2 Responses to “The David Icke Video Cast – Monsanto And Our Toxic World”

  1. Again I get confused. On the one hand David Icke provides revealing information like this. Plus he has a way of reaching out to people to get the message across.
    Yet despite this, and all the other interesting im sure truths he goes on about

    On the other hand, certain things don’t add up with David Icke. To the best I can tell, it seems to be about letting us know a clear division/difference exists, between Jews and Zionists.

    Is this the crucial Deception David Icke is about? Have I missed something else? New Age lies/deceptions perhaps? Lies about reincarnation maybe? Im not sure

    Whatever it is, its a strange strategy. It looks like the Controllers actually WANT us to know the dangers of Monsanto.

    Could it be to create fear, running away from a monster, into the arms of a Deception ? Maybe other GMO companies with less high profile than Monsanto? Im already letting people know Syngentas another evil company

    • Ian says:

      Adam, a lot of things don’t add up with Icke. He reminds me of a more “civilised” version of Alex,”Bill Hicks”,Jones.
      Perhaps in this case though, it might be as simple as, they were going to have to ban Roundup anyway. Might as well give him some credibility from the event.

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