White House & American corporations behind conspiracy to spark astroturf revolution which will lead to Ukraine-style coup


Russian Parliament member Yevgeny Fedorov claims that Russian oligarchs are in negotiations with top American corporations and the White House to foment an astroturf revolution that will lead to the ouster of President Vladimir Putin and the collapse of the Russian Federation within two years.


During a 34 minute interview with a Russian media outlet, Fedorov made a number of bombshell claims in asserting that a Ukraine-style coup was being organized.

“They are conducting a negotiation process with the Russian elites for the extradition of Putin,” said Fedorov, noting that the same process was undertaken before the coup in Kiev which ousted Viktor Yanukovyc. He identified John F. Tefft, the United States Ambassador to Russia, as being the figurehead behind this conspiracy.

Fedorov said that Russian oligarchs were supportive of the coup, negotiations for which took place at the 2014 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, and that the plot also involved members of Russia’s interior ministry and military generals.

“We know the objective is the destruction of the Russian federation,” said Fedorov, explaining how the sanctions were designed to gradually collapse the Russian economy and lower standards of living.

The sanctions won’t be lifted until Putin resigns and the Russian Federation collapses, according to Fedorov, dismissing as “propaganda nonsense,” claims by the White House that the sanctions will end when Russia withdraws from Crimea.

“We see a conspiracy forming in Russia against Putin on the basis of the sanctions and the corporations which are dependent on the Americans – we don’t have any others,” added Fedorov, noting that the flash point is likely to come in August, after which there will be a push for “early elections” to oust Putin.

Russian state officials with close ties to businesses will be the “weak link” the Americans use to foment the conspiracy, claims Fedorov, adding that such individuals will become emboldened to defy Putin to a much greater degree. American companies and the IMF already hold significant power over Russia’s laws and economy, argues Fedorov, meaning that a coup is far easier to achieve given the country’s lack of sovereignty.

“After August, through the winter, I think, by the drop of living standards, they will be able to bring out several hundred thousand people onto the streets….simply because, with the help of the government, they will severely crash people’s living standards, this will be especially felt after winter,” said Fedorov, adding that Spring 2016 could be the time period in which the coup is initiated.

Up to 200,000 “hungry people” will suffice to start a “rebellion” against Putin, says Fedorov, adding that militant groups from Ukraine will also be sent in to generate chaos.

Individuals within the government will “mindlessly surrender Russia by the set deadlines,” asserts Fedorov, adding that Russian media outlets like RBC TV, which is controlled by CNN and CNBC, are also complicit in the coup because of their failure to report that the country is under “attack.”

“The noose is being tightened around Russia,” said Fedorov, who predicted that a coup will also be launched in Armenia to starve Moscow of allies.

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  1. Gordon Logan says:

    It all started in 2003 when Jacob Rothschild went to Moscow to get his point man Mikhail Khodorkovsky out of jail. Putin gave Jacob the bum’s rush and took back the Russian economy. As the bogus war on terror fades into the background, it is now clear that Russia is the main enemy in World War III.

    • This all sounds encouraging to me, and a bit of a relief. At least it shows some evidence, and your comments do too, things aren’t all sewn up, Putin isn’t just another hitler/stalin/Churchill illuminati stooge and were not living in a total Truman Show
      Therefore the redefininggod blog I read that said the cabal are totally controlling both sides and orchestrating it over and brics is a NWO sham, that deflated me, that blog could well be trying to make people feel helpless or paralysed

      Im not saying these aren’t strange dangerous times. But at least if theres a powerful counterbalance to the cabal, and I hope these can be called white hats, All is Not Lost and weve a good chance of this going ok. I wont speculate much what exopolitical goings on might be happening whether just out in space with secret space programmes or extradimensional spiritual matters, but im sure these also are exerting effects down here

      Is it true Putin is cloned? Could the cabal have a cloned version and trying to wrong foot the real Putin with media releases, and even perhaps cabal infiltration in russias military controlling a few battalions or whatever

      How much of this cloning technology is real and how much disinfo I wonder.
      I don’t trust this alciun and flutterby site, ben fulford recommended it, and it has deceptions in it plus plugs the Lucis Trust the UN Luciferian thinktank

    • [Don’t know whether below is definitely correct but it could well be]

      The New BRICS Financial System: What they’re not telling you

      Did you ever wonder why there have been so many stunning revelations about Cabal operations taking place in recent years? It’s called a “limited hangout,” and here is its definition:

      “A limited hangout, or partial hangout, is a public relations or propaganda technique that involves the release of previously hidden information in order to prevent a greater exposure of more important details.”

      And what is the “more important detail” that the Luciferian/Satanic Globalist Cabal is trying to hide from truth seekers?

      THEY are the ones behind the new Chinese-led financial system.

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