The Human Aura Can Change Dramatically and Quickly

It was found, that objects which are not alive, do not change parameters of their “aura” more than 2%. LIVING objects however can change their aura field dramatically and quickly. This provides scientists with unique tools to study physics of LIFE and consciousness using bio-electrography. For example, Prof Bunzen in Russia found that the response in Kirlian Aura seems to precede (appear as soon or earlier than) electric processes in the brain during a decision making process. From his research, presented in 2001 at the International Congress “Science Information, Spirit” in St Petersburg, it seems that a thought “appears” in the aura before any electrical activity can be detected in the brain. Is our consciousness electro-photonic to begin with?

Kirlian patented many inventions to photograph the glow and captured many images of it. Over time, they noticed that the images varied from person to person. Kirlian and his wife were demonstrated that their images showed a life force or energy field that reflected the physical and emotional states of their living subjects. These images could be used to diagnose illnesses. In 1961, they published their first paper on the subject in the Russian Journal of Scientific and Applied Photography.

The aura of a person has been found to be directly connected to the level of health of the person. A person is considered to be healthy in when their physical vitality, mental clarity, emotional well being as well as highly positive spiritual energies are relatively balanced. So a person who is healthy at all these levels has a bigger and brighter aura and vice versa in the case of an unhealthy person. A faint glow around certain body parts may indicate the presence of a disease or disorder.

Sent in by Adam.  Video added by Tap.

Also check out the Kalika Lethal Strike or Death Ritual sent in by NPP, which interestingly won’t embed.


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  1. sovereigntea says:

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    • Ian says:

      Yes S distressing news.

      • sovereigntea says:

        Silence is acquiescence. Write via email to your MP MEP and the newspapers then cut n paste the UKcolumn report to it. . Add a line like this.

        As your constituent ( you work for us remember ) I assert that this is a matter of both local and national importance. I demand that you raise the matter in Parliament forthwith and that you call for the so called authorities and their “partners” to cease and desist in their campaign of soviet style ( KGB ) intimidation of this brave woman, a victim of crime(s) who spoke out in the hope of preventing the abuse of others and belated justice for the multiple victims. A woman who has already been put though Hell and tortured reportedly by members of an establishment that you as an MP are part of.

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  2. Ian says:

    I once encountered an essay written about a study carried out using a lie detector in the US. Whilst “wired up”, the subject was shown slides on a computer screen. The vast majority of the slides showed pleasant images of flowers and children laughing, etc, but every now and then there was a slide showing a road traffic accident, or bodies that had been blown to bits in a bombing. Although the slides were randomly generated by the computer, soon the lie detector started showing a response to the nasty pictures milliseconds before they were shown.
    We are complicated devices, and I’m sure for years to come, evidence will keep emerging proving just how complicated we are.
    Then again, if a chilli seed can contain enough information to make a plant that can produce scorching hot peppers from a bucket of soil, then we might contain a few surprises.

    • Incredible yes

      Heres my email subject heading ive emailed this tapblog article onto many people:

      Kirlian Aura Responses Precede Electrical Processes Decision Making in the Brain: Do things happen Spiritually first then influence our DNA and physical body after? Does a large part of us live simultaneously in the Spirit world too?

    • In fact, does our |DNA have a parallel copy in the aura, etheric body, and DNA changes happen in that dimension first, then are communicated to our DNA here? Some people are saying this is what happens.
      Therefore an incredible amazing health implication is healing oneself spiritually, can have real definite healing implications for the physical body

      This also drags in, just what are the implications of discarnate entities, entity attachments, in illnesses?

      For example ive read hanging around in bars at night getting lots of alcohol, weakens one and opens one up to all sorts of entity attachments

      They seem to prefer weak ill demineralised toxic bodies. This is a big topic. Our ‘leaders ‘ need to be and I hope will be, brought severely to task for in my view suppressing and concealing these truths from all of us. And instead filling our heads with bullshit distractions and a secular state where everyones adrift, and the Satanic agenda can proceed.
      I used to be an atheist but things like this, and the Tesla physics that makes the whole SSPs possible, mean one cant escape Spiritual truths too. its the same physics. As Mr Kirlian from Russia shows us

      • Bluefeather6 says:

        Harry Oldfield is an amazing inventor, and has captured many incredible images on his PIP camera, and NEV ( New Energy Vision) camera. You can view his work on you Tube, especially interesting is his talk at the Glastonbury Symposium 2008. You can also buy his Oldfield filter, that can you can use when taking photos, and see changes in energy fields. An amazing man of our time, yet we rarely hear of him in the mainstream.

  3. Lynn says:

    Healing is a given life source that has been hidden from us. The facts are out there and we choose to ignore this spiritual side of life. We can heal ourselves and they dont like that fact. The spirit is what they are killing with wifi and radiation, vibration and frequency is life. Turn off the wifi at night and leave your mobile as far away from you as you can as you sleep. Secret weapons made useful are a sure way of desturbing human nature, and they know this.

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