US prepares Maidan in Greece, attack on Russia, and can kill Tsipras

US prepares Maidan in Greece, attack on Russia, and can kill Tsipras. Greece

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Victoria Nuland’s, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, visit to Athens just after Ukraine makes it suppose, that the Ukrainian scenario of government dethroning and civil war is already orchestrated for Greece.

Greek rapprochement with Russia, which NATO is ready to wage war with, generates such a discontent of the US State Department, that the American authorities may go the length of drastic measures and eliminate the Greek leader.

The French philosopher Nicolas Bonnal makes such statements in his article and claims that tension has not been eased after the referendum, as many think.

The main reason of Nuland’s visit to Greece is to prevent it from rapprochement with BRICS, and especially Russia. Greece is the NATO member state, and taking into account Washington discontent with Tsipras celebrating Victory Day on May, 9 in Moscow, it can be assumed, he may have a more tragic fortune than Kennedy had.

They have already started demonizing Tsipras government and international creditor’s acts may be compared with those of terrorists, as Varoufakis did.

What about the Europe, it has already been dancing to the US pipe. And the US keeps building its power in the world due to the conquered states like Germany and Japan. Namely these countries will be the “oblational aircraft carriers” in the nuclear war, which NATO is going to wage against Russia and China.




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  1. Julie says:

    Was Christine Lagarde’s IMF message in 2014 about a forthcoming collapse to the elite?

    This is what one commentator wrote:

    “Here’s the truth, which virtually no understands and believes… God is Sovereign over all of humanity. He does indeed work with the number 7, as the number 7 is the number of completion with God. The real principle involved here is the SHEMITAH. September 13th, 2015 is the last day of the Shemitah, which is the Biblical day Elul 29. The last two Elul 29’s (September 17, 2001 and September 29, 2008) each brought about the single greatest crash in stock market history up to that point, and we are less than 3 months away from the next crash.”

    • ian says:

      Hi Julie, I don’t doubt for a minute that there may well be a crash coming, but the likelihood of it being caused by an invisible man that lives in the sky, seems a tad fairy tale like. Your references to holy days in whatever church, mean nothing to me. I however am more than confident that there are far far more than enough evil devious uncaring bastards within the banking industry to do the job. It will likely involve robbing us some more as it does. I feel less than confident however that it will in any way affect the notorious banking families who don’t need me to name them in this atmosphere of ever increasing incitement to whatever laws. In fact if and when it happens, I will be surprised if their hand is not in the till so to speak.

  2. Nike says:

    “What about the Europe, it has already been dancing to the US pipe. And the US keeps building its power in the world due to the conquered states like Germany and Japan. Namely these countries will be the “oblational aircraft carriers” in the nuclear war, which NATO is going to wage against Russia and China.”

    The Germans people are FED UP with US-Zionist occupation and wars.
    They want war against Russia? with Germany and Japan as their “aircraft carriers in nuclear war”, as their battlefields again? Fu$$ off! AMI GO HOME. LEAVE EUROPE IN PEACE.

    • ian says:

      Hi Nike, I agree, I think that perhaps the Yanks fancy a nuclear war against China and Russia. A bit of population control to the tune of billions. All the “important” people in lavishly stocked underground bases. With the short term radiation of the new neutron bombs, they could be out a week after it finished, ready to start all over.

  3. RabbiT says:

    God does indeed work with the number 7 but I have (Appendix 10 of the Companion Bible) 7 as “Spiritual Perfection” Completeness being the number 3 hence Father, Son and Holy Spirit being a trinity of 7’s equalling 21 which added is 3 and therefore complete.

    Man making himself God is a trinity of 6’s giving us 18 whereby 8 and 1 is 9 which equals “Finality and Judgement” which is how this age is to close.

    I don’t hold to numerology but numerics which is a different subject.

    Given Christ was otherwise rejected among His own, the message of salvation went to the Gentiles giving us the church age or age of grace.

    Frankly I don’t see God working among the Old Covenant, the New being the completion of such, whereby God reveals Himself in Christianity not in the ways of defunct Judaism which now manifests, it appears, as Satanism/ Luciferianism; call it what you wish.

    As for the invisible man in the sky, if you are not part of it you will not experience it and I have a life full of encounters with the Almighty as do many others.

    • It seems to boil down to theres some Magic, Divine Magic in these numbers.

      Im assuming the defunct Judaics who have seriously lost their way with Luciferianism are hoping to use the power of these numbers acting out prophecies in the New Testament/Covenant, to manifest their Satanic hopes and dreams in this Finality and Judgment Age.

      I am part of it despite not being brought up as a Christian. My dad had roman Catholicism rammed down his throat growing up by a hypocritical mother and priests he didn’t like and this is why I was brought up with an atheist outlook.

      However discovering the Tesla physics and that reality and our universe is very different than they’ve led me to believe, I now am open to and consider many things. The Holy Spirit and God I definitely believe in and I think because ive always tried to act on the side of good even when I was asleep and swept up in the ego state and aspirations the Cabal programmed into my mind, ive always tried, always been aligned on the side of Good.
      However now that I feel im becoming more Conscious, I cannot ignore, and I am embracing the Holy Spirit. And im becoming a more active fighter.
      I have been through many things and now at 41 I feel on a personal level, peace and some happiness blossoming inside as I shed my old ego programming. And past experiences seem to have been shaping me, to be this person now, humble, prostrating myself before God and the Holy Spirit.
      But crucially (which was never there before) a solid core of self belief and confidence

      Ive gone off the point here.
      All this interesting numerology of 7s and 3s, 21, 666 etc. I don’t know and don’t feel inclined to learn (I have enough already to do each day)
      how toincorporate this magical numerology into my life for Good.

      All I can do is pray, and do the roy masters downward moving energy meditation from Dr Wilsons website, bringing the Ruah/Holy Spirit down into my body. I try and do this for an hour each day while walking, and it does build the Will and helps the mind.

      If you or anyone can suggest a Safe way to incorporate magical numbers into prayer then id like to know.

      I do put petrol in my car 11.11 pounds and pence. And as well my sisters car which I now drive, she got the private plate that has 666 in it , an accident, she didn’t ask for it. So far ive not got it changed, since someone said 666 is a neutral thing, not necessarily evil

  4. ian says:

    You’re a good and decent person Adam, which is a lot more than most have going for them. You don’t need magic, but if you find it helps what the heck.

  5. Lynn says:

    It is the good inside us all that has allowed these evil sick degenerate’s to get away with what they have done….WE BELIEVED THEM!!

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