitely picking up on antichrist themes intertwined with CERN, UFOs, great destruction, and deception upon the earth, and thus I feel that time bears watching. And if those things come to pass I foresee the beginning of the occurrence of the next major prophetic event—the Great Falling Away. ”


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