Want to feel younger and fitter? Try walking barefoot.


I found that walking barefoot helped me to get rid of pain in my foot and hip, to the point that I could play tennis again after years of hobbling around the court.  I focused on walking on the ball of the foot and the big toe, and stopped walking along the outside of the foot.  Place the heel and then immediately land your weight on the ball and big toe.  It worked for me.  I saw this graphic from a friend on facebook and thought it’s a good moment to pass over the thought to others, who might also be suffering.  Walking with less heel on the shoe also assisted the process.


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  1. Dobb says:

    It’s called grounding and there is an informative Canadian film, I think it’s called ‘grounded, that explains the health benefits felt by the residents of a small town who experimented with this simple idea.

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