1. ian says:

    Typical US video. Loads of Biblical nonsensical references about beasts etc. If anything, this is an attempt to prepare the gullible for what it claims is the inevitable. It’s only going to happen if someone makes it happen and not because it was prophesied about in some fairy story book. They prophesied a first world war. Why call it that? why?
    It was a war between European countries that was deliberately started and the US was dragged in on Britain’s side. A lot of the world was not involved,
    It was called a world war because it suited an agenda, as did the Holocaust of the Jews, in what got Christened the second world war.
    They were called world wars by someone, they weren’t called that by birth, so if it matches Pike’s prediction, then it’s because someone wanted it to.
    If another war starts, and well it might, given the fact that our brave and glorious child molesting, self appointed leaders have huge underground bunkers with years of supplies. Then it is because these same low life arseholes, want it that way. Not because some 19th century child abuser said it, or some Jewish script writers in some holy book. Because our low life moronic leaders or their owners want it.

    • I agree what you say, this makes sense. Enoiugh blogs and truthtellers keep emailing and getting stuff out to counter all the manipulations, even todays mail on sundays cover is a manipulation, and its 5000 on the streets

      WE MUST NOT AND WILL NOT BE MANIPULATED. I refuse to be manipulated. And this has caused rifts with family members that I refuse to react and fall in line on cue, like Pavlovs dog, to whats being doled out

      We are on the front line, and its our duty to show others when TSHTF, if it does, is say IF. We will be the grounding stabilising forces in our communities, showing theres another way. Our minds will be free and we can pass this on, showing people the Cabal exists and the Emperor wears no clothes (if that metaphor works)

  2. Carol says:

    Some pertinent facts that has been supplanted by the narrowing of a religion (historically the most effective social control of the minds of populations). We are all connected, wherever we live in the world with whatever religious belief.
    This evil is a slow, insidious shadow, trying to divide people who know it exists, by focusing in the detachment of geography, race, class, gender and religion.
    Children are a blessing, it is our role to do the best we can for all of them, despite the overwhelming pressure for them to conform.
    Never be afraid to use the word NO, whether it be to bosses, laws, institutions or to children – a much forgotten, underused word. It works.

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