4 Responses to “Scariest H.A.A.R.P Video’s Exposed 2015!! Spread Before SHUT DOWN!”

  1. Lynn says:

    Haarp…. all part of world domination…..BS little green men, this is man made manipulation. We have all witnessed the constant criss crossing in the skies. Food air water control. The depopulation agenda is well under way. Who is going to stop them. Well its a little too late now, they can do anything to us and we take it. SERFS.

  2. TIME TO STAND UP TO THEM AND SAY NO NEVER, the world should unite together we stand, no to fracking, no chemtrails,no cell towers, no smart meters its all a control, while these are working man is being controlled and hypnotised. Time to take our power back . there needs to be a revolution while there is a planet to live on and can still grow food and drink water, if they have there way, the planet will die and all life with it

    • Ian says:

      Great in theory hilary. Bearing in mind that TPTB or a brainwashed electronics tec working for them is reading this, then how would you arrange this revolution. Paper cups joined with string? Because I don’t want to be a party pooper, but they’re watching everything else. Sorry if I sound like an arse.

  3. Hi, there is free energy which has been suppressed, but is now coming out by a few people, we have the power, there are also safe mobile phones which could be brought out but alas no money in it, we have wired phone at home as have ES which is electro sensitivity, watch Barry Trower

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