The coming referendum in Britain will decide our future. Farage addresses an American audience.

Farage addresses an American audience at the Heritage Foundation in Washington.  He faces hostile questioning from a Washington, pro-EU anti-Putin official.  He explains what’s at stake, and how to position ourselves within the international melee.  Worth a listen.  Britain has an 8% share of the vote within the EU.  There are very few national vetoes left.  We have no control and little influence. Look at how the EU treats Greece.  Nations are nowhere within the EU.

He covers Bretton Woods, currencies based on gold.  He’s not sold on the gold standard.  But is concerned by the massive debts being run up by the Conservative Government.

He’s challenged by a British Conservative, who thinks Britain is too big to leave the EU.  That’s amusing, he says, as Clegg, Cameron always say we’re too small to leave the EU.  The standard of the questioning is high, as are the answers.  Big government, big banks and big corporations like supranational power.  Capitalism is being crushed by corporatism everywhere, in Europe and in America.

He speaks well on Jihadism.  We should worry about what’s going on within our own countries, not be intervening around the world.  We need to be more assertive as a nation, what values we have. Britain has a Christian Constitution, which bishops and politicians seem unable to defend.  Farage admires John Howard, the former Australian Prime Minister, who was assertive about Australian nationality.

He speaks on Israel having nuclear weapons being necessary.

Question from a Northern Irish citizen.  ANSWER.  UK gives EU £55 million a day.  We get half of it back.  Most of gets used to pay for land, wind turbines and other waste.  The costs to small business of an excessive rule book is far greater than the cash.  The EU buys people off with their own money.  Northern Ireland is the most eurosceptic place in the world.

The problem in the referendum will be London, where people are doing nicely from the current status quo.  Northern Ireland will vote heavily for NO.


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  1. NPP says:

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  2. Lynn says:

    They are all doomed now as we have finally caught up with the scams and end games. They are finished… Satan has tricked them not us. The truth has finally tracked the enemy down and they are sad losers on Planet Earth.

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