The Guardian has morphed into The Daily Mail (so elect Corbyn and ignore them)


The Guardian has morphed into The Daily Mail (so elect Corbyn and ignore them)


Submitted by on July 26, 2015


The Guardian has become a liberal frosted version of The Daily Mail. You think not? Read on…

Like the BBC – The Guardian is not independent, the old Scott Trust was wound up in 2008 and replaced by a limited company of which venture capital firm Apax Partners is the sole shareholder.

Apax Partners appoints a board to run the show – the composition of which might startle those who still regard The Guardian as a left leaning newspaper.

Neil Berkitt – a former banker (Lloyds, St George Bank) who then helped vulture capitalist Richard Branson with Virgin Media.

David Pemsel – Former head of marketing at ITV.

Nick Backhouse – On the board of the bank of Queensland, formerly with Barings Bank.

Ronan Dunne –  On the Telefónica Europe plc board, Chairman of Tesco Mobile. He has also worked at Banque Nationale de Paris plc.

Judy Gibbons –  Judy is currently a non-executive director of retail property kings Hammerson, previously with O2, Microsoft, Accel Partners (venture capital), Apple and Hewlett Packard.

Jennifer Duvalier – Previously in management consultancy and banking.

Brent Hoberman – Old Etonian with fingers in various venture capital pies including car rental firm EasyCar.

Nigel Morris – chairman of network digital marketing giants Aegis Media.

John Paton – CEO of Digital First Media – a very large media conglomerate which was sued successfully in the U.S. for rigging advertising rates.

Katherine Viner – Startlingly not a banker, in marketing or venture capital. She is I gather (gulp) a journalist.

Darren Singer – formerly with BSkyB, the BBC and Price Waterhouse Coopers.

the only remaining guy is the secretary Philip Tranter – but don’t worry, he is a proper sort from some posh law firms in London.

If any of the members of the Guardian Media Group get bored they can surely get a slot with the BBC Trust which is also stuffed full of bankers and establishment big wigs.

Guardian Royal Wedding

Note the total absence of any trade unionists, social workers, activists or erm journalists (save for Editor in chief Ms Viner).

The Guardian is owned by a venture capital firm and run by people predominantly from banking, venture capital and marketing – with all manner of connections to companies like Virgin Media, Tesco, O2, Microsoft, HP etc.

Perhaps this explains its well documented expertise in off shore tax avoidance schemes…

…the abrupt dismissal of dissenting voices,

its hysterical reaction to the notion of Scottish Independence…

(I could post hundreds of other links on this topic!)

and the patronising smear campaign now being waged 24/7 against Jeremy Corbyn.


Since it has emerged that Jeremy is popular with the kind of ordinary people whose concerns are beneath the lofty machinations of the Guardian Media Group – their determination to rubbish the Corbyn campaign for leadership of The Labour Party and support his rivals has reached a farcical fever pitch.

and this is but a FRACTION of the smug patronising abuse that Corbyn and his supporters have been treated to over the last few days.

The intention is to create a climate of opinion in which any deviation from the terms and conditions The Guardian has placed on political debate remain unchallenged. 

The Guardian has spent years defining the ‘centre ground’ so that it takes place within a neoliberal fantasy land, one which facilitates a cosy relationship with wealth and power.

The Guardian is a right wing newspaper now.


The few dissenting voices it allows space for are merely fig leaves for a right wing bias disguised as ‘balanced’ journalism. 

The heavy lifting of foisting its fictional credibility onto the public is left to its churnalist live blogs, stories fed to them by PR agencies and political spin doctors , stories copied straight from the wire agencies like AP and worst of all, its tiresome clutch of factory hen hacks like Andrew Rawnsley & Martin Kettle <shudder>


and shall we mention its commitment to…


Lavish consumerism – a bench for from Selfridges for £1,495 anyone?

Luxury travel – B&B from £149 pppn?

Homes for sale with Moorings? – one with a nice sloping lawn for £1.75 million?

Homes for sale with Tennis Courts? – a nice castle for £1.5 million?

to name but a few…


and best of all, just what has The Guardian done about Climate Change?


Eagle eyed readers might have already spotted that with The Guardian running full steam ahead on expensive consumerism, foreign travel and reviews of expensive new motors a position on climate change might prove difficult.

The Guardian could never put forward alternatives to consumerism, endless growth or advocate banking reform or strong state intervention, so instead they wrote to a billionaire friend (Bill Gates) and asked if he wouldn’t mind rearranging the investment portfolio of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (and drop its shares in Shell etc)

Sadly Bill was not minded to listen to pious waffle from The Guardian on climate change and so that was pretty much the end of the campaign which has softly faded from view…


What can do we about this?


We can accept the truth – and this is very important – there is no liberal media in this country anymore, capital has bought it all.

Since no one in the media and very few in the political establishment will support any progressive change whatsoever, we shall have to simply ignore the media and the political establishment and force their hand anyway.

Politicians will always gracefully accept what they cannot prevent – any change will have to come from grassroots activism supporting the concerns of ordinary people.

and we can tell The Guardian to fuck off – that we’re tired of being patronised, insulted, stereotyped and demeaned.


and we can ignore the panic of the corporate media and elect Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party.

They are frightened of Jeremy and they are frightened of us – its time to realise their worst nightmares and reclaim the space for political debate and action for ourselves.

see also: Corbyn leadership rivals issue statement – vote for us and we’ll make you pay!

see also: “Stop coming up with popular policies,” say Corbyn rivals for Labour leadership. “people might vote for us!”





3 Responses to “The Guardian has morphed into The Daily Mail (so elect Corbyn and ignore them)”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    They all sing from the same sheet only the paint job is different —

    Ask the Daily Mail about those non publicised meetings on the 6th floor at Derry St with Gordon Brown 0207 938 6000.

    Quiz question — how many real journalists other than sports journo’s will you meet on site if you wander round some newspaper offices ? Hint you might only need your fingers to keep count.

    Will the STORIES fed to you Joe Public match the secure govt comms and the harsh reality ?

    Like God they never were on your side.

  2. ian says:

    Don’t do newspapers. If journo’s told the truth, they wouldn’t be working. Think 9/11.
    Do you want to be a journalist for the Guardian on £100k telling the official version of everything, or work in a pound shop at minimum wage?
    It’s surprising how many don’t mind compromising their beliefs for money!!

  3. Lanark says:

    Just don’t buy it. It is that simple. Don’t buy it.

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