VT – Germany is shooting down Syrian planes attacking ISIS


ISIS German Run Patriot Air Defense System Hacked in Turkey

Posted by GPD on July 8, 2015

German missile battery receives orders from… unknown ‘hackers’ – report

Editor’ note:  It is now clear, it is Germany shooting at Syrian planes and helicopters attacking ISIS positions.  Why are the Germans in Turkey?  What could their mission possibly be.  There is little doubt that Germany is providing an air umbrella over al Nusra and ISIS forces.  Who has the power to make them do that?

RT  – The German Patriot air and missile defense systems, stationed at the Turkish border with Syria, have carried out “unexplained” commands allegedly issued by unknown hackers, according to a German media report since rebutted by the government.

The US-produced missile systems, belonging to the German Bundeswehr armed forces and based on the territory of NATO ally Turkey since 2013, have been compromised, according to a report in the German Behörden Spiegel.

As a result, the systems, consisting of six launchers and two radars, reportedly carried out“unexplained” orders, the publication claimed, providing no further information on the kind of commands.

A spokesman for the Federal Department of Defense however rebutted the report on Tuesday, saying that “there is no base data” for an extremely improbable attack, Die Welt newspaper reported.


Here is a clue


About 900,000 results
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12 Responses to “VT – Germany is shooting down Syrian planes attacking ISIS”

  1. Lynn says:

    Well arent Germans the Kosher lot… !!

  2. Nollidge says:

    “Why are the Germans in Turkey? ”
    Because Poland’s full up?.

  3. Nike says:

    Germany has been militarily occupied for 70 years BY ZIONISTS to serve their ends
    Fed up with servitude to the Zionists

  4. Nike says:


  5. ian says:

    How many of us would resist if offered $10,000,000 to change sides. The way the political system is in the world, you’d only have a few politicians to bribe of threaten with the public exposure of their liking for children. With the system as it is, it’s always going to be business as normal. If any of us became a threat to business as normal, then we could be frightened half to death, or killed both halfs. That’s the way criminal gangs work, and these folks are just the Mafia on a world scale. Horses heads in peoples beds, aren’t usually needed though, when you own the schools and TV and the press, and the governments. I sound like a broken record, but all our outrage won’t do a thing. love ian..

    • 10 million wouldn’t sway me Ian. Nor would 100 million. Before I took the red pill 2 yrs ago when I was asleep I would have liked 10 million.

      But now im waking up so much to how this world is actually run, the games changed in my head and the rules are changed

      Not only this. Nikola Teslas Free Energy Physics. I have realised if there was none of this suppression of physics WHICH IS OUR BIRTHRIGHT. How dare these people not allow us to know and be aware and enjoy Natural Physics.

      Imagine if this world and society had Free Energy? Think on several steps what would happen once the petrodollar economy collapses?

      Because its not just Free Energy. Theres a lot of amazing associated technologies that go along with it. Even if they don’t get shared that are in use on the SSP now. If we just have Free Energy to work with down here, then innovations will take off exponentially.

      The costs of transportation for a start will be taken out of the goods we buy, no petrodollar economy. It seems too Replicator technology is indeed a fact.

      However whats my point here Ian? it all becomes clear that in this Tesla Free Energy Society, its possible that everyone can live beautiful lives. And with a 7 or so year adjustment changeover plan, stewarded by SANE RESPONSIBLE GOOD LEADERS, money will become obsolete.

      These and other realisations make me realise they can keep their 10 million if they ever offered it to me. Much bigger things are going on

      This isn’t the reason why ive messaged you Ian. Your comment and indeed the article you left it under about roundup glyphosate weedkiller has disappeared.

      I will try when I can to research, can you as well? Then we can share the findings for all. And ill copy and paste our comments into an email then fwd that on
      About non toxic alternatives to Roundup.
      Heres a suggestion, 355 food grade hydrogen peroxide? maybe diluted with vodka? Or baking soda?
      cheers Adam
      don’t forget to use reply button

      • Julie says:

        They don’t want Tesla on the National curriculum.

        I’ve change Makow’s title, because most of the players/deceivers are jews.

        The Jew’s Biggest Crime? Suppressing Tesla Technology

        Not only did the so called Illuminati (industrialist-banking cabal) steal this “aether physics”-technology, they also changed the “human knowledge of physics”, replacing the knowledge of this aether-cosmos with Einstein’s theories, now promoted everywhere.

        ..to name few benefiting from this theft.

        – J P Morgan (banking, energy, railroads, US Steel)

        – Edison & General Electric (oil &energy, railroads, aviation, war industrials, banking)

        – Rockefellers (oil, banking, Nazi connections through IG Farben)

        – Rothschilds (banking, oil & natural resources ..connections to Kuhn Loeb & company through Jacob Schiff )

        – Ford motors (motors, war industrials)

        – Brown Brothers Harriman & Co (banking, ship yards, railroads, IG Farben)

        – Du Ponts (chemicals& war industrials, General Motors, IG Farben)

        – Vanderbilts (railroads, ship yards)

        – Boeing Company (aviation)

        – Lockheed (aviation)

        … Oil & energy, steel and other natural resources, railroads, ship yards, aviation, car industry, spare parts, logistics, banking & finance, war industrial complex ..are some of the reasons to steal and keep this technology hidden.

        The official excuse behind this technology theft by this industrialist-banking cabal would be, of course; “In the interest of national security” ..”if Al CIA-da got hold of these..”.

        Hiding this technology “for national security” has cost humanity trillions and trillions of dollars and wrecked the health of humanity and the planet.”


      • Julie says:

        Adam ….Two comments for you from Shirlz blog awaiting moderation by Tap.

      • Julie says:

        The comments haven’t appeared. The Shirlz007 blog wrote

        “There you go Great Britain… An ‘Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse’ (the biggest inquiry ever)… a statutory inquiry, with the power to demand documents and witnesses, immunity from the Official Secret Act, has the backing of a number of prominent MP’s, has a national police ‘scoping’ exercise running parallel (‘Operation Hydrant’, this needs to be a NCA criminal investigation in my opinion), has the MSM support (Mail and Mirror… Exaro news)…

        but some within the ‘Alternate Media’ still want to report on a ‘Satanic Child Abuse Ring’ that has never fucking existed! (MI5 disinformation campaign ladies and gents)”

        What a tangled web. How many commentators in the alternative media including this blog do you think are paid by JTRIG, i.e. GCHQ? We know they exist.

      • ian says:

        Adam, they don’t want you having free air, never mind electricity. They own the planet and everything on it. We are no longer of any use to them, apart from a few servants and sex slaves. The rest of us are like cockroaches. At the moment, the killers that they own are also cockroaches, so they have qualms about killing us all. Soon though, their will be robotic cockroaches who won’t care. They have a balancing act to deal with, as it could easily backfire on them if enough people saw behind the curtain.

  6. ian says:

    It’s still nice to know what’s happening, because to paraphrase Chomsky,”Most people don’t know what’s happening, and worse still. They don’t know that they don’t know”. ian.

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