The New York Stock Exchange Has Just Shut Down and United Airlines Are At A Complete Standstill! (Video)

First the Stock Market, then the Airlines, see breaking report on the airlines below!



Without announcement, all trading ceased on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange as of 11:32am on Wednesday.

While off-floor trading is still occurring, every listing on the NYSE board is currently showing “HALT” and/or “No Quotation.”

The NYSE has released a statement stating that trading has halted due to a technology issue and that they are working to restore trading as quickly as possible.

With no known relationship, the Wall Street Journal’s online site has also become unavailable during the same period displaying an odd 504 error instead of the usual 404 – not found.

When navigating to, the following appeared as of 11:50am Wednesday.   (See CDN  & Washington Times)

According to the Washington Times, they are working hurriedly to resolve the issue! The NYSE issued a new statement saying the shutdown was attributable to an “internal” computer malfunction and was not the result of an outside cyberattack. But are they telling us the truth? Will this have any impact on the economy and the coming collapse? I do not know. But this is worth watching! Let’s hope it is resolved soon.


A computer error has forced United Airlines to ground its flights in the US


The BBC has reported, that due to a computer glitch, United Airlines has been grounded causing air traffic disruptions around the world.

This strange chain of events has many people wonder if this is just the beginning of something far worse to come?

Consider China’s Stock Market is crashing, Greece is crashing Puerto Rico is crashing, now the New York stock exchange is down, and United Airlines are grounded.  I will be following these recent devolopments and reporting on them as they unfold throughout the day.

A computer error has forced United Airlines to ground its flights in the US for the second time in recent weeks.

The firm blamed a “network connectivity issue” for the latest fault.

The two-hour long issue caused delays to more than 90 of its aircrafts, according to the FlightAware website.

The airline had to enforce a shorter flight ban on 2 June after incorrect data appeared in its flight planning system.

Shares in the firm fell more than 1.5% in morning’s trade. Several Twitter users posted photos of blank United Airlines airport screens.




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  1. NPP says:

    Thanks for this Gordon.

  2. NPP says:

    Quick note:

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  3. Lynn says:

    Henry this has just occured to me in a flash.
    The whole crashing of the stockmarkets are a carbon copy of the first one.
    This is orchastrated so the billionaire bankers can buy up for pennies on the pound again.

    This is how Rotschild did it with the Napoleon war. It worked then and they are behind it now.

    Watch this space. The dominoes are about to fall. They are using a copy book.

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