Gordon says: Gaun yersel hen!



“We’ve watched our town centres deteriorate.”We’re watched our communities decline…

“One in five children in my constituency go to bed hungry every night.”


3 Responses to “STARVATION IN THE UK”

  1. Lynn says:

    Does she know what she is dealing with???she has no chance of turning this around. This is by design an Ideology of insanity and cruelty by psycopathic disturbed members of an occult. There is nothing to appeal to anymore and we know why !! this isnt fair it isnt right and it never was. So excuse me for throwing scorn on her speech but she is blowing in the wind… !

  2. pauline says:

    The area I live in has a lot of residents/families who are on the poverty line,when i was elected onto the local council I suggested we start a local food bank ,which fell on deaf ears,anyway I went over their heads,so I got another councilor and a job centre advisor,we visited the local food bank and arranged a food collection point and distribution from the local area ,which is still going strong and serving ever more needy families.
    The thing is though today the PIGS in government should not be allowing people to get into a state where they have to beg for food,and it is the good hearted people in the community who are digging deep and providing /donating food for the needy,not the greedy b******s in govt with their snouts deep in the never ending money trough,I say bring out the guillotines now off with their bloody heads

  3. Noo says:

    I tend to agree with Lynn – on the face of it, Mhairi Black seems to be a refreshing change, pointing out undeniable truths, but I suspect she’s labouring under the naive delusion that if she appeals to the ministerial ‘better natures’ they’ll come to their senses. I’m not sure she realises that there are no better natures to appeal to, and that her impassioned and compassionate speech probably has them sniggering behind their hands. I also can’t put aside my awareness that her party, the SNP, is behind the infamous Named Person initiative in Scotland. I think she is sincere, and I wish I could come up with a more positive response to this, but I really can’t.

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