State tries to silence Melanie Shaw – update

Just a quick post to say that Melanie Shaw is now with friends in a new home and this will give her the respite she needs. Please see Melanie speak out at Glastonbury via Torquaytalkeytv In response to those who have criticised Melanie public talks, this brave lady makes her own decisions and she wanted to tell things in her way. I say – good on her.

Several people have offered the UKColumn ‘advice’ on how we should have looked after Melanie. Interestingly enough these people did not actually help or even offer to help in any way. But of course from their armchairs they know how to do things better.

Following on from this comment it is obvious that the establishment is now whipping up attacks of the form that were used to try and silence Hollie Greig. This is no coincidence. As Goddard’s “most transparent child abuse cover-up in history” starts we can be sure that the political establishments wants to silence anyone really exposing the scale and viciousness of the British State sponsored child abuse. It is up to all good people to stop it.

Finally a very big thank you to all of you who have helped in many differed ways to support Mel and UKColumn. Keep going – if we take the lid of child abuse we collapse the criminal network in parliament and start to clean this country up for the better.

Brian Gerrish


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